Indepth look at Dr. Chria Villanueva life and career

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a great leader and the founder of the unique dental management practice network with the name MB2 Dental. Dr. Chris formed MB2 Dental by merging a large group of public and private practice.MB2 Dental has become a popular option for patients since it treats them with respect and has equitable considerations and compensates their doctor’s best way.

MB2 Dental has placed integrity above everything in the course of doing their business. The company has over 355 employees and has 70 facilities in six States. Integrity has significantly played a significant role in the survival of the business. MB2 Dental success is associated with establishing network components run by competent personnel. Dr. Chris recruited the best dentists he could find to head each location. The local community is taken care and headed by professionals who have met standards set by MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental has a streamlined their operations since it has embraced the benefits brought forth by IT. The company has developed a program that provides a solution to all their needs. This program is universally used in all their offices, which gives consistency while moving from one office to another. Great investment in IT has helped the company to have dental service records which are up to date. MB2 is believed to have one the most advanced dentistry techniques since it engages a youthful culture allowing dentists to learn from each other and gives an environment offering solutions to HR issues, payroll problems and compliance as well as marketing challenges.

In an interview, Dr. Chris said that his mentor once gave him a piece of advice that he should always be modest when dealing with people. This has helped him learn a lot from the people whom he has surrounded himself with who are smart, outspoken and creative team members. By staying productive as the CEO makes every other person productive rather than making the mistake of micromanaging. He continues to say that the success of the business is associated with hiring of the right people setting a vision and keeping them inspired to give the best results possible. Finally it will be in order to say that typical dental practice management is similar to traditional dental practice which is monotonous and bland. The creation of MB2 Dental brings a new focus on dental business rather than just profit margin.

Important information worth noting about Life Line Screening

Lifeline screening is a privately operated company that deals with the provision of a range of in-depth preventative body screenings. The Texas-based Company founded in 1993 has always aimed at determining areas in the body existing with cardiovascular problems.

The company is also experienced in making use of finger stick blood tests that help detect existing health problems in one’s body. Other health services offered by the company include ultrasounds, detecting irregular heartbeats, peripheral arterial and aneurysms. Before undergoing a lifeline screening, there are some things that one always need to know and be conversant with.

What to Wear During Your Screening

Lifeline screening comes along with different packages, and the kind of dressing fit each depends on the package you choose. The mode of wearing has always been important as it improves your comfort and the ease of access to the areas that need be screened. Despite the kind of dressing being dependent on the kind of package you choose, there are some common procedures that one need to follow for an efficient and quick screening.

For instance, one should always wear a loose two-piece clothing that is somewhat comfortable. One should also avoid pantyhose or any other long stockings. You should also put off any of your jewelry including watches to help ease the process of testing. Oil and lotions should also be highly avoided as they may interfere with the screening process. On another case, put your cell phone off and be on shoes and socks that are easy to remove for the efficiency of the process.

Expectations from the Screening process

As part of increasing the accuracy of the screening process, there are some things you should also expect. Just as in any health process for instance surgery, there is a protocol that should be followed for accurate results. The expectations may be somehow different for different screening packages but in a way related.

With this cause, those expecting to undergo the process, should strictly not eat for at least four hours to the process. In case you were on any other medication, you can take it as prescribed unless there are further directions from your specialist. These procedures have been very specific for aortic screening, but for other types of screening, there is no much specification except following the dressing recommendations explained earlier.

Benefits of screening tests

Many cardiovascular problems are affecting our bodies but with no or unnoticeable symptoms. Despite their invisible symptoms, the problems continue to cause internal damages to our bodies particularly blood vessels.

Most of these cases are noticed too late while the damage is too high. Sometimes the problems lead to fatalities and therefore, to help avoid such cases, the screening has always been very important. The process is therefore essential in ensuring potentially fatal problems are noticed early and appropriate treatment measures administered in time to save a life.

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Commitment and Devotion is Always the Key to Success As Explained By Adam Milstein

Careers have driven committed people to greater heights in their lives while working hard to achieve their dreams. Among the most active people in our current society is philanthropist Adam Milstein. During his entire life, he has participated in different investment opportunities one of them being a real estate investor and has also been engaged in helping as a community leader as the people’s leader by being at the forefront to advocate for human needs and rights. Milstein originated from Israel where took his education and became a graduate before moving to the US, and the first thing he did in the US was acquiring an MBA. After his education, he fully practiced his career as an investor in the Commercial Real Estate. This is a field he has worked for so long and has massive skills and currently manages a private investment firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

He never forgot his native community from Israel and founded the Israeli-American Council where he acts as the chairman. He chairs many organizations involved in advocating for humanitarian needs. Recently, he was interviewed, and he was able to demonstrate more about his success. Milstein said that the idea of Hager Pacific Properties had come a long way. After achieving His MBA, he sought for a job but realized that no one was interested in his skills but people offered less than what other undergraduates earn. This was when he decided to do things his own as a commercial real estate broker. The idea was not bad as he thrived in the field and was able to become a successful real estate investor.

Milstein reveals that he works a lot by himself to implement ideas to become a reality. He realizes that if some else cant does it, then you have to stand up yourself and convert the ideas into a reality. He says that real estate has plenty of trending issues that amazes him every day. Milstein says that it is very hard to obtain positive results in the industry as everything is unpredictable. Most of the time supply is left far behind for several years but flips without expectation on just a single night. The way the price fluctuates is another amazing trend that leaves him wordless, but he always knows he has to keep up.


Why Aloha Construction is a Suitable Choice for Home Improvement and Repair Services

Aloha Construction is a local construction enterprise operating in the Southern Wisconsin area and all of Illinois. Aside from its general contractors, it boasts an office team, installers, field supervisors, claim specialists and inspectors who have completed over 7,000 local projects. Throughout its operations, Aloha aims at maintaining the highest levels of honesty, professionalism, fairness, and integrity, especially when dealing with its subcontractors, suppliers, and associates.


Aloha Construction can cater to numerous needs regardless of whether they include installation, repair or replacement. In fact, the organization operates as an all-round enterprise that can attend to various areas such as windows, roof, sides, and gutters. This attribute has made Aloha a highly sought after organization for dealing with all kinds of home improvement and repair needs.


Dave Farbaky is the man at the helm of the company’s leadership. He serves as the company’s chief executive officer and president. Under Dave’s leadership, Aloha aims at delivering the highest quality construction at the most competitive and reasonable prices. Aside from his leadership role at one of the rapidly growing companies in the region, he is known for his altruism. Dave Farbaky is a generous giver who loves helping the less privileged and needy in society. He accomplishes this endeavor through the Dave Farbaky Foundation, which is known for supporting activities like a shopping spree for the less-fortunate kids.

In-Depth Details About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a renowned family-owned company that prides itself on its insured and bonded general contractors. These experts provide a wide range of services for individuals in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Through its Lake Zurich location, the company serves residents located in DuPage, Cook, Lake, and McHenry counties. Furthermore, it also relies on its Bloomington office to serve Tazewell, Washington, McClean, Champaign, and Peoria counties.

Before employees join Aloha Construction, they are taken through a comprehensive home improvement training, which involves the Vinyl Siding Institute. This training allows them to become Certified Vinyl Siding Installers. Apart from siding, the company has a reputation for offering window replacement as well as gutter installation and repair services. Aloha participates in charitable activities including collaborating with the Dave Farbaky Foundation and Learning Express to support a philanthropic shopping spree.

James Larkin and his career Journey

Also known as Jim Larkin, James Larkin was born to Irish parents on January 1876 and later passed away in 1947. He was known as a stout Irish trade union leader and also a socialist activist. Jim Larkin was born and raised up in Liverpool, England but went to live in a tiny cottage that was situated in Burren, Southern County Down.

Since Larkin was raised in a family of humble beginnings, he was not able to have a lot of formal education but was always a naturally genius child. At a very young age, Jim Larkin joined employment so as to support himself and also his family. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He once worked as a sailor and a docker. Jim Larkin became a full-time trade union organizer in 1905 after he realized how workers were denied their rights. He went to Belfast in 1907 and started the Irish Transport and General Workers Union

Jim Larkin is also the founder of the Workers Union of Ireland and the Irish labor party. Throughout his life, he was always committed to fighting for the rights of workers and ensuring that they got well compensated for their work and good working environments.

He earned a reputation when he participated in the Dublin Lockout which took place in 1913.

James Larkin joined the independent Labor party after he got the passion and interest for socialism. In 1905, James was among the foremen who participated in the Liverpool docks and was elected to participate in the strike committee.

James Larkin successfully campaigned against the Chinese immigration and also presented it as a threat of undercutting the workers. For all the organizations that Jim Larkin managed to get involved with, he managed to leave a big mark and a huge success. He has been an inspiration to many activists in his country and all over the world.

How Dr. Chris Steve Villanueva came to the rescue of dental practitioners

When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was working as a practicing dentist in both private and employment sector, he encountered many problems associated with the profession. They ranged from personal to human resource problems and this drove him to think of how to overcome those issues and that is where the idea of forming MB2 Dental Company. The primary aim of establishing this company is to create a platform where dentists would raise and share their concerns. So far the company has members from six states and affiliates in more than seventy locations and has employed 533 workers. Through the company, dentists are drawn from the typical type of dentistry to the modern kind where the patients notice the difference in the services they are offered. Additionally, they are mentored on how to achieve more through technological advancement and catch up with the market. The experts in the company help the dentists to overcome human resources and legal challenges by taking over and carrying the burden itself.

The company also takes care of that burden because it sometimes becomes hard and confusing to the member dentist and this helps to build dentist-patient relationship confidence. In other words, the patients feel secure whenever some complications occur and the dentist is assisted by MB2 Dental without subjecting the patient to the hustle of seeking treatment elsewhere. Through the principle that doctors working together is better than dentists working alone, the company offers an active approach on how dentistry needs to be handled and operated. The dentists are taken to outdoor activities to move away from usual duties so that they can freshen up and build each other both physically and professionally. This act of moving away from general professional responsibilities is very positive because it at times helps in initiating new ideas.

Some of the services that MB2 Dental capital takes care of on behalf of its member dentists include marketing and business development, accounting and finance, billing and collections, recruiting and training and also credentialing. The company takes care of these whether the member is a private practitioner or a clinic. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was born in Ohio but undertook his studies in Asia and South America. Dr. Chris joined university after completing his high school studies and graduated with degrees in Microbiology and DMD (Doctors with Medicine) from the University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University respectively. He is the Chief Executive of MB2 Dental and a father of four. His wife Caro is Physician based in Texas.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Advocating the Rights of Migrants

Some countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean are experiencing violent drug wars that have displaced millions. It resulted to poverty, famine and the spread of diseases. The poor Hispanic victims of countless violence have one thing in mind: migrate north and enter the United States for them to experience a comfortable life.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrants are crossing the border between Mexico and the United States, and the majority of them lack the documents required in order to enter the country.

Because of this, the migrants are gambling their lives and enter the United States illegally by crossing less patrolled borders or through underground tunnels. Those who are entering the state of Arizona are lucky enough, because the state has a number of groups and organizations who are dedicating their time and energy to help migrants coming from the south.

Michael and Jim are two locals living in the city of Phoenix. They are known for co-founding the Phoenix New Times, one of the leading publications in the city. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are using their private fund called the Frontera Fund to help the migrants coming into the United States.

Their group aims to help the migrants experience a comfortable life in the United States by assisting them in searching for a job and a place to live. Their private fund has more than $4 million in cash, and the amount keeps on rising because of the donations that are given to them by those who believe in their cause.

They are also advocating for the implementation of a law that would protect the Hispanic migrants from abusive and racist people, and they specifically pointed some examples.

Joe Arpaio, the county sheriff of Maricopa County, is one of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s classic examples of a racist, anti-immigrant American. In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by Joe Arpaio’s men, and they are jailed because of an accusation perpetuated by Joe Arpaio himself.

They are brought to the court, and Joe Arpaio requested that the two delete the information that they posted online about the status of his case and his private address. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have so many sympathizers, and upon hearing the news, they reposted Joe Arpaio’s case decision and his private address. Read more:  Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The judge managing the case found Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin not guilty, and dropped all of the charges against them. Their lawyer suggested that they filed a lawsuit against the Maricopa County, so they immediately went to the United States Court of Appeals and sued the county.

They were awarded with $3.75 million for damages, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to use the money to help the migrants.

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How Bringing Teachers and Parents Together and Integrating Stakeholders from Diverse Backgrounds Has Worked for Rocketship Education

Personalized learning is one tool that Rocketship Education has effectively used to succeed in America’s education system. Unlike others, being a public charter school does not work against the institution but rather has beaten all odds to impress in the sector. The group of schools has greatly impacted on not only the lives of the students it handles but also the communities from which the students come. After a decade of excellence, the management of Rocketship Education looks back and is satisfied with the far it has come. The institution also shares with other charter schools some of the policies and secrets that have precipitated such unprecedented excellence.

Bringing Teachers and Parents on Board

On top of personalized learning, Rocketship Education has been keen in developing students holistically in readiness for the future. Even with all sorts of persuasions from its funders and the society at large to extend its scope to K-12, the school has stood its ground and maintained its K-5 approach. By so doing, it has managed to perfect in matters of elementary education, while at the same time giving parents and other stakeholders a chance to be part of the education reform process. The leadership at Rocketship is also alive to the fact that without a substantial input from parents, the public charter school will remain inferior to private schools. To change that, the school has for the last decade been organizing and sponsoring programs that educate parents on their role as the main stakeholders in the education sector. As a consequence of that, parents have become more vocal in airing their concerns to government authorities, particularly in pushing for positive reforms in public middle and high schools.

Even as parents hold the government accountable, there is another important stakeholder in the education sector- the teacher. A majority of public schools have held the belief that by integrating kids from different ethnicity and social backgrounds is all a school needs to achieve diversity. Rocketship has shown that without integrating teachers of different backgrounds is equally important.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. Its founders, John Danner and Preston Smith, were interested in seeing that every child acquired a quality education; particularly those from disadvantaged communities. Rocketship is a nonprofit organization that has employed more than 500 staff members.

Whitney Wolfe Masters Dating App Arena

Whitney Wolfe is stepping things up when it comes to technology in the dating arena. Some people that have seen her in action with the Bumble app that she created may say that she has already mastered technology. It is no secret that Whitney Wolfe is a technology guru when it comes to creating a platform for singles to meet one another, but this is not the only area where her skills are being utilized.

She has also created compartments inside of the Bumble app so people can network or make friends if they have desires to do these things. These are the other facets of what Whitney Wolfe is working on right now, but it appears that all of the praise is for her keen ability to connect singles to one another.

There are tons of people that are looking for a perfect match, and it is Whitney Wolfe that is trying to facilitate this. She knows exactly what it takes to build a better dating app environment because this is not her first dating app. She started strong early on with another popular dating app, but she was not the head person in charge.

Now that she has her own company she gets to make all the rules. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to attracting singles that are tired of the same old thing. Whitney Wolfe already knew the blueprint for what the typical dating app would look like. She knew this because of her lengthy experience in the dating app world. Whitney wanted to create what she would come to reference as the feminist dating app.

When she did this Whitney Wolfe created entirely new boundaries for the dating app world. She was not in a place where she was just mimicking what other dating app entrepreneurs were doing anymore. Whitney Wolfe, with the invention of Bumble, was drawing a line in the sand and making it known that she was creating something very exciting.

With Bumble women are the ones that make the first move. This is not something that has been done before with dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe was not totally sure that it could be the success that it became. She was just as curious as others that may have been looking forward to this change. People are impressed with her skills in dating app technology.

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Securus Technologies that Prevent Crime and Improve Communication

Securus has become a leader in prison technology. I have utilized this company multiple times for things like communication inside with inmates that are incarcerated. I have found the Securus video visitation to be among the best when it comes to video quality and affordability. This company has excelled in this area, and I think that there is and even greater possibility to grow as this company moves forward with crime prevention software. This is something that is prevalent inside of the prison system, and investigators and correctional officers are thankful for the efforts that Securus has made.


One good thing about Securus software is the analysis portion of investigation software. It has been upgraded over time, and it has become even better as this software has evolved.


I think that this company has been able to excel because it has been creating software that can really improve upon the way that images and videos are captured with fraternization. I think that there is a great need for this software, and Securus is presenting the best possible platform for correctional officers and investigators to utilize.


I have become a fan of Securus, and more than 85,000 inmates have been able to utilize this software for video visits as well. I think the company is becoming extremely popular, and there is a great amount of growth occurring because people can trust this software platform. In time I believe that it will be something that is the standard in most prison systems.


This software is not everywhere at the moment, but I believe that the company has the ability to expand. I think there are opportunities for Securus to become a leader in prison communication and investigation software. It has already proven to be one of the most effective prison technology companies.