Upwork; Not Just Another Employment Platform

Upwork is one of the world’s leading platforms for freelancers. Going through Upwork to select employment not only guarantees that you can customize your feed to only see jobs that apply to your skill set, but also allows you to bid on jobs with other freelancers to assure you’re making what you need off any given job. Upwork also provides important blogposts and asset training for freelancers to better their skills and their business in meaningful and lasting ways. Blog posts like their recent ’10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List’ are full of insightful information to better assist freelancers organize their time for better work practices. The author breaks down the tips and tricks for completing your daily tasks and explains just how these practices will help.

The first suggestion on the list, and one of the most simple, and paradoxically most helpful, is not to try to capture ever task mentally and instead to write things down. By writing down our daily tasks, even if we can remember them all, we give our brain the freedom to focus on the work directly in front of us resulting in better focus and harder effort. Preparing your list in advance is the second suggestion offered in the Upwork blog. By preparing in advance, we eliminate the need to do so in the morning, allowing us to launch directly to work on the project at hand. This eliminates time being wasted that could be used to check off work on your To-Do list.

The list goes on to include placing all of our To-Do list items together, and defining our priorities to better make use of our time throughout the day. The post also makes a convincing case for assigning energy to specific tasks, such as completing your hardest tasks first thing in the morning when energy levels are highest. The information in this blog post is simply profound, though provoking, explained in detail, and invaluable to freelancers. Through assets like these, it’s easy to see that Upwork cares about their freelancers careers and skill, and is not just another employment platform.


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