All You Need To Know About The Pediatric Surgeon Saad Saad

Those who have previously been under the care of Dr. Saad Saad will tell you that age is a barrier to greatness. This is because while still a pediatric doctor for the past four decades, Saad provided friendly services to all his services without discriminating even a single. Perhaps, Saad was aware of the fact that a time would come when he would not be able to directly offer these services hence made great inventions that indirectly help the relevant patient today. Before leaving the medical department, Saad had invented two machines currently bearing his name that have made life easy for the pediatric surgeons




But who exactly is Dr. Saad Saad? Born at a period where religion was undergoing radical change, Saad is a celebrated pediatric surgeon. His career began when he had visited a construction site in Kuwait. On this particular day, the sun was not that favorable, and it fortunately or unfortunately got Saad sick to the point of fainting. While he regained consciousness minutes later, he recalled that the condition does not allow him to be under the sun for long. Instead of crying upon the situation, he decided to find a solution to his problem so that he can help himself and other people who have the same problem.




In order for him to emerge successfully in is mission he took along his father advice that for a person from a humble background to be successful in his world they must be loyal to their studies. He performed well in his high school studies hence got admitted at the Cairo University based in Egypt. Here, Saad performed exceptionally and earned a bachelor degree in medicine with a first class honors. In fact, Dr. Saad Saad was the second best student in his class.




Saad did his internship in England and later left for the United States. While at the United States, Saad had to engage in various examination and pediatric surgeries before begin certified by the medical board of the United States of America. After excellence reports, the board managed to approve him as a pediatric surgeon and being the only doctor who was certified by the US board who known fluent English and Arabic he was privileged to be elected as the family surgeon of the royal family in Saudi Arabia in 1989. Since then Saad Saad has worked with various hospitals providing excellent and even free services to his patients. Learn more:



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