The Chainsmokers: Successful Modern Vibes

The Chainsmokers are a popular edm-pop style American duo that has gained worldwide popularity for their unique music. The two men behind the success are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They first broke onto the scene in 2014 with their song “#Selfie” which cracked the top 20 single songs in multiple countries. In 2015, the group released another major hit titled “Roses” which broke into the top 10 on the Billboard top 100. Following these successes, the group won multiple awards for their other top hits including “Don’t Let Me Down” which was a top 5 single as well as “Closer” which was a number one single.

The Chainsmokers have certainly risen in popularity over the years and have given fans a glimpse into the making of their song “Somebody”. In an article outlined by Billboard, the group specifically illustrates the work behind the scenes on their creation of the music video. Alex and Andrew posted this fun and interesting clip on Facebook to share their work with everyone. The clip gives fans just a small taste of the process it takes to compose their videos, and how the group blends/combines a multitude of various sounds, vocals, and flows together in harmony to create their unique music. They lay down a beat and then add each part of the song on top of each other to eventually create their own creative masterpiece, even sampling and adding in parts from different songs to find whatever sounds the best.

Alex and Andrew are poised to continue producing unique modern music for the world to enjoy. Recently, the group also had two hits on the top 100 dance list. The Chainsmokers released their Sick Boy EP in April 2018 and have plenty more music that they are working on for the future that is sure to please their fans, and to continue their success and rise to the top of the music industry.

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