The Name Behind Many Successful Rock n Roll Concerts

Clayton Hutson is a name that has been associated with most successful rock concerts. He is an individual who has a business that focuses on providing a variety of services to event organizers and musicians. His central area of operation in his career is in Nashville. Before engaging wholly in this industry, he first pursued a course in the university in theater design. His education background attributes to his unparalleled creativity that has made most of the concert that he is involved in organizing to be a success. As an audio engineer, he was able to secure employment in various companies that were involved in live music. His persistence and hard work while working for these companies led him into becoming a project manager. After ensuring that he had acquired experience and the required skills, he decided to create a firm that would be involved in managing, producing and designing concerts. Some of his breakthrough tasks have been managing some well-known artists such as Pink, Kid Rock, and many others. Despite working with several performers, his primary area of focus has been rock music.


One of Clayton’s monumental tasks was serving as a monitor engineer for a world tour that happened in the year 2005 and has remained to be remembered vividly. The tour which involved a band named as Garbage was called “Bleed Like Me.” The success of the tour was evidenced by the large region that it covered which included North America, some parts of Europe and Australia. Even after participating in such a great tour, he continues to persist in the industry by engaging in other current reputable tours. Such an instance was the “Honda Civic Tour which took place last year. During this tour, he was engaged in operating the rigging system.


One question of concern regarding Clayton is how he manages to attract new clients and ensure that all the operations he engages in are a success. According to his, working hard and paying extra attention to every detail that the client suggest is what has made clients always to seek his services. Moreover, he works for as many hours as possible to ensure that he accomplishes the wishes of his clients. Most of the performers value not only dedication but also professionalism hence seeking his services because these are the key elements that his career portrays.


Clay Hutson is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. His interest in music as a career began when he was a young boy. As such, he was certain that this is what he wanted to pursue when he had attained the needed knowledge and skills. To achieve his dream, he enrolled to a degree in theater design in the Central Michigan University. He further pursued a master’s degree in Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Eventually, he started working in the corporate entertainment. By consistently working with Billy Graham’s sound team, he decided to venture into music industry where he began his successful firm.Learn more:

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