Take the Pain out of Typing with Contour Designs

This week, Newswatch tv takes a look at a product everyone is familiar with; the computer keyboard and mouse. Contour Designs has revolutionized the user experience when it comes to computer typing workflow with a few of their products including, the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3. Initial thoughts about this product may include, “how can a product really make the “typing” experience any better?” These sentiments couldn’t be any further from the truth. Contour Designs truly has made computing productivity more effect and natural with their clever and forward thinking design.

Contour Designs values the need for change in order to create a more productive and pain free work environment. The Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 are a smart design that break free of the tradition mouse and key board setup. At first glance, these products truly stand out in their design. The traditional mouse off to the right side of the user is absent, and instead in its place, is the roller bar, that sits under the keyboard and within easy reach the users thumb and index fingers. This design eliminates the need for constant reaching off to the side in order to access the mouse. Both the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 allow for a unique, quick, and more natural motion to manipulate the computer curser.

NewswatchTV is an award winning network and carefully chooses what products to review and recommend to its audience. Newswatch values the need for honesty and detailed insight into quality products and companies such as Contour Designs. Newswatch believes that by reviewing great products they can continue the success the began in early 1990’s and share that success with the spread of accurate and ground breaking reviews for their audience.

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