Ara Chackerian On The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare innovative businessman Ara Chackerian is on to something big. Even before it started gaining popularity he could tell that technology when combined with healthcare would make a huge positive impact in the world. Tech like robotics, digital imaging, and artificial intelligence is going to change the face of how doctors care for their patients making it easier, quicker, and less painful. Mr. Chackerian pushed to make Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation a widely used procedure for patients suffering from depression. It was a non-invasive game changer.


According to Patch, cities like New York City are a great place to build up healthcare tech companies. They have raised over $703 million dollars for businesses in their early stages. Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry like Ara are going into mainstream medicine to have a bigger impact on humanity. One big factor that will change the face of the medical industry is personalized or precision medicine. This groundbreaking form of medicine utilities patient’s DNA so that doctors can better treat them. It is not a one size fits all mentality, but a more accurate and better way to health and care for patients. Ara Chackerian knows the healthcare industry through and through so he knows what it takes to be successful.


Ara Chackerian is a General Partner at Limonapa Teak. This company is a 1,000 acres teak farm in Nicaragua that is not only environmentally friendly, but socially conscious creating over 100 jobs for the local community. Mr. Chackerian is based in San Francisco where he has founded a number of healthcare companies and also does philanthropy work.


The successful entrepreneur went to Florida State University where he got a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Ara Chackerian sits on a number of boards including Nor Luyce on the Board of Directors, TMS Health Solutions as the Director, and PipelineRx on the Board of Directors. He also is a Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. They invest in healthcare companies in their early stages. Some of the companies he co-founded are Mint Medical Education, BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX, JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua, Embion/Provider Links, and many more. You can visit Vimeo to know more.


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