International Investment Professional Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has a very colorful past with investing. He has served on the board of directors with Brazil based Multibanco before becoming CEO in 1976. As Multibanco was absorbed by Bank of America in 1978, Igor left to pursue other opportunities. He discovered a new career with another investment firm in Brazil, Unibanco. After working with Unibanco for seven years, Igor was ready to move to the next phase of his career. He made the move to Libra Bank PLC, and eventually on to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, where he would spend another seven years. During this time, he found success on their board of directors.

It was in 1995 that Igor Cornelsen decided to strike out on his own, starting his own investment firm. It only made sense for him; he had spent so many years managing stock market funds for financial institutions, that he was more than capable of managing his own stock funds as well as the funds of his clients. He manages funds across several different stock exchanges in several different countries, waking up early each morning to catch the opening bell of the European markets. He spends his days reading the international news, while researching economies and companies to invest in.

Igor’s typical investments focus mostly in economies that are improving, while avoiding economies in locations that are plagued with political unrest. Nothing excites him more than to catch a trending economy or company before his peers, maximizing his profit through his foresight. He is a proponent of Reuters, believing that it is the only reliable source of information; other analysts are often biased due to their own investments and interests. He goes on to recommend that folks who are new to investing simply follow informational facts and pay little or no attention to the views of other investors.

It hasn’t always been easy for Igor, though. Thinking he was investing conservatively, Igor sold his valuable investments cheap, while overpaying for investments that weren’t worth as much. Despite this, Igor was able to make a comeback.

Igor Cornelsen’s final piece of advice is to follow the facts, and the facts alone. Do not let others influence your investments with what they think is right.

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