The Chainsmokers: Successful Modern Vibes

The Chainsmokers are a popular edm-pop style American duo that has gained worldwide popularity for their unique music. The two men behind the success are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They first broke onto the scene in 2014 with their song “#Selfie” which cracked the top 20 single songs in multiple countries. In 2015, the group released another major hit titled “Roses” which broke into the top 10 on the Billboard top 100. Following these successes, the group won multiple awards for their other top hits including “Don’t Let Me Down” which was a top 5 single as well as “Closer” which was a number one single.

The Chainsmokers have certainly risen in popularity over the years and have given fans a glimpse into the making of their song “Somebody”. In an article outlined by Billboard, the group specifically illustrates the work behind the scenes on their creation of the music video. Alex and Andrew posted this fun and interesting clip on Facebook to share their work with everyone. The clip gives fans just a small taste of the process it takes to compose their videos, and how the group blends/combines a multitude of various sounds, vocals, and flows together in harmony to create their unique music. They lay down a beat and then add each part of the song on top of each other to eventually create their own creative masterpiece, even sampling and adding in parts from different songs to find whatever sounds the best.

Alex and Andrew are poised to continue producing unique modern music for the world to enjoy. Recently, the group also had two hits on the top 100 dance list. The Chainsmokers released their Sick Boy EP in April 2018 and have plenty more music that they are working on for the future that is sure to please their fans, and to continue their success and rise to the top of the music industry.

Sujit Choudhry Dissects How Autocrats Take Over Nations In His Latest Book

The founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry, published his most recent book recently, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?”. One chapter of this book is dedicated to dissecting a tweet that Eric Holder put on Twitter. He was the Attorney General in President Barack Obama’s time in office. His tweet went out during December 2017 and in it he stated that if Donald Trump were to terminate the special counsel investigation into him and others in his administration it would cross and “absolute red line”.

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What Eric Holder called for was that if the special counsel, Robert Mueller, were to be fired or meaningfully interfered with the American people should stand up and engage in mass peaceful protests. Sujit Choudhry wrote that Holder thinks the American people’s thoughts if this were to occur must be both seen and heard throughout the nation and world. In dissecting this tweet Sujit Choudhry said that what is meant by a “red line” is that a constitutional boundary that isn’t controversial must be respected. He also stated that it is ultimately the American people who determine what happens to those politicians who cross the line into unacceptable behavior.

In this chapter, Sujit Choudhry also wrote about how presidents in the United States are limited to two terms in office. He wrote about how an autocratic president might try to stay in office longer than this by declaring some type of national emergency, calling off elections, or possibly dissolving Congress. He said if this were to occur then political opponents will mobilize and get people to assemble in the streets against this move.

Throughout this book Sujit Choudhry writes about the current political climate in the United States and around the world. He writes that ever since the end of the Cold War against the Soviet Union the threats against constitutional democracy have changed, check  Far right-wing and nationalist parties have been trying to get into power through elections and then rapidly making constitutional changes so that they remain in power. They decry the free press, undermine the judicial branch, and otherwise eliminate all obstacles they face to stay the dominant party.

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The Name Behind Many Successful Rock n Roll Concerts

Clayton Hutson is a name that has been associated with most successful rock concerts. He is an individual who has a business that focuses on providing a variety of services to event organizers and musicians. His central area of operation in his career is in Nashville. Before engaging wholly in this industry, he first pursued a course in the university in theater design. His education background attributes to his unparalleled creativity that has made most of the concert that he is involved in organizing to be a success. As an audio engineer, he was able to secure employment in various companies that were involved in live music. His persistence and hard work while working for these companies led him into becoming a project manager. After ensuring that he had acquired experience and the required skills, he decided to create a firm that would be involved in managing, producing and designing concerts. Some of his breakthrough tasks have been managing some well-known artists such as Pink, Kid Rock, and many others. Despite working with several performers, his primary area of focus has been rock music.


One of Clayton’s monumental tasks was serving as a monitor engineer for a world tour that happened in the year 2005 and has remained to be remembered vividly. The tour which involved a band named as Garbage was called “Bleed Like Me.” The success of the tour was evidenced by the large region that it covered which included North America, some parts of Europe and Australia. Even after participating in such a great tour, he continues to persist in the industry by engaging in other current reputable tours. Such an instance was the “Honda Civic Tour which took place last year. During this tour, he was engaged in operating the rigging system.


One question of concern regarding Clayton is how he manages to attract new clients and ensure that all the operations he engages in are a success. According to his, working hard and paying extra attention to every detail that the client suggest is what has made clients always to seek his services. Moreover, he works for as many hours as possible to ensure that he accomplishes the wishes of his clients. Most of the performers value not only dedication but also professionalism hence seeking his services because these are the key elements that his career portrays.


Clay Hutson is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. His interest in music as a career began when he was a young boy. As such, he was certain that this is what he wanted to pursue when he had attained the needed knowledge and skills. To achieve his dream, he enrolled to a degree in theater design in the Central Michigan University. He further pursued a master’s degree in Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Eventually, he started working in the corporate entertainment. By consistently working with Billy Graham’s sound team, he decided to venture into music industry where he began his successful firm.Learn more:

Take the Pain out of Typing with Contour Designs

This week, Newswatch tv takes a look at a product everyone is familiar with; the computer keyboard and mouse. Contour Designs has revolutionized the user experience when it comes to computer typing workflow with a few of their products including, the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3. Initial thoughts about this product may include, “how can a product really make the “typing” experience any better?” These sentiments couldn’t be any further from the truth. Contour Designs truly has made computing productivity more effect and natural with their clever and forward thinking design.

Contour Designs values the need for change in order to create a more productive and pain free work environment. The Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 are a smart design that break free of the tradition mouse and key board setup. At first glance, these products truly stand out in their design. The traditional mouse off to the right side of the user is absent, and instead in its place, is the roller bar, that sits under the keyboard and within easy reach the users thumb and index fingers. This design eliminates the need for constant reaching off to the side in order to access the mouse. Both the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 allow for a unique, quick, and more natural motion to manipulate the computer curser.

NewswatchTV is an award winning network and carefully chooses what products to review and recommend to its audience. Newswatch values the need for honesty and detailed insight into quality products and companies such as Contour Designs. Newswatch believes that by reviewing great products they can continue the success the began in early 1990’s and share that success with the spread of accurate and ground breaking reviews for their audience.

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Ara Chackerian On The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare innovative businessman Ara Chackerian is on to something big. Even before it started gaining popularity he could tell that technology when combined with healthcare would make a huge positive impact in the world. Tech like robotics, digital imaging, and artificial intelligence is going to change the face of how doctors care for their patients making it easier, quicker, and less painful. Mr. Chackerian pushed to make Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation a widely used procedure for patients suffering from depression. It was a non-invasive game changer.


According to Patch, cities like New York City are a great place to build up healthcare tech companies. They have raised over $703 million dollars for businesses in their early stages. Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry like Ara are going into mainstream medicine to have a bigger impact on humanity. One big factor that will change the face of the medical industry is personalized or precision medicine. This groundbreaking form of medicine utilities patient’s DNA so that doctors can better treat them. It is not a one size fits all mentality, but a more accurate and better way to health and care for patients. Ara Chackerian knows the healthcare industry through and through so he knows what it takes to be successful.


Ara Chackerian is a General Partner at Limonapa Teak. This company is a 1,000 acres teak farm in Nicaragua that is not only environmentally friendly, but socially conscious creating over 100 jobs for the local community. Mr. Chackerian is based in San Francisco where he has founded a number of healthcare companies and also does philanthropy work.


The successful entrepreneur went to Florida State University where he got a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Ara Chackerian sits on a number of boards including Nor Luyce on the Board of Directors, TMS Health Solutions as the Director, and PipelineRx on the Board of Directors. He also is a Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. They invest in healthcare companies in their early stages. Some of the companies he co-founded are Mint Medical Education, BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX, JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua, Embion/Provider Links, and many more. You can visit Vimeo to know more.


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Sujit Choudhry and his View on How Democracy is Sliding to Autocracy

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at the University of California. Sujit is the director of Constitutional Transitions ( His passion for democracy and the constitutional has driven him to do research and write books about democracy. He is a constitutional advisor and an expert in facilitating public dialogues.

Sujit Choudhry Publications

Sujit writes books based on research about democracy and constitutional law. His recent publication is called ‘Constitutional democracies in Crisis?’ The book talks about how democracy is failing and how the presidency is sliding into autocracy. The publication is based on the tweet made by Eric Holder, the former attorney during Obama’s reign.

Hoard said firing of Bob Mueller was an ‘absolute redline’ and if removed, the American people should hold a peaceful demonstration. According to Sujit, Mueller’s insinuations mean the American people will determine how the issues will be resolved and determine if the leaders in authority have crossed the set boundary.

Sujit view on constitutional self-enforcement, built around the concept of a focal point

Sujit Choudhry suggests ways in which political leaders break legal rules to enforce their laws. In the case of Bob Mueller, Eric Holder should have taken the case to court to allow the judiciary to decide, but deciding to leave the issue for the public to choose is an example of democratic failure.

Another focal point that political leaders break is the presidential term limit. Autocrats break the constitutional rule by declaring a state of emergency to stay in office for longer. In the context of Holders ‘red line’, Invoking power from people and the court system is like self-coup.

Threats to Constitutional Democracy

Sujit says autocracy has evolved, instead of coup d’états, there is democratic back sliding, where government officials use their power to manipulate constitutional rules and institutions to favor them for the next elections to remain in power. Choudhry says people’s belief that democracy is the only game in town’ is the primary cause of democratic backsliding, and that political legitimation can only be acquired through democracy even if politicians are using it to hide autocratic regimes.  Learn more about the Professor, visit his channel on

Sujit publications have opened people’s eyes on how those in authority have manipulated democracy and its constitutional rules to suit their autocratic desires.

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International Investment Professional Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has a very colorful past with investing. He has served on the board of directors with Brazil based Multibanco before becoming CEO in 1976. As Multibanco was absorbed by Bank of America in 1978, Igor left to pursue other opportunities. He discovered a new career with another investment firm in Brazil, Unibanco. After working with Unibanco for seven years, Igor was ready to move to the next phase of his career. He made the move to Libra Bank PLC, and eventually on to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, where he would spend another seven years. During this time, he found success on their board of directors.

It was in 1995 that Igor Cornelsen decided to strike out on his own, starting his own investment firm. It only made sense for him; he had spent so many years managing stock market funds for financial institutions, that he was more than capable of managing his own stock funds as well as the funds of his clients. He manages funds across several different stock exchanges in several different countries, waking up early each morning to catch the opening bell of the European markets. He spends his days reading the international news, while researching economies and companies to invest in.

Igor’s typical investments focus mostly in economies that are improving, while avoiding economies in locations that are plagued with political unrest. Nothing excites him more than to catch a trending economy or company before his peers, maximizing his profit through his foresight. He is a proponent of Reuters, believing that it is the only reliable source of information; other analysts are often biased due to their own investments and interests. He goes on to recommend that folks who are new to investing simply follow informational facts and pay little or no attention to the views of other investors.

It hasn’t always been easy for Igor, though. Thinking he was investing conservatively, Igor sold his valuable investments cheap, while overpaying for investments that weren’t worth as much. Despite this, Igor was able to make a comeback.

Igor Cornelsen’s final piece of advice is to follow the facts, and the facts alone. Do not let others influence your investments with what they think is right.

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Insititute of Architects recently came forward to announce that the CEO of the company, Robert Ivy has been bestowed with some of the highest honors in the architectural field. Ivy is being given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, which is being granted to him by an organization known as MIAL. The MIAL stands for the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, which is an organization that recognizes notable pieces of art and the artists behind them. Through the past several years, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award has been given to artists who have created extraordinary works of art and who have contributed to the field as a whole. Through their awards, the organization aims to recognize well-known names and talent that has created a noticeable impact.

When Robert Ivy was announced to be the recipient of this award, it was the first time that anyone in the field of architecture was being recognized. The organization noticed the impact that Ivy had as a result of his position and understood the developments that he was trying to put forth. Being a revolutionary in the architectural field, the organization only saw it befitting to honor him with this notable award.

As the CEO to the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has contributed an incredible amount to the growth and development of the architectural field as a whole, Because he is so well versed in the field, identifying the areas that need development and implementing measures to be able to improve that is something that Robert Icy has been working towards.

Technology is one of the main areas that Ivy has been trying to improve when it comes to the architectural field. As technology becomes more and more beneficial to our lives, using it to be able to improve the work that architects do is becoming more and more essential. To be able to achieve this goal, Ivy decided to team up with app developers and web designers so that they can come out with apps that can aid the work that they do.

Robert Ivy has a list of achievements that have helped him reach the important position that he currently is in. He has worked as an architect in the past and has also worked for architectural publications. He has served as a notable member of several of these agencies and has provided fellow architects with the tools to be able to put out good work.

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