Richard Dwayne Blair Explains His Unique Three-pillar Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is a talented financial consultant and the owner of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory company based in Austin, Texas. The primary mission of the firm is to make a positive impact on entrepreneurs, startups, families and individuals. Since he was a young boy, Richard had a vision of helping other people on financial growth and knowledge.

His grandmother and mother were teachers, and this made him realize how firsthand knowledge can improve one’s confidence. He developed a positive attitude for finance, and his goal was to find a way to educate people on financial planning and investment.

To accomplish his goal and mission, Richard Dwayne Blair joined the University of Houston where he graduated with a degree in finance. At the institution, he got the right knowledge to enter the finance sector. Soon after graduating, he joined the financial world and established his own company, Wealth Solutions in 1994.

Wealth Solutions was an excellent platform for Richard to provide personalized and professional advice to his clients. The firm offers numerous services ranging from financial planning, retirement planning, portfolio management, financial goals, wealth management and life insurance.

Richard Dwayne Blair is focused on helping people achieve their financial goals by providing wealth management and retirement plan. For Blair to give a comprehensive financial plan, he follows a three-pillar approach. The strategy helps him in coming up with a holistic plan for guiding a client’s current financial situation and the retirement needs.

The first Pillar is to lay out a client’s financial roadmap. He will identify the client’s opportunity for growth, strengths and goals and these help in building a strong and lasting relationship with clients to help them on the financial growth journey.

The second pillar is to design a long-term investment strategy that matches the client’s liquidity needs. These allow Richard to actively manage and reallocate assets to ensure maximum performance during upward market movement.

The third pillar is implementation and monitoring. Richard Blair implements and monitors the client’s financial goals by comparing with the company’s expectations and goals. The unique strategic methods have helped M. Blair to successfully track down the financial management, financial goals and retirement plans for his clients.

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