The Academy of Art University Scores Big in 2018

The Academy of Art University is one of the top schools for the arts in America. Located in San Francisco, California, this institution was actually founded by painter/magazine editor Richard Stephens. The school has had a few name changes along the way, but it has remained consistent with its overall mission. This mission is designed to prepare aspiring individuals for the fields of communications, the arts and design. To achieve this particular mission, Academy of Art University offers an abundance of graduate degree, undergraduate degrees, development programs and certificates.


Jan Philip Cramer, an alumnus of AAU, has scored it big by playing an important role in the making of “Avengers Infinity War.” This action-packed film is one of the latest blockbuster hits from Marvel, and it has skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Cramer holds the prominent position of being the film’s animation supervisor. As of today, “Avengers Infinity Wars” has grossed nearly $700 million since its opening. The numbers are staggering as this film is a great follow-up to Marvel’s “Black Panther.” Thanks to Cramer’s BFA in Animation/Visual Effects, he has been able to live-out his childhood dream.


Having the ability to bring worlds to life on the jumbo screen was always a dream of his. His hard works has definitely paid-off to the highest degree. In 2017, Cramer was presented with the Emerging Artist Alumnus Award from the Academy of Art University. This extraordinary guy has been involved with the films “X-Men Days of Future Past,” “Spider-Man Homecoming” and “Deadpool.”


The Academy of Art University has definitely created successful careers for many people. Heidi Montag, Chris Milk, Raven Symone, Lauren Conrad, Asencio and Vicky Jenson are some of its high-profile graduates. Who knows what the Academy of Art University will produce next, but thanks to its solid resume, it will surely be another fine specimen.


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