Malcolm CasSelle is Improving Digital Trading

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has taken off and changed the world of finance. OPSkins specializes in selling in-game virtual assets and also is the number one seller of bitcoin in the world. As CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle is overseeing the launch of a new and innovative blockchain platform that will facilitate the trading of virtual assets. This new platform is called WAX, which is an acronym for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX addresses the issues of fraud and virtual asset fragmentation. Malcolm CasSelle has been named CEO of WAX.


Before becoming CIO of OPSkins and CEO of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was the President and CTO of tronc, formerly known as Tribune Publishing. While at tronc, Malcolm oversaw explosive growth in the management and leveraging of digital assets. He also was CEO of TimeLine Labs until it was acquired by Digital Media at SeaChange, where he stayed on as SVP and GM.


Malcolm CasSelle is known for his innovation. He has led many digital startups. He started MediaPass, which offers digital subscription solutions for large media companies. He also started Xfire, which a large social network created for gamers which boasts over 22 million users. CasSelle also was a part of the joint venture between Groupon and China’s Tencent. CasSelle has also invested in companies which he believes in, including Zynga and Facebook.


Much of Malcolm’s success can be attributed to his excellent education and his ability to speak multiple languages. He attended MIT and Stanford, receiving degrees in computer science for both. He also fluently speaks Mandarin and Japanese in addition to English. His ability to speak fluent Mandarin helped him immensely when he co-founded a Hong Kong based publicly traded telecom company called PCCW. Malcolm also has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for public offerings to support companies he believes in.

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