Susan McGalla: Starting at The Bottom Of American Eagle Outfitters and Running Her Own Business

Susan McGalla is one of the people that have shown that it is possible to live the dream by starting at the bottom. She has done the work needed to get ahead. She has started from the bottom of American Eagle Outfitters. She has then demonstrated that she has a lot of creativity and insight when it comes to marketing. When the executives have seen the effect that she has on her business, they have allowed her to hold one of the leadership positions. This has turned out to be a great decision because she has managed to grow the companies that she has worked for.

One thing that Susan McGalla has done before working for a company was take on the mindset of the entrepreneur. She has thought about what she can do to bring something to customers as opposed to just working in order to make money. One thing that Susan has learned is that it is important to have something that one is willing to offer so that they will be more passionate about the work they do. This is one way that people can make it to the top of the company they work for.

Susan McGalla is an example of how one can start from the bottom and work their way to the top. Even if they do not wind up being the owner of the company they work for, they can actually move forward with their goals for another company. Discovering the right mindset for working can help people come up with ideas for a new business that can actually change their industry for the better. Susan McGalla has thought about the customers and the market that she was willing to serve when she has started up P3 Networking. A service mindset is one of the best types of mindsets to have when starting a business.

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