Agora Financial: Building Wealth, Building a Better Life

For the average american, investment is as critical as it is difficult. With the increasing advancements of society, its essential to be the very best, as mediocrity becomes unacceptable. However, to be master of a trade, leaves little time to learn others, exposing everyone from neurosurgeons to restaurant managers to the kind of ignorance that cripples bank accounts and ruins retirements. Thankfully, its not just civil engineers and veterinarians who are mastering their professions, as the committed researchers and analysts of Agora Financial do the same and more, to keep pace with the ever shifting, world which yields only more opportunity every time it changes.

Agora Financial is itself not a brokerage or investment firm. The big names, who take your money, and shave a little off the top often have their own interests at heart. Consider the broker, who works on commission. An investor on commission only makes a fraction of the profits involved, meaning the extra mile of work simply isn’t worth it to the broker. Where 10,000 dollars may be on the line given the proper research, the Broker is only playing for 200, incentivizing the protection of his own reputation over assuring the highest margin for the person he works for. In retirement, 10000 dollars can be the difference between taking vacations and helping family, and being at home until the end. Agora Financial solves this deeply rooted problem of modern investing, by eliminating the conflict of interest. Agora provides information to its members, leaving it to them to decide which advice and information to invest in, and allowing each individual to decide exactly how much work is worth how much profit, rather than some suit on margin. This information, is the guidance needed assure a healthy growth of wealth, without the losses of hiring someone else to do it.

The information from Agora Financial is not just that, its research. Rather than scrolling to the front page of Forbes, like some may try, Agora gets the jump on investment opportunities by going to them. The mainstream only picks up on opportunities on their way out, after most of the money has been made and the point of entry is far too high for anyone that isn’t already rich. Instead Agora devotes its resources to conducting research across the globe, traveling to sites corroborating or disproving claims, as a clear and unbiased second on every chance to invest. The separation of interests has allowed Agora to keep its status as a reliable and successful business, which cares for its customers, depending not on their bank accounts to invest, but on their loyalty. Agora Financial has finally brought to the financial sector the commitment and business model that has been lacking, but is all so familiar.

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