Lori Senecal, a powerhouse in the marketing industry and a pacesetter for future generations

Lori Senecal is a name that automatically commands attention and a lot of respect whenever mentioned. She is one among the many women who prove that women can manage leadership positions perfectly or even better than men and still tend to the rest of their responsibilities. When asked about her secret ingredient to being the epitome of success and a pacesetter, Lori Senecal attributes it to her equally successful siblings and says that their achievements are what motivated her to work towards her dreams.


Milestone after milestone


Lori began her journey with a sales and marketing degree only, but her determination and commitment to her dreams helped fuel her to success. She is often referred to as the woman with the golden touch thanks to her ability to steer every company she works with, to great heights. Thanks to the mentioned attributes, Lori Senecal is loved and is popular among employers of top organizations who always want to place her as head of their companies. In 2003, Lori put her data analytics, multinational expertise, and marketing proficiency in action and launched a marketing unit known as TAG ideation. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Since its launch, the unit has achieved milestones for other businesses and has worked with top of the shelf companies such as Weight Watchers, Molson, Sprint, Xbox and Applebee’s among many others. Thanks to its success, Lori Senecal was promoted to head of the entire sales and marketing division, and later she was promoted to the co-managing director of Tag New York. She later became the co-managing director and also the accountant co-executive president of McCann Workgroup.


At this juncture, it is easy to think that she would be content with the position but Lori Senecal innovative skills were meant to serve greater positions. In 2009, she was appointed the president, CEO and also a partner at Kirshenbaum bond and partners and then in 2014; she joined MDC Partners Inc. as a CEO and director. That’s one hell of a resume but Lori was not yet done, in April 2015, she joined CP&B as its worldwide CEO and was later appointed a director of the advertising council. In a nutshell, Lori Senecal’s life is the perfect definition of success.


A woman with the Midas touch


Lori Senecal’s has the Midas touch, and everything she is involved with is guaranteed of success. For instance, under her belt, CP&B has achieved significant milestones. These include being listed among the creativity innovators of the year and growing its revenue by 21%. Additionally, Lori’s leadership has seen the company grow from its 200 employees to 800 spread out worldwide. CP&B is not the only company which has benefited from Lori’s innovative tactics for instance, as the CEO of CP&B she has helped businesses such as Kraft mac &cheese, Letgo, NBA 2K among many others increase their profit tremendously.




Lori Senecal has bagged various awards and taken up multiple titles such as the AWNY game changer awards and several others. She is entirely unpredictable, and we don’t know what milestone she plans on achieving next, but one thing is sure, Lori is indeed a trendsetter and an icon to current and future generations of both men and women.



See more: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/301396/cpbs-lori-senecal-leaving-agency-business.html


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