ClassDojo Is Helping Students Around The World Build A Global Educational Community

Students all over the world are joining in on the ClassDojo experience, with more than 180 different countries adopting the use of ClassDojo. Since it first released to the public in 2011, ClassDojo has already managed to enter the classrooms of more than 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S. today, greatly improving communication between parents, teachers, and students. Sam and Liam, ClassDojo’s founders, discovered how important communication actually was to the educational system not just because they are former teachers themselves, but they discussed the current issues facing the academic system with various different educators around the country.

Unlike other platforms on the market aimed at younger students, ClassDojo does not cost any money and allows anyone to join in on the experience with a simple invitation from a classroom’s teacher. Since the program is completely focused on improving communication, not personal details are needed to sign up and parents can feel safe letting their children use the app in their schooling. Teachers are also able to stay in contact with parents at all times through ClassDojo’s instant messaging features. This helps parents keep track of their child’s progress and behavior in the classroom and helps them engage their child’s learning at home.

Although ClassDojo is free to use, it also offers various features that users can pay for to enhance their experience, though none of them are required or take away from the base features of the program. As ClassDojo continues to spread, more features are added every year. As of late, students in classrooms all over the globe have been given the opportunity to share experiences with each other, regardless of distance. This kind of communication will go a long way in improving every student’s ability to communicate with those of different cultures as well as their ability to collaborate. Crossing out the difference between students and highlighting the similarities allows students to builds more connections and have more fun learning about different parts of the world.

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