The Academy of Art University Scores Big in 2018

The Academy of Art University is one of the top schools for the arts in America. Located in San Francisco, California, this institution was actually founded by painter/magazine editor Richard Stephens. The school has had a few name changes along the way, but it has remained consistent with its overall mission. This mission is designed to prepare aspiring individuals for the fields of communications, the arts and design. To achieve this particular mission, Academy of Art University offers an abundance of graduate degree, undergraduate degrees, development programs and certificates.


Jan Philip Cramer, an alumnus of AAU, has scored it big by playing an important role in the making of “Avengers Infinity War.” This action-packed film is one of the latest blockbuster hits from Marvel, and it has skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Cramer holds the prominent position of being the film’s animation supervisor. As of today, “Avengers Infinity Wars” has grossed nearly $700 million since its opening. The numbers are staggering as this film is a great follow-up to Marvel’s “Black Panther.” Thanks to Cramer’s BFA in Animation/Visual Effects, he has been able to live-out his childhood dream.


Having the ability to bring worlds to life on the jumbo screen was always a dream of his. His hard works has definitely paid-off to the highest degree. In 2017, Cramer was presented with the Emerging Artist Alumnus Award from the Academy of Art University. This extraordinary guy has been involved with the films “X-Men Days of Future Past,” “Spider-Man Homecoming” and “Deadpool.”


The Academy of Art University has definitely created successful careers for many people. Heidi Montag, Chris Milk, Raven Symone, Lauren Conrad, Asencio and Vicky Jenson are some of its high-profile graduates. Who knows what the Academy of Art University will produce next, but thanks to its solid resume, it will surely be another fine specimen.


Malcolm CasSelle is Improving Digital Trading

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has taken off and changed the world of finance. OPSkins specializes in selling in-game virtual assets and also is the number one seller of bitcoin in the world. As CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle is overseeing the launch of a new and innovative blockchain platform that will facilitate the trading of virtual assets. This new platform is called WAX, which is an acronym for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX addresses the issues of fraud and virtual asset fragmentation. Malcolm CasSelle has been named CEO of WAX.


Before becoming CIO of OPSkins and CEO of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was the President and CTO of tronc, formerly known as Tribune Publishing. While at tronc, Malcolm oversaw explosive growth in the management and leveraging of digital assets. He also was CEO of TimeLine Labs until it was acquired by Digital Media at SeaChange, where he stayed on as SVP and GM.


Malcolm CasSelle is known for his innovation. He has led many digital startups. He started MediaPass, which offers digital subscription solutions for large media companies. He also started Xfire, which a large social network created for gamers which boasts over 22 million users. CasSelle also was a part of the joint venture between Groupon and China’s Tencent. CasSelle has also invested in companies which he believes in, including Zynga and Facebook.


Much of Malcolm’s success can be attributed to his excellent education and his ability to speak multiple languages. He attended MIT and Stanford, receiving degrees in computer science for both. He also fluently speaks Mandarin and Japanese in addition to English. His ability to speak fluent Mandarin helped him immensely when he co-founded a Hong Kong based publicly traded telecom company called PCCW. Malcolm also has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for public offerings to support companies he believes in.

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OSI Industries: A World of Food Solutions For the 21st Century

We are living in some of the most modern of days. Advanced technology has helped to revolutionize the way we live our lives. This advanced technology has been implemented into a plethora of fields, and the food service industry is one of them. Food service providers are the companies that supply your favorite supermarkets and restaurants with food. These food providers has the capability to harvest and develop their own foods. Two brands of a food product that looks extremely different can be made by the same food provider. That’s the blessing of custom-food solutions. By manipulating certain aspects of a product, that product can give you a completely different taste. OSI Industries does this action on a consistent basis, and it has many repeat customers.

OSI Industries has survived the test of time. The company has had a long shelf life thanks to being around since the early 1900s. Yes, that’s right! This company came into fruition back in 1909, and it was the creation of a German immigrant. As of now, OSI Industries has gone global thanks to its international appeal. In the U.S., the company has plants in Illinois, in Wisconsin, in Iowa, in California and in Utah. On a worldwide scale, the company has plants in Japan, in China, in Austria, in Australia, in Brazil, in Poland, in the United Kingdom, in Ukraine, in the Netherlands and in many other places. These plants are strategically placed to help the company become more efficient.

In 1955, McDonald’s became one of OSI’s clients. At the time, this hamburger-chain restaurant was fairly new, but it was growing at a considerable rate. Before too lone, McDonald’s had grown to become the worldwide leader of burgers. As of 2018, McDonald’s and OSI Industries has held onto this progressive relationship and that speaks volumes.

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Susan McGalla: Starting at The Bottom Of American Eagle Outfitters and Running Her Own Business

Susan McGalla is one of the people that have shown that it is possible to live the dream by starting at the bottom. She has done the work needed to get ahead. She has started from the bottom of American Eagle Outfitters. She has then demonstrated that she has a lot of creativity and insight when it comes to marketing. When the executives have seen the effect that she has on her business, they have allowed her to hold one of the leadership positions. This has turned out to be a great decision because she has managed to grow the companies that she has worked for.

One thing that Susan McGalla has done before working for a company was take on the mindset of the entrepreneur. She has thought about what she can do to bring something to customers as opposed to just working in order to make money. One thing that Susan has learned is that it is important to have something that one is willing to offer so that they will be more passionate about the work they do. This is one way that people can make it to the top of the company they work for.

Susan McGalla is an example of how one can start from the bottom and work their way to the top. Even if they do not wind up being the owner of the company they work for, they can actually move forward with their goals for another company. Discovering the right mindset for working can help people come up with ideas for a new business that can actually change their industry for the better. Susan McGalla has thought about the customers and the market that she was willing to serve when she has started up P3 Networking. A service mindset is one of the best types of mindsets to have when starting a business.

Agora Financial: Building Wealth, Building a Better Life

For the average american, investment is as critical as it is difficult. With the increasing advancements of society, its essential to be the very best, as mediocrity becomes unacceptable. However, to be master of a trade, leaves little time to learn others, exposing everyone from neurosurgeons to restaurant managers to the kind of ignorance that cripples bank accounts and ruins retirements. Thankfully, its not just civil engineers and veterinarians who are mastering their professions, as the committed researchers and analysts of Agora Financial do the same and more, to keep pace with the ever shifting, world which yields only more opportunity every time it changes.

Agora Financial is itself not a brokerage or investment firm. The big names, who take your money, and shave a little off the top often have their own interests at heart. Consider the broker, who works on commission. An investor on commission only makes a fraction of the profits involved, meaning the extra mile of work simply isn’t worth it to the broker. Where 10,000 dollars may be on the line given the proper research, the Broker is only playing for 200, incentivizing the protection of his own reputation over assuring the highest margin for the person he works for. In retirement, 10000 dollars can be the difference between taking vacations and helping family, and being at home until the end. Agora Financial solves this deeply rooted problem of modern investing, by eliminating the conflict of interest. Agora provides information to its members, leaving it to them to decide which advice and information to invest in, and allowing each individual to decide exactly how much work is worth how much profit, rather than some suit on margin. This information, is the guidance needed assure a healthy growth of wealth, without the losses of hiring someone else to do it.

The information from Agora Financial is not just that, its research. Rather than scrolling to the front page of Forbes, like some may try, Agora gets the jump on investment opportunities by going to them. The mainstream only picks up on opportunities on their way out, after most of the money has been made and the point of entry is far too high for anyone that isn’t already rich. Instead Agora devotes its resources to conducting research across the globe, traveling to sites corroborating or disproving claims, as a clear and unbiased second on every chance to invest. The separation of interests has allowed Agora to keep its status as a reliable and successful business, which cares for its customers, depending not on their bank accounts to invest, but on their loyalty. Agora Financial has finally brought to the financial sector the commitment and business model that has been lacking, but is all so familiar.

Sheldon Lavin And The Growth And Global Expansion Of The OSI Group

Before he became the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin had completed his education in accounting and finance. He had also worked in the banking industry and ran an accounting firm. All of those experiences made him prepared and uniquely qualified to take what was once a Chicago, Illinois butcher shop and meat market called Otto & Sons and build it into one of America’s top 100 companies and a global food processing leader. Lavin’s background in banking, finance and accounting made it easy for him to build the company up by constructing new facilities, purchasing others and acquiring a string of related businesses.

The India based Vision World Academy recognized the incredible work Sheldon Lavin has done since taking over the OSI Group in the late 1970s and making it a large internationally known and respected food processing company. In 2016, the organization gave Lavin their Global Visionary Award. The award honors people who have put in the years of consistent effort it takes to fulfill their dreams. Lavin and the OSI Group has also won the Globe of Honor given by the British Safety Council, the California Green Business Certificate, the ‘Golden Globe 2016’ and are an 11 time winner of the International Safety Award.

Sheldon Lavin has also been giving his time, talent and resources to a wide variety of philanthropic and charitable groups. The include the Ronald McDonald House, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Chicago Inner City Foundation, the Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs, the United Negro College Fund, the Jewish United Fund and a number of other organizations in the United States and around the world. Sheldon Lavin was also the director of the United State’s Fish & Wildlife Foundation and he currently serves as the general trustee of the Rush University Medical Center.

To grow the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has led the company to acquire several related businesses and facilities. The list includes the Dutch company Baho Foods and its subsidiaries, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods and Henri van de Bilt, Flagship Europe, a London based company, UK based Moy Park, European company Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, Amick Farms in the United States and a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. Lavin also entered into joint ventures in Germany, Taiwan, the Philippines, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and many other places.

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Lori Senecal, a powerhouse in the marketing industry and a pacesetter for future generations

Lori Senecal is a name that automatically commands attention and a lot of respect whenever mentioned. She is one among the many women who prove that women can manage leadership positions perfectly or even better than men and still tend to the rest of their responsibilities. When asked about her secret ingredient to being the epitome of success and a pacesetter, Lori Senecal attributes it to her equally successful siblings and says that their achievements are what motivated her to work towards her dreams.


Milestone after milestone


Lori began her journey with a sales and marketing degree only, but her determination and commitment to her dreams helped fuel her to success. She is often referred to as the woman with the golden touch thanks to her ability to steer every company she works with, to great heights. Thanks to the mentioned attributes, Lori Senecal is loved and is popular among employers of top organizations who always want to place her as head of their companies. In 2003, Lori put her data analytics, multinational expertise, and marketing proficiency in action and launched a marketing unit known as TAG ideation. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Since its launch, the unit has achieved milestones for other businesses and has worked with top of the shelf companies such as Weight Watchers, Molson, Sprint, Xbox and Applebee’s among many others. Thanks to its success, Lori Senecal was promoted to head of the entire sales and marketing division, and later she was promoted to the co-managing director of Tag New York. She later became the co-managing director and also the accountant co-executive president of McCann Workgroup.


At this juncture, it is easy to think that she would be content with the position but Lori Senecal innovative skills were meant to serve greater positions. In 2009, she was appointed the president, CEO and also a partner at Kirshenbaum bond and partners and then in 2014; she joined MDC Partners Inc. as a CEO and director. That’s one hell of a resume but Lori was not yet done, in April 2015, she joined CP&B as its worldwide CEO and was later appointed a director of the advertising council. In a nutshell, Lori Senecal’s life is the perfect definition of success.


A woman with the Midas touch


Lori Senecal’s has the Midas touch, and everything she is involved with is guaranteed of success. For instance, under her belt, CP&B has achieved significant milestones. These include being listed among the creativity innovators of the year and growing its revenue by 21%. Additionally, Lori’s leadership has seen the company grow from its 200 employees to 800 spread out worldwide. CP&B is not the only company which has benefited from Lori’s innovative tactics for instance, as the CEO of CP&B she has helped businesses such as Kraft mac &cheese, Letgo, NBA 2K among many others increase their profit tremendously.




Lori Senecal has bagged various awards and taken up multiple titles such as the AWNY game changer awards and several others. She is entirely unpredictable, and we don’t know what milestone she plans on achieving next, but one thing is sure, Lori is indeed a trendsetter and an icon to current and future generations of both men and women.



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ClassDojo Is Helping Students Around The World Build A Global Educational Community

Students all over the world are joining in on the ClassDojo experience, with more than 180 different countries adopting the use of ClassDojo. Since it first released to the public in 2011, ClassDojo has already managed to enter the classrooms of more than 90% of K-8 schools in the U.S. today, greatly improving communication between parents, teachers, and students. Sam and Liam, ClassDojo’s founders, discovered how important communication actually was to the educational system not just because they are former teachers themselves, but they discussed the current issues facing the academic system with various different educators around the country.

Unlike other platforms on the market aimed at younger students, ClassDojo does not cost any money and allows anyone to join in on the experience with a simple invitation from a classroom’s teacher. Since the program is completely focused on improving communication, not personal details are needed to sign up and parents can feel safe letting their children use the app in their schooling. Teachers are also able to stay in contact with parents at all times through ClassDojo’s instant messaging features. This helps parents keep track of their child’s progress and behavior in the classroom and helps them engage their child’s learning at home.

Although ClassDojo is free to use, it also offers various features that users can pay for to enhance their experience, though none of them are required or take away from the base features of the program. As ClassDojo continues to spread, more features are added every year. As of late, students in classrooms all over the globe have been given the opportunity to share experiences with each other, regardless of distance. This kind of communication will go a long way in improving every student’s ability to communicate with those of different cultures as well as their ability to collaborate. Crossing out the difference between students and highlighting the similarities allows students to builds more connections and have more fun learning about different parts of the world.

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