See Why the Accomplishments of Roberto Santiago Are Considered Impressive

In the business world, especially in the real estate sector, it is one thing to make some accomplishments, and it’s another thing to make those accomplishments impressive. It is impressive accomplishments that make people renowned personalities. If you come across someone who is categorized as a renowned personality, you can be sure what they have done and accomplished is great. To understand this better, you just need to meet someone like Roberto Santiago. He is a renowned film director, investor, scriptwriter, and author in the Latin American community. Nonetheless, many Brazilians associate him with the Pessoa largest shopping center he has built. The name of this magnificent shopping center is Manaira Shopping Mall. It is located in Paraiba, and it was opened in 1989.



Since then, the Shopping Mall has been of great benefit to the Brazilian people, especially on the shopping matters. The mall has various entertainment and leisure premises, which have become exciting destinations for most shoppers. Different people visit the mall for different reasons, making the mall a busy place. While some people come to the mall for shopping reasons, others come for conferences, movie theaters, colleges, and gym activities. The Shopping Mall has continued to make steady profits from time to time. In the year 2015, sales increased by about 6.5 percent. When estimated, this increase was about 150 billion.



When Santiago came up with the mall idea, it seemed just but a dream to many people. However, he worked hard until he made it a reality. It is amazing to realize that Manaira Shopping Mall has shown profound performance even in areas with unfavorable economic temperatures. The leadership skills and management aptitude of Santiago are outstanding and exceptional. The location of the mall is quite strategic, and this gives Santiago a lot of confidence on increasing returns. The entire Shopping Mall is well-integrated with the modern technology. There are great and technological sound and projection systems in its movie theaters. The three sections that make the mall’s arena exclusive are the 3D room, VIP room, and account room.



  1. Santiago is still busy trying to develop some other viable strategies that would make the mall more glorious than it is now. Other than this Manaira Shopping Mall, Santiago also happens to be the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Center that came into operation in 2014. This shopping center has quality features and impressive huge space suitable for all customers. Mangabeira Mall has contributed a lot in improving the living standards and economic growth of this area by offering numerous employment opportunities. In the entrepreneurship world, Santiago maintains his position as a role model. He was at Joao Pessoa University where he graduated with a Business Administration degree. He has been a devoted blogger who focused on the Brazilian history.


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