Dr. David Samadi: An Everyday Hero

Dr. David Samadi is a man who has dedicated his life to helping others. His selflessness is unwavering. He is known as one of the best urologists in the world. He is also a prostate surgeon, helping men of all ages surpass their medical issues with a surgical procedure.

Prostate cancer is fiery and relentless. It kills an average of one out of fourty men annually. It is only the second most fatal trailing behind lung cancer. With Dr. Samadi’s surgical procedures and early detection of the disease, he increased the survival rate for a man diagnosed with prostate cancer. He also helps to improve the quality of life for that man after being discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Samadi spent his childhood in the country of Islam. David and his brother later relocated and he ended up attending high school in the United States in Roslyn, New York. He enjoyed his time here and graduated earning his diploma. From here, he went on to attend college at the University of New York. He discovered a fascination for biochemistry which studies the chemical processes inside the brain of living organisms. It was in this subject he earned his degree. The SMART technique is unique to Dr. Samadi in the fact that it was his idea.

His goal with the first surgery and now every time was for a man to be able to continue to have sexual intercourse after prostate cancer surgery. The second goal he had was for that same man to have normal and full urinary functions after his procedure. His third goal and most important was to be able to have fully removed all cancer cells giving the man a chance at life again. What sets Dr. Samadi’s procedures apart from the rest is that once he receives a patient, he becomes fully dedicated to them. He does not just perform surgery and leave the patient to nurses and assistants. He performs every procedure from start to finish and helps the patient and family emotionally. He is there to support the patient and provide one-on-one care. This goes a long way in the healing process and sets his clinic apart from others.

When a person comes into his office, they know they’ll be taken care of like family, not just another person. Dr Samadi has been praised for his efforts and has received much recognition for his efforts. He was awarded the New York Magazine Best Doctor and also awarded the Most Compassionate Doctor Award for several years in a row.

He was also awarded the Community Partner Award by the American Cancer Society in the year 2012. Dr David Samadi is an outstanding person of society and the legacy he will leave someday will be one of great honor.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology

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