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The high tech method of contactless payment has been made mainstream by a pair of innovative companies. The two companies are PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables. They have invented a ring that customers can wear and make contactless payments from. It is comfortable and simple. The ring goes on a customers finger and responds to the POS station in the retail location or restaurant. PSI Pay offers a size kit to make sure the rings fit their customers before they order them. The rings are very popular across Europe, and people have been buying them for friends and family. It is much more convenient than a standard plastic card or carrying cash.


PSI Pay designed the contactless payment rings to be chic and classy. They are made to be accessories of fashion. The rings were built out of the strongest ceramic material possible, so they are stronger than silver, steel, and titanium. The rings can withstand the worst weather conditions – from snow, to rain, to sweltering heat. The rings will not break, scratch, or lose power. It has an independent power source within itself; there is no need for extra batteries or a charger. It draws energy from electricity at the POS station when you are ready to make a purchase. It is much better than using your phone for payments. What happens when your phone dies? No one likes that! The contactless payment ring from PSI Pay has been granted the seal of approval in safety and security from MasterCard. They use the best encryption available to protect all of your sensitive financial data. You will not have to worry about losing your information or evil parties stealing your identity.


The contactless payment ring PSI PAY has produced uses the European wallet method. This means that a certain amount of funds are deposited into the ring’s account, and they are stored there as E currency. This digital currency is compatible with currency from every country in Europe. When you need to make a purchase, you just swipe the ring, and the transaction instantly happens. The funds will be converted into the local currency and deducted from your amount of digital currency. In contrast. The American wallet system (the older method) uses a payment card to deposit funds into an account. The account will hold the funds in that same currency, and will only be available to use directly through the initial form of payment.

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