Improvements To Leadership At Bradesco Bank In Coming Months

There are a lot of ways that Bradesco Bank is a superior financial institution when compared to others. They are currently ranked as the second largest financial bank in country of Brazil. This decision has been based on market value. They also have some of the most steadfast leadership in the industry. Lazaro Brandao had been the longest office holding and one of the oldest chairman in the history of Brazil. He has recently announced that he will step down after a long career with Bradesco. He has spent twenty five years in the position of President as well as more time throughout the organization.

As Brandao is standing down, he has appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the new President. This individual is currently the CEO of the company and has been influential in multiple regards throughout the leadership and management infrastructure. Trabuco was a graduate of University of Sao Paolo. Since there are so many benefits of his role throughout the company it is clear that he has been an effective choice for the presidency.

Brandao has mentioned that the future of the bank will involve addressing contemporary challenges in addition to improvements so that digital transactions are made easier for consumers. Since he has been an important part of the bank for so long, he plans to have a say in the decision on who will be taking up the position of CEO in upcoming years.

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Presently there are seven executives who are being evaluated for the candidacy. They have been important to the overall development of the organization while creating steadfast improvements in multiple areas. The benefits of this organization are that they continually promote from within. That means that the best qualified candidates from various departments will be in the running for the position of CEO.

Some of the figures that have been identified include Mauricio Machado de Minas and Alexander Gluher. Both of these executives have made big differences in the parts of the company that they currently work at. For example, Machado de Minas has been instrumental in the information technology sectors. He has helped improve technology as well access to much needed services. Since there are a lot of benefits that have been garnered through his development it is clear that there are a lot of advantages to his leadership style. He also has spoken up for new digital trends and themes that are in line with the missions proposed by Brandao.

Gluher on the other hand has unique expertise in project management and implementation. For example, he has helped facilitate the recent shift in power based on HSBC’s acquisition. This was worth a large sum of more than five billion dollars and went over very smoothly under his leadership. The way that he has handled this speaks to the interesting way that he has been able to problem solve and create robust change throughout the industry. This is also a notable event because it is considered to be one of the largest transactions in the entire history of banking.

There are other figures who have been identified as possible candidates for CEO as well. These include candidates from diverse backgrounds like human resources, investment banking, branch management as well as infrastructure design and development according to All technical backgrounds as well as the time at the company have predated this decade. With such substantial resumes it is difficult to identify the way that progress will be made in the future. Overall the decision to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be a tough one. Ever since he has been appointed there have been improvements to the company as well as to the public evaluation. The future of Bradesco is in good hands.


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