Doe Deere: The Importance of Expression

The importance of expression. It’s a tale as old as time. The more you try and silence someone, the more they will rebel and express themselves with ten times the force. Take any Disney Princess, for example. The longer Rapunzel was locked in her tower, the more she ached to be free and sing with the birds. The more Esmeralda’s voice was silenced by Frollo, the louder she would convey her message of equality. Since the dawn of time, fully expressing your true inner self and has always been seen as somewhat of a crime.


The name to the company fits just as much as the message it’s conveying. Upon entering the mission page of Lime Crime’s website – you will be met with the phrase, REBELLION IN COLOR, in big bold letters. The mission of the company is to guide the customers down their very own path to complete and full, self-expression. Without seeing it as a crime or maybe without caring if it’s a crime, the company urges its audience to break free from the confines or normal and do what they think looks, and feels right.


“We want you to express yourself unapologetically, so we create kick-ass products you can create looks with as individual as your moods. Whether you’re looking for a new go-to color or special occasion sparkle, our collections are designed to put the perfect shade – and smile! – on your face.” says the companies website.


It’s no question that this mantra has somewhat come from the company’s CEO and founders, Doe Deere’s, life and style. Follow Doe Deere on social media, and you will quickly learn that she is no stranger to bold colors, self expression, and even just a hint of rebellion. Doe Deere followed her own form of self-expression early on in her life, when she made the big move from Russia to New York – following her dreams as a musician that would lead her down the road to the makeup industry.


Doe Deere urges her fans and customers to not listen to the haters and in the end, notes that it’s far easier to listen to those who support you, rather than the doubters.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime have paved the way to self expression, not only for themselves, but their customers alike. Revolutionizing the makeup industry is no small feat and just like every revolution, the road has been hard but worth it. The rewards are not only a better present, in the makeup industry, but a better future. Learn more:

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