Aloha Construction is Your Trusted Choice For Storm Damage Repairs

Choosing the right home repair contractor for your needs might sound as easy as just calling a few names from the phone book and comparing quotes, but this might not provide you with the kind of service you really need. If you are in the greater Illinois or Wisconsin area and you need the best in reliable home repair due to storm damage or any other occurrence, you should turn to the trusted and reliable name that others have chosen for years, Aloha Construction.

Aloha construction is the leader for post-storm and other major damage repairs. Aloha specializes in roof repairs from majors storms, but can also help you with repairs to doors, windows, gutters, downspouts, siding and more. The highly trained and certified contractors who work with Aloha are all licensed and bonded. They are also carefully chosen to provide top both customer service and make your utmost satisfaction a priority.

All roof repair jobs start with an exclusive nine-point property inspection. This helps to ascertain how much damage has been done to your roof and exactly how repairs need to be undertaken. Many times there is more extensive damage than what is able to be seen with the names eye. After the inspection, the contractors will talk to you in clear plain language and explain exactly why need to be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

If you need siding work done, turning to salons is the smart chow ass well. All of the companies siding contractors undergo extensive training and are well versed in all types of siding materials and techniques. No matter if it is new installation, repairs, or replacement, Aloha is the name to trust.

You can also turn to Aloha Construction for all of your gutter needs, ass well as windows, screens, and structural repair needs. No matter what you need down to get your home back to its previous condition, you can count on Aloha Construction because as the company slogan says, “Aloha Reigns When It Storms”.

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