Dr. David Samadi Explains His Groundbreaking Prostate Surgery Technique

Dr. David Samadi is a world renowned famous doctor. In a recent interview, he explained his success and his advice for others. For example, he explained the SMART project he is working on, which stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. This technique will improve the way prostate cancer is done for men all over the world. It is groundbreaking breakthrough research that will surely help men who have problems with prostate cancer and need surgery. Currently, there is a method of peeling off the nerves when prostate cancer is done, but this can cause various problems later on, such as impotence. That is exactly the reason why so many people avoid getting prostate surgery. They are afraid of the side effects. However, with Dr. Samadi’s method, the nerves will be able to be separated from the prostate with precision, so that they will not get damaged and so that men will not have to worry about any side effects.

Dr. Samadi’s center has helped men in general. What is so unique about it is that it is a one stop shop for all things related to men’s health. No longer do men have to go from one center to another and from one clinic to another. They do not have to waste time on that, because they can just go to his clinic and get everything done there.

There is no question that Dr. Samadi is a hard working man. He gets up at around four thirty in the morning every day. He gets to work by six o’clock. While everyone is still sleeping or still getting up, he gets a lot of work done, specifically between six o’clock and seven thirty. Two to three days a week performs surgeries. During those days, he is on his feet all day, performing operations. Before he leaves work, he makes sure to check up on all of his patients. This can take a long time, because he has a lot of patients, but Dr. David Samadi is a dedicated doctor who cares about his patients, so he insists on doing it.

Dr. David Samadi explains that he has a photographic memory, which is why he illustrates his ideas on paper. He will do this even at three in the morning, if an idea comes to his head in the middle of the night

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