Sujit Choudry Helps Ukraine Gain its Constitutional Bearings

Top constitutional experts from around the world met in Ukraine July 10th, to discuss the future, and chart a path forward for a new Ukraine. The team started by discussing the current Ukranian system, a semi-presidential republic. Current problems included weak parties, presidential overreach, and the legislature electoral system. One of the headlines at this event, was the participation of Sujit Choudry, the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Choudry was born in New Delhi, and raised in the Toronto Area. He attended McGill University, before obtaining law degrees from the University of Oxford and Harvard University. He currently heads the aforementioned Center for Constitutional Transitions, and is the Dean of the UC Berkley Law School.  Choudhry is considered one of the foremost experts of Constitutional law on the planet. He specializes in helping countries like Ukraine transition towards a stronger and more thorough constitution.   Related article on

The CCT does this by assembling and leading a network of international experts, experts like Choudry. Other experts present at the conference included Thomas Basilius from Dalarna University, and International IDEA Sumit Bisarya. They were joined by various Ukrainian representatives. The CCT also helps with other phases of transition beyond policy. They partner with NGO’s and mobilize workforces to get people into place to really be able to help.   A note-worthy article on

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At the summit, Choudry stressed the importance that the real constitutional change come from the current policy makers themselves. Outsiders writing an entire constitution can breed resentment, as well as abuse of power. He asked policy makers to observe problems, and find policy solutions for them. Basing the constitution from policy solutions rather than theoretical ideas is crucial for a long-lasting and effective constitution. For example, the current American constitution was a solution to the problems caused by the ineffective Articles of Confederation. With all the suffering that Ukraine has been through recently, this is a promising first step.  For more views from him, head over to

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