OSI Industries Acquisitions and the award received in 2016 from British Safety Council

To succeed in a business line, you must be very conversant with the factors that influence your line of business. You opt to be very experienced and able to diversify and understand what your customers need. OSI industries are one of the world leading global supplier and producer of value-added protein products that have mastered the techniques of remaining successful at a worldwide level. The company is very good at understanding the culture of the people they work within the local region and produce products that best suit the customer’s needs. The company has also been recognized for their efforts in managing environmental risks.

Recently OSI purchased a food processing facility and storage warehoused based in Chicago. Tyson Foods previously operated the plant, and it is located close to OSI’s existing facility. According to Kelvin Scott who is the senior executive vice president of OSI North America, the facility will enhance the capability of OSI to meet the ever growing and dynamic needs of the customers. Tyson Foods used to operate the Chicago plant as part of its prepared food business. Kevin was very excited and said that the company’s manufacturing process would improve significantly and meet the customer needs.

For the OAI Europe operations, the company expanded its operating by acquiring Baho Food, a private Dutch company. Baho specializes in the manufacture of meat product for retail industries and food service. Baho has branches in Germany and Netherlands. From these facilities, the company serves 18 different countries in Europe. They produce snacks and deli meats. According to David G. McDonalds who is the President and chief operating officer of OSI said that the acquisition is very strategic. He says the acquisition broadens OSI’s capabilities. The management of Boha will stay in touch and are excited to work with a leading champion like OSI Group.

In 2016, OSI industries were awarded a prestigious Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council. The award is given to organizations that portray excellent management of environmental risks. OSI passed the environmental management audit scheme conducted by the British safety council.

A butcher in Chicago started OSI. The company has served for over 100 years in the meat industry. OSI group operates in 17 countries across the globe. China is their leading Poultry products producer. The CEO, Sheldon Lavin has served in the company for more than 40 years. The headquarters of OSI is based in Aurora Illinois.

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