IDLife’s Ideal Dietary Supplements Ensures Quality Living

IDLife is a network and marketing company for health products suited for vitality and overall fitness for its users. It is headquartered in Frisco, Texas and has specialized in the customized distribution of unique prescriptions. The company was featured in 2014 in the DSA Magazine Issue.

IDLife operates uniquely by offering clients a questionnaire on specific health-related questions. The responses given are used to establish ideal nutritional supplements and customized needs. There can be absolutely no single health ingredient to suit all.

How IDLife Works

All their products have an attached 30-day money back provision. They offer food and nutritional supplements for a number of health-related ailments. The products offered are not FDA regulated and hence it is highly recommended that you consult physicians and medical practitioners before enrolling on IDLife programs.

Their products similarly are not used for diagnosis purposes, prevention of any disease or even cure. IDLife is purely there to offer healthy supplements for nutrition and overall health.

Some Beneficial IDLife Products

• IDLife Energy Shot- customized with natural caffeine. This will kick-start your day and give you the extra energy in a way calories cannot. It is good in the place of energy drinks.

• IDLife Skin Care- the product provides guaranteed 24-hour anti-aging protection. It has been suggested for keeping your skin young, toned, soft and healthier.

• IDLife Sleep- this is a sleep aid, a flavored mint taken before retiring to bed. It helps the user sleep fast and deep.

• IDLife Appetite Control- this is a dietary provision for supplementing all diets. It helps curb unnecessary cravings, weight management, and exercise regimes.

• IDLife Nutrition- this is a customized formulation based on the individual HIPAA results.

• IDLife Shake- this is a protein drink with a combination of three omega 3 fatty acids and rich in fibers. It has less of calories and is good for muscles, joints and even weight loss.

Enhancing Wellness through Partnerships

Customers for IDLife products are encouraged to purchase a Vivo Tracker. With this IDLife Wellness app, they can streamline their health preferences. The application collects and shares accurate information by measuring activity and meals intake information.

The Vivo app similarly measures sleep patterns and the average weekly sleep quality that one has enjoyed. IDLife has been able to help users adjust automatically to the calorie demands and other crucial dietary requirements. More time for exercise and healthy eating is all that IDLife works towards achieving.

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