Eric Lefkofsky Revolutionizes Cancer Treatment

One of Chicago’s most prominent entrepreneurs, Eric Lefkofsky is committed to empowering the next breakthrough in health care.

The co-founder of Tempus and his team have delivered a platform that lends a hand to doctors to discover more personalized actions for ministering to their patients. Tempus built up analytical software but found a disparity between collected data and its treatment completion.

Another concern revolved around collecting and storing cancer patient’s information as much of the data came into being from physician notes which are not easy analyzed (

The work being done by Tempus, which includes building bundled software to fight against cancer, allows clinical data about a patient to come together with statistics that have been paired together through genome sequencing.

Precision medicine is a new medical method of disease treatment which takes into account each persons gene inconsistencies as well as their lifestyle and environment.

When initial human genome was sequenced the cost was roughly $100 million but through technology and science advances the same sequencing cost has now dropped to about $5,000.

Through technologies like those from Tempus, doctors can better understand a patient’s care and make more precise, customized care available for their patients. Doctors will also have the capability to make real-time determinations about other diseases in addition to cancer.

Among the many ventures Lefkofsky has played a vital role in are Lightbank as a founding partner, a co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics and more.

Lefkofsky’s journey also includes that of a devoted philanthropist. He and his wife established the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006, a private charitable foundation which fosters initiatives in education, human rights, medicine and the arts.

He works on the Board of Directors of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. He is also the author of Accelerated Disruption.

Currently a non-tenured professor at the University of Chicago, Lefkofsky graduated with honors from the University of Michigan.

The Role of Sijut Choudhry in Constitutional Building Process

Sujit Choudhry currently works as the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He previously worked as Dean at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. He also worked as Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto as well as Cecelia Goetz Professor at the New York University, School of Law. Sujit Choudhry is globally recognized for his authority on politics and comparative constitutional law. Having worked in over 24 countries, Sujit combines his extensive experience as an advisor with a broad range of research agenda to contribute towards constitutional building processes in countries such as Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen.  more to read on

Sujit Choudhry has over 20 years of experience as a constitutional advisor in a variety of contexts such as political violence and ceasefires. He is experienced in facilitating public dialogue between civil society groups and other stakeholders. He also assists in drafting technical reports and memoranda, engages parliamentarians and party leaders, train bureaucrats and civil servants, and performs detailed advisory work with technical experts. Sujit Choudhry also addresses a variety of issues related to comparative constitutional law and politics.  To read more about the professor, check on

Sujit Choudhry’s research on a variety of issues related to politics and the comparative constitutional law gives him an upper hand when it comes to designing a constitution. He is well averted when it comes to arbitrating during political conflicts. He ensures there is a peaceful correlation when conflicts arise due to ethnic division in minority group, secession, language, and societies. As an experienced constitutional law advisor, Sujit Choudhry aids in the peaceful transition from a dictatorship to a democratic regime. Besides, he helps address issues related constitutional law and security matters.  Additional article on

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As an author, Sujit Choudhry has published several articles, books, and journals related to politics and comparative constitutional laws. In fact, he played a critical role in the drafting of the Canadian constitutional law. Most of his books such as Migration of Constitutional Ideas are recognized globally and are used to for learning in many law schools. Countries refer to his book, Constitutional Making when drafting and amending their constitution. Sujit Choudhry continues to make an impact in democracy and designing of constitutional law.  Click on for added reference.

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What You Need to Know about Logan Stout and his Money-making Venture Called IDLife

Physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts can now make money through IDLife, which is based on the concept of customized nutrition and fitness. IDLife indulges in the sale of a wide range of nutritious supplements. It allows people to make money by signing up as an associate member. Logan Stout, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, is celebrated as the brains behind IDLife.

Stout partnered with Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstorm, and Troy Aikman to foster the popularity of IDLife. The partnership also enables people to discover the greatness of IDLife’s associate membership program.

Logan Stout’s Career Background

Stout is also the creator of the Dallas Patriots, which focuses on empowering young people with a passion for baseball. Dallas Patriots works with other organizations and individuals to offer ambitious youngsters private lessons, clinics, and affordable camps. Besides being a respected entrepreneur and investor, Logan Stout is also a keynote speaker. He has traveled to different countries sharing his insights on nutrition and fitness.

Stout was a professional baseball player and coach before he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He also worked as a youth minister to help young people make use of their talents and reach full potential. He has made appearances on TV talk shows and been interviewed on several blogs such as and IDEAMENSCH. He loves to hang out with his family during his free time.

About IDLife

With IDLife, people get to choose supplements and nutrition plans that suit their individual health needs. The brand’s health products work effectively when paired with a lifestyle of regular sleep patterns and exercise. For you to earn off IDLife, you must first register as an associate and pay the required startup fees. Upon becoming an associate, you will have a replication of IDLife’s website that you will use to sell the brand’s products.

IDLife recommends that all applicants for associate membership should submit their resumes, which will be reviewed to determine one’s credibility. IDLife’s associate members include fitness experts, personal trainers, physical therapists, and coaches. Logan Stout advises these individuals to use YouTube, social networking sites, and blogs for marketing IDLife’s products for them to garner more clients and earn handsomely.

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The Passion of Rodrigo Terpins for Car Rallies Runs Deep

Rodrigo Terpins has participated in many competitions. He is a highly skilled rally driver and he has continued to show persistence. Rodrigo Terpins went to Saint Hilaire and began his car racing career at a young age. Rodrigo Terpins always finds a reason to go on despite the challenges that he often faces. According to Rodrigo, race cars are meant to handle the terrain and skilled drivers should be able to navigate through the course without slowing down.

This is one of the reasons why he has many fans and continues to be a successful rally driver. Apart from the rally, Rodrigo Terpins is passionate about culture, children, and technology. Rodrigo Terpins has also worked as the director of operations of Lojas Marisa. Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes rally team and is currently the director of T5 participacoes.

Rodrigo who comes from a sporting family, his father Jack Terpins and Michel Terpins playing basketball and car rallying respectively is passionate about car rallies and likes speed. The excellence witnessed in his family at a young age motivated him to pursue driving and in no time, he became a household name and a popular figure in the Brazilian rally championship. He has routinely beaten his opponents in the off-road races and is a member of one of the best teams in car rally in the country.

Rodrigo Terpins has consistently participated in the Sertoes Rally. In the 22nd edition, he partnered with Fabricio Bianchini in the race of 2,600 kilometres in seven cities. They began the race at Goiania and finished in Belo Horizone from August 23rd to 30th. There were more than two hundred participants in the race in different categories. The duo completed the race in eighth position and represented the Bull Sertoes team in the second stage of the race. Check out to see more.

Rodrigo Terpins says that the performance was beyond his expectation. Rodrigo Terpins is committed to rallying and vows to do his best to ensure that his team brings forth its best performance. Rodrigo did not take part in the Rally Cuesta Off-road but he took part in the Sertoes Rally twenty fourth edition.

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

There are numerous companies out there that claim that they provide customers with reliable finical advice, and know how. This could not be further from the truth since most of those companies have larger interest in other bigger companies that create basis around the request and recommendations. With all of that being said , if you are looking for a nice reliable finical institution to put your money into and seek finical guidance in order for you to gain finical freedom then look no further than Equities First Holdings. The business has a fantastic staff of up to date, informed, well educated finical experts who are prepared to help you with all issues you might have. The company has prepared itself to work with business form small to bi , and even the individual. If you are looking to take out a loan or just need help budgeting, this is a great place to go.


Using Open Society Foundations to Achieve Social Justice-George Soros and the Soros Foundation

On August 9, 2014, a white police officer, Darren Wilson opened fire on an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown and shot him in cold blood. The police claimed that he had shot the young man in self-defense. The following day, people started protesting the killing, term it as a form of modern-day racism. The event caught the attention of the local media and the social media community. Within hours, the hashtag black lives matter was trending. The demonstrations grew into a huge deal which attracted international media and attention. Busloads of protesters were being taken to the city from other parts of the country to attend the protests. The George Soros Foundation was directly involved in giving the funds which were used to lease the buses and what George Soros knows.

This may seem like a little bit of an odd situation for a businessman, and a billionaire at that, to get entangled with. These are the types of cases that people who can do something should be doing. George Soros grew up in a Hungary that was occupied by Nazis, and he was a Jew. He was forced to flee to save his life when he was a teenager. He has been through it all, form working as a porter at a railway station to a busboy. He did all these to escape his past and to put himself through the London School of economics and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

After finishing school, Soros worked for a few businesses and gathered both the hands-on experience and the capital which he needed to start his hedge fund. He started the company with a capital base of $12 million. One of his favorite quotes is that despite the imperfect nature of the society, it is possible for people to rectify historical injustices and create a better society. George has put his charity money where his heart is. He has given more than $6 billion to various charities and open society foundations since he started in 1993.

He was always in support of a Clinton presidency, he supported her in 2007 primaries after being proposed to lead the party. He has contributed more than $25 billion to the campaign, and all the issues seem to have been settled. George does not agree with the opinions of Donald Trump. During the campaign period, Trump was getting support from groups that support white supremacy and more information click here.

Even though he gave more than $25 million in the campaigns, and his candidate did not make it, he still feels that there is something which can be done. He has been organizing groups which will perform checks and balances on the Trump administration until the mid-term elections where they can all decide whether to vote Trump again or not. Soros is a real inspiration to many and Follow him

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Highland Capital Now Partnering With South Korea Pension Fund

Highland Capital is one of Dallas’s most prominent alternative investment firms, and they’ve expanded their influence internationally over the years to countries like Brazil and South Korea. In South Korea, they’ve now formed a new partnership with Stonebridge Capital to launch a new private equity fund that has healthcare access for consumers in both the US and Asian markets, and the South Korean National Pension Service has committed to investing in this. Highland Capital’s executives have mentioned how important healthcare is to their investments as $1.5 billion of their current $15 billion client assets they manage are directed towards healthcare. They believe with a lot of changes in the way healthcare is run today that this is an important opportunity for all investors.

Highland Capital has been offering all kinds of institutional investment opportunities, many of which are backed by collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Their investments include long and short equity, healthcare and pension funds, distressed business investments and high-yield credit. Highland Capital also runs the Highland Foundation which has been generous to needy families all across the Dallas community, and not long ago Linda Owen was appointed to head the foundation. They also raised funds to help complete a new facility for the Family Place.

Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who had both had previous experience in investment banking prior to starting the company. Dondero was a corporate bond analyst for American Express and Okada was Section Head at Hibernia National Bank. They both came to Protective Life Group in the early 1990s and were challenged to help start an asset management branch of the company known as GIC. Within a short time, the GIC subsidiary had grown to over $2 billion in AUM, and became a major investment firm. Dondero and Okada effectively made gains with CLOs, and by 1998 they had bought out the controlling shares in GIC and renamed it to Highland Capital Advisors. Highland Capital has also had an extensive influence at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and is also a partner with Nexbank and its affiliates.

Sujit Choudhry Presents Ukraine with Interim Constitutional and Democratic Reforms

10th July would see big legal and democratic entities gather in Kiev to discuss the Ukraine government and constitutional hurdles the system was experiencing. Reputable bodies such as the Center for Policy and Legal Reform, the International Institute for Democracy and Electorate Assistance and Intergovernmental institutions were in attendance. The motivation was to soar democracy all over the world. Sujit Choudhry was happy to be a part of the convention and share his constitutional apprehension with high profile executives.

The ‘Constitutional Making’ man, Sujit Choudhry did share a platform with Ihor Koliushko, a Presidential advisor and an outgoing Member of Parliament, Viktor Musaika of the Supreme Court, Vladimir Vasilenko of Human Right and Thomas Sidelius, a lecturer at Dalarna University. His speech addressed issues of constitutional process, ongoing shifts in decision-making and proposed reforms. He emphasized on the need to base reforms on policies so that the process has some objectivity.

Sujit Choudhry highlighted the efforts in the constitutional building by the Center of Constitutional Transitions. Along with non-governmental organizations and think tanks, they have successfully produced alternative evidence-based policies. Collectively they engage in idea development, sourcing of experts, publication, distribution of material facts and hosting conferences, seminars, and workshops. Admirably, they have become instrumental in initiating reforms in 25 countries thanks to their field experience.

About Sujit Choudhry

He is the Lead Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions which has a presence in 25 countries. Sujit Choudhry is currently manning research project on security sector reforms, constitutional transitions, and territorial cleavages. He is an author of several scholarly articles, papers, reports, and books in the field of constitutional law and politics. Mr. Choudhry, for instance, has written widely on the Constitutional law of Canada, authored International Society of Public Law and Migration of Constitutional Ideas.  Check for related article.

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Sujit Choudhry studied Law at Oxford University and mastered in the same at Harvard School of law. He is currently a law Professor at the University of California and I. Michael Heyman.   More to read on  Sujit Choudhry has worked as a consultant at World Bank, United National Development Program and is a regent to United Nations Mediation Roster. His legal contribution earned him the honorary award from Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship.  Read his blogs, visit his page.

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Sujit Choudhry Sharing His Views on Conflict in Ukraine

Sujit Choudhry is amongst the most popular personalities in the field of law and has worked for many years in the legal industry. Sujit Choudhry’s experience and expertise in the field of law, as well as his qualification, speaks for himself. He has studied law from three of the top universities across the globe, including Oxford University, Toronto University, and Harvard University. For reference, visit

In one of the interviews, he said that as both his parents were professors, education was always given prime importance in the household, which is why he developed a keen interest in studies and continued his passion for the field of law by acquiring degrees in law from some of the top institutions in the world. Sujit Choudhry is also the author of a famous book named “Constitutional Making,” which is amongst the best books on constitution today and is referred by many lawyers and legal professionals.  Related article on

Sujit Choudhry travels the globe frequently to address the importance of constitutional reforms at many different events and seminars. Recently, he was invited in Kiev, Ukraine to attend a workshop organized by the country’s top think tanks to discuss the current state of affairs in Ukraine. Sujit Choudhry didn’t hesitate to present his views on the matter at the event, many of which came across as bold yet highly useful to the audience present there. To read more of his blogs, follow him at his page.

One of the first things that Sujit Choudhry talked about was the dysfunctional semi-presidential system practiced in the country since ages, which he believes is the root-cause of the many problems that Ukraine is facing today. Sujit Choudhry said that the dilution in powers of the person heading the country would not let him or her making unilateral decisions, which can result in delays and formation of opposition while moving towards progress. Check on to keep up-to-date with his latest work.

Sujit Choudhry said that by making some very fundamental changes in the constitution of the country, things could slowly but surely start to improve. He said that making some changes in the electoral process practiced in the country is also vital to win the trust of country’s population, which has little to no faith in the government of the country presently. For his timeline activity update, click this.

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The Achievements of Dr. Chris Villanueva, the CEO MB2 Dental Solutions

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder and CEO MB2 Dental Solutions. He had a vision to combine the positive characteristics of sole practitioners and group practice while toning down the negative characteristics of each without compromising the integrity of dentistry. He did this by empowering the doctors to provide the best patient care they can to make the patient have a better experience. He founded MB2 to bring something completely new in the industry, focusing on more than just profits. Since its inception in 2007, MB2 has had over 500 employees and over 73 partner offices in different locations. MB2 is a dental management and practice wholly owned by dentists and mainly focuses on independence, self-support, personal growth and having fun with the dentistry world. It helps practitioners make innovative improvements in operating standards and leads to happier and satisfied patients. This facilitates a healthy organic business growth.

Dr. Chris founded MB2 as a way to make doctors work together, grow and learn from one another and accomplish more together. This firm offers a new way on how the dental practice is supposed to work through their innovative technology that provide speed-to-market services. The firm has an expert team that handles any legal, HR, payroll, and marketing challenges the dentists may face to enable them to retain control over how they practice. MB2 practice owners have an owner’s retreat twice a year where they go and spend time with other dentists in their field of practice. In the past, they have visited Cabo San Lucas and did activities such as whitewater rafting, adventures, and taken road trips.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Chris Villanueva states that it is important to create rapport with employees in order to create a positive and fun work environment and enable an open way of communication. He also states that one should surround themselves with smart, forthright and creative people in order to stay productive. It is also vital for CEOs to show trust to their employees by not micromanaging every move of their employees and staying out of their business. He advises new entrepreneurs to focus more on building the infrastructure at the earlier stages of development of a business and always put integrity at the center of the business at all times. Lastly, he says that one should focus on the things they are really good at and have fun doing them. He highly recommends the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek as it gives insight on many different companies that focuses more on why they do what they to keep them on toes with their vision.