Fabletics Customer Service Is Key

In today’s retail market filled with many online shops vying for consumer attention the 200% growth of one company in just a few years time would seem like an improbable feat, yet Fabletics has managed to do just that. The athleisure brand that offers members a personally curated shopping experience has seen phenomenal success – over 235 million dollars in revenue and over one million paying memberships to their subscription service – has achieved their success by welcoming the onset of a crowd consumer mentality.


This ‘leverage the crowd’ strategy has everything to do with the way the internet has changed how business is done in many sectors of retail. Rather than having to make a purchase to find out for themselves if a product is worthwhile, consumers can now rely on the reviews of other buyers who have already purchased the merchandise and have formed an unbiased opinion on its effectiveness. Research shows that consumers put a lot of faith in reviews and see them as honest representation of a brand’s quality and customer service. With this knowledge at hand Fabletics strives to provide its customer’s with well made goods as well as a personalized and thoughtful customer experience to ensure that each individual has a positive experience and loves their purchase enough to leave a review that will in turn positively influence the ‘crowd’.


Under the leadership of Kate Hudson and her partners Fabletics has come to represent an athleisure brand that gives customers options and quality at affordable prices. Always on trend and fashionable the brand works to keep its styles relevant and inclusive so that women regardless of shape, size, age, or personal style can feel that the brand represents them while encouraging an active lifestyle. Hudson and her team commit fully to listening to member’s concerns and redefining their policies to reflect solutions and in doing so continue to reinforce the trust that consumers have come to have in the brand. They also find innovative ways for customers and potential customers to have the opportunity to experience the Fabletics brand and its merchandise in new and exciting ways, including events, reverse showrooms, and collaborations that excite consumers and offer the chance to see, feel, and try the merchandise in person before ordering it.


Fabletics is using customer service and consideration of customer needs and wants to establish a brand that caters to individuals on a personal level. By encouraging an inclusive environment and a variety of styles and sizes the brand reinforces the idea that an active lifestyle is attainable for all. Curating wardrobes of members based on their preferences the brand allows individuals to feel comfortable knowing their needs valued and considered whenever they see items being suggested to them. Delivering on quality and style is also a key component of how this affordable athleisure brand finds remarkable success in a market full of other options. To experience first hand how Fabletics curates outfits for members take the personality test on the Fabletics website.

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