The Unique Creativity And Artistry Of Richard Mishaan Designs

Richard Mishaan Design is about taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extroidianary. He is a master at bold colors, mixing different styles of furniture, exquisite statutory, and unique art. Richard Mishaan was born to be a designer. An excellent example is his home in New York. The colors are rich and vibrant and accented beautifully by his choices in art and sculpture. He has placed the works of Niki de Saint Phalle and Donald Baechler to accompany his central park view to perfection. His home reflects Richard Mishaan Design in all of its glory.

Richard Mishaan Design has taken the concept of a lavish spread to new heights. He designed a penthouse duplex for a businessman in Manhattan with exemplary style. The creation of a limestone stair hall is magnificent and the custom basket weave in the pattern is a reflection of his talent and creativity. Richard Mishaan’s retreat in Cartagena has vaulted ceilings and the wooden boards are all original. The retreat is influenced with a Spanish-colonial flair and the look works incredibly well. Richard Mishaan Design is also well represented in his home for the weekends in Sagaponack. The feel is relaxed, comfortable, and very much the style of a resort. From the lighthearted KAWS statue to the Ferrari surfboard the home is a delight.

The second book Richard Mishaan wrote is called Artfully Modern and it captures the spirit of Richard Mishaan Design. This is a high end book and filled with pages alive with the colors and styles that will captivate anyone who looks at the pages. The rooms are at the opposite end of average yet the creativity and colors seem to call to the soul. These designs are the result of the skill of a true artist. Richard Mishaan Designs has carved its own niche in the world of design and it is glorious.

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