Healthy With A Side Of Happy! That’s Beneful!

Beneful Dog Food commercials have been a mainstay on televisions and Youtube for years across the country. Here are a few examples of their commercials and what they offer. The first commercial is about Beneful Prepared Meals for dogs. THe owner is offering his dog a choice of the Roasted Chicken Recipe, Savory Rice and Lamb Stew (which the dog excitedly barks). THe owner says that it is a Beef Stew kind of night. The dog may think he is getting spoiled but is actually getting a well balanced, nutritious meal. A successful fake out by the owner for healthful and flavorful Beneful.

The second commercial is called Dinner For Two. It features a talking collie talking to his female owner about Original Beneful Dog Food. She sits placidly eating a celery stick while the talking collie is in heaven over his dinner. The collie gets a healthy dinner of meat and vegetables while his owner eats only celery sticks and crackers. Looks like some dogs get the better end of the deal.

THe final commercial is titled The Wrestler. A golden lab is feasting on a delicious variety called Beneful Healthy Weight dog food. THe dog wonders how something so good can be low in calories. The lab challenges his owner to wrestle with him to show how good he feels. These commercials show how much fun dogs can have while eating healthy. It is healthy with a side of happy indeed.


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