Finding a Fugitive With Help from Securus Technologies

When I get the call that a fugitive is avoiding capture, me and my fellow officers drop everything to race to the scene to try and discover ways to take them into custody as soon as possible. With this suspect, we had a very troubling situation on our hands. The fugitive was robbing victims at gunpoint, then beating them before he took off with all their possessions. We could not allow this fugitive to put anyone else in the community at risk.


The first thing that we do is search for family, friends, or acquaintances, anyone who can point us in a direction to put this suspect in custody. This suspect was known but he had such a violent history that everyone was to scared to come forward out of fear he would hurt their families. My next plan of action was to try and get some of the local inmates to talk about what they think he may be up to, it went better than I expected.


Although each inmate at the jail gave me the same response that they don’t help the cops, I managed to get under their skin to the point that they were talking. They didn’t talk to me, they ran to the inmate phones to talk to their family and friends. Lucky for my team, Securus Technologies installed the inmate’s telephone monitoring system, and we put it to use immediately.


Call after call, we heard inmates telling their family that if the suspect comes around to lay low. One of these calls actually revealed the key to the whole case, as an inmate told his brother to get a message to their cousin who could relay it to the suspect. We did surveillance on the cousin and he walked us right to the front door where this suspect was in hiding.

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