Sujit Choudhry and the Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a leader in the field of constitutional world. With educational experience at world-class institutions in both Canada and the US, he learned from some of the finest minds in the world. Choudhry has extensive experience helping nations write new constitutions. He has advised governments in South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Nepal and Libya.

With his unique experiences and sharp intellect, Choudhry has become a sought-after speaker and lecturer. He has been invited to speak in over two dozen countries around the world. Choudhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions as one way to disseminate information about constitution building. The more people know about this complex process, the better it can be supported. With good data, support and understanding, new constitutions stand a better chance of succeeding.  Hit on to read a law blog about Sujit.

Sujit Choudhry founded the Center in 2012. During his time there, over 50 experts from around the world have done work on constitutional issues there. The Center has created a valuable network for people from the worlds of academia and NGOs. This institution is incredibly valuable in helping nations move through difficult periods. With the best research and practical advice at their fingertips, the team at the Center for Constitutional Transitions can shepherd leaders through sticky periods. Click on for additional reading.

Choudhry holds legal degrees from Oxford, Harvard and the University of Toronto. By studying the legal systems of three high-functioning nations, he learned a great deal about the essence of what makes a constitution work. In addition to academic learning, he has valuable policy experience that informs his thought processes.  Be sure to read this recently written article of Sujit on

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Choudhry is able to work effectively with people from a variety of cultural and class backgrounds. For an update on his recent timeline activities, hit on He knows the importance of speaking with people on the ground in the country in question. He also has a pragmatic outlook, understanding that no system is perfect, and will bring challenges with it.

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