Whitney Wolfe Builds A Presence For Bumble Online And Offline

Whitney Wolfe is doing an amazing thing when it comes to dating apps. She has found a way to get people interested in the dating app world again. For a long time people were very dissatisfied with what they were finding because most of the apps. So much of the dating app world looked the same.

Whitney Wolfe realized that it would be an interesting take on dating apps where she put women in control. She may be the first person to present what she calls a feminist dating app.

Much of this has to do with her gender. Whitney Wolfe is a woman in a sea of male entrepreneurs in the dating app industry. She knows that she has a hard road to travel because of her gender, but she clearly has prepared for what she is up against. Wolfe knows that the best way to beat the competition is by bringing forth a strong line of innovative concepts with the products that she presents.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is provide a certain type of appeal to Bumble that has not been associated with any of the other products that are out there for women to consider. One thing that she has done is provide merchandise for the Bumble users to buy.

There are few companies that have any merchandise for the dating apps that have been created. This was a good plan for Bumble. It proved that Whitney Wolfe was thinking beyond her app. It shows that she had more of a desire to bring forth the type of app that would connect people that were buying products that displayed the bumble logos. The great thing about this merchandise is that people can spot other people that wear products from the Bumble website and actually start conversations. This is a great ice-breaker that allows people to utilize the app and also meet new people offline. It is something that Whitney Wolfe has studied because she realizes that sometimes the connection that is started online will take place and an offline environment even quicker.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: http://geeksnews.co.uk/with-bumble-bff-whitney-wolfe-says-to-women-youve-got-a-friend/

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