A Look At The Growth

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company which is located in Dallas, Texas. They primarily serve institutional clients, corporations, financial institutions, mid-sized companies, small businesses, and real estate investors. They offer three main financial services; Commercial Banking, Institutional Services, and Mortgage Banking. While they are based in Texas they have clients throughout the United States.

The President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of NeBank Capital is John Holt. He first joined this bank in 2011 and under his leadership it has achieved solid growth making it one of the largest banks in Texas. They currently have about $5.3 billion in assets under management. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association and sits on a number of this organization’s committees.

In 2015 NexBank Capital acquired College Savings Bank. College Savings Bank is located in Princeton, New Jersey and offers 529 college savings plans. They manage the plans that are offered by both Arizona and Indiana. When announcing the acquisition, John Holt stated that College Savings Bank would retain its name, branding, and location. They had made this acquisition in order to diversify NexBank Capital and further serve its clients interests.

In August 2016, NexBank Capital also announced that it had raised $24 million in common equity capital. The money is to be used to meet the bank’s general needs. John Holt made a statement saying that he was pleased that this move was responded to positively by shareholders and that the money would be used to pursue development opportunities. Another executive at the bank, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski, said that NexBank Capital was poised to grow their scalable businesses due to the money that they had successfully raised.

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