Betsy DeVos And Her Pursuit For A Better Education

Those who know about the DeVos family not only know about Dick DeVos, but also Betsy DeVos. While Dick DeVos is someone who has been successful with various businesses, Betsy is someone who is very passionate about education. Therefore, she is working very hard to bring a reform to the educational system. One of the things she realizes is that a lot of people are going to need a choice so that they will be able to thrive in education. One thing she realizes is that people are different in the ways that they process information. Therefore, she is willing to take the time to build a multitude of school choices.

Among the activities she partakes in are charitable activities. Among these activities include funding faith based educational institutions. One thing she is responsible for is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Both she and her husband run this foundation with the purpose of funding education. She is also involved increasing school choice. She has recently been chosen to work with Trump when it comes to education. One thing is certain, she is going to bring a lot of positive changes to the education institution. She will help put together environments where people can thrive.

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One thing that Betsy DeVos believes in is breaking down barriers. Seeing that she has a lot of faith, she is willing to be inclusive in her service. She wants to encourage some values such as generosity, respect, love, and family. One thing that she does not like is the divisive nature of society. She wants to see people working together to achieve goals. This is one of the reasons that she has become an activist for education. She understands that people are most easily influenced when they are young.

There are a lot of people that are working towards positive changes. They have a willingness to achieve their goals which goes beyond anything that could get in their way. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos has a lot of support when it comes to pursuing their goals. Her goals are for people to be armed with knowledge and a willingness to do their own research.

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