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In the field of law, most legal terms are confusing because they appear to be alike. Even to the legal practitioners, the terms are confusing. Among the two commonly confused words are a litigator and a trial lawyer. Well, a litigator can pass for a trial lawyer. A trial lawyer can pass for a litigator, but a lawyer or attorney does not have to be either a litigator or a trial lawyer.

Litigation refers to the last legal procedure for settling cases and disputes or disagreements between people, firms, or the state. The process of litigation involves the presentation of a case to the court of law for hearing by the two or more parties involved. The case follows ruling which is also known as judgment or resolution. A litigator capitalizes in undertaking legal action against the accused. Most litigators deal with the bigger picture of the case from its commencement to its completion.

Process of Litigation

A litigator’s duty involves managing the case from its first to last step. The process of litigation starts with an entire investigation of the case. Whether small or big, all details are covered in length. This is because the features affect the outcome of the case. In the case proceedings, the litigant is the clients.

Usually, the litigator’s obligation includes providing legal and ethical advice to his highest ability. The case proceedings involve the litigator enlisting the input of other experts in the field including accountants and private investigators. The litigation process may call for the litigator finding and interviewing witnesses to the case as this may assist with garnering vital knowledge or information related to the case.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck of Jenkintown, PA
Karl Heideck of Jenkintown, PA

Karl Heideck served as the Grant and Eisenhower Contract Attorney. Karl Heideck’s roles included reviewing discovery materials linked to fraud in addition to banking litigation. Karl Heideck also focuses on cases associated with transactions, risk monitoring, acquisitions and liquidity.

Karl Heideck (@karl_heideck) is an enthusiastic participant of weekly conferences where he co-counsels the legal team with the aim of improving the review protocol. Karl Heideck also served as the project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

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