Brazil’s Real Estate Industry Attracts Investors Irrespective Of the Weak Economy

The cheap real-estate prices in the Brazil have begun to bear fruits despite the challenges in their economy. Several multinational companies like Blackstone Group LP have discussed possible collaborations with JHSF Participacoes on The possible collaboration came as a surprise to many considering that the Brazilian firm earnings and share prices have been drastically decreasing over the last couple of years. Other companies such as GTIS, Equity International, and Tishman Speyer Properties have also shown interest in venturing the industry.

Observing the recent trends of the Brazilian economy, an increase in interests in the Brazil`s construction industry comes as a surprise. The country’s economy on has been falling over the last couple of years. The situation has further been exacerbated by the political instability, corruption, and weak demand.

A survey done by Fitch firm showed that; for every 100 real estate units in Brazil, 41 of them are returned to the developer unpaid. Construcap estimated the impact of such scenarios to be about $1.54 billion. This indicated that Brazil is stressed due to the political instability, corruption, and low economic performance. Such a situation created opportunities for foreign investors to venture the Brazilian real estate business cheaply.

With about 36 million people entering the middle class, Brazil presents a powerful demand driver. Besides, the country is heavily urbanized, a factor that has made the industry too attractive for foreign investment on It is estimated that investors may get up to 30% discount by investing in the country’s real estate business.

Construcap Group Companies

Construcap is among the ten best-ranked construction organizations in Brazil. The company’s vision is based on continuous development and commitment to its customers. Besides, the organization aims at running sustainable development projects that have little harm to the environment. The conglomerate at has over 5,000 employees and has its headquarters at Sao Paulo. The company is among the few businesses that are ISO certified and specializes in public and private markets, buildings, infrastructure, and energy.

Since 1944, the organization has continually innovated technologies, which has enabled it to execute several tasks such construction and maintenance if highways, railways, ports, and airways. Construcap is also a significant player in corporate social responsibilities. It has engaged in education among other communal activities.

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