Betsy DeVos And Her Pursuit For A Better Education

Those who know about the DeVos family not only know about Dick DeVos, but also Betsy DeVos. While Dick DeVos is someone who has been successful with various businesses, Betsy is someone who is very passionate about education. Therefore, she is working very hard to bring a reform to the educational system. One of the things she realizes is that a lot of people are going to need a choice so that they will be able to thrive in education. One thing she realizes is that people are different in the ways that they process information. Therefore, she is willing to take the time to build a multitude of school choices.

Among the activities she partakes in are charitable activities. Among these activities include funding faith based educational institutions. One thing she is responsible for is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Both she and her husband run this foundation with the purpose of funding education. She is also involved increasing school choice. She has recently been chosen to work with Trump when it comes to education. One thing is certain, she is going to bring a lot of positive changes to the education institution. She will help put together environments where people can thrive.

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One thing that Betsy DeVos believes in is breaking down barriers. Seeing that she has a lot of faith, she is willing to be inclusive in her service. She wants to encourage some values such as generosity, respect, love, and family. One thing that she does not like is the divisive nature of society. She wants to see people working together to achieve goals. This is one of the reasons that she has become an activist for education. She understands that people are most easily influenced when they are young.

There are a lot of people that are working towards positive changes. They have a willingness to achieve their goals which goes beyond anything that could get in their way. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos has a lot of support when it comes to pursuing their goals. Her goals are for people to be armed with knowledge and a willingness to do their own research.

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Christopher Burch Is A Man Of Many Talents

In a recent article posted to Engadget, Chris Burch wrote about the connection between fashion and technology. He goes on to explain that the two have been evolving hand in hand for the last several decades. It seems as though one does not move forward without the other in many cases. The example of the boombox is used to illustrate this connection. Not only was it a great new piece of technology, but it also was fashionable to carry the boombox around as a statement. The boombox allowed for two tapes to be played or whatever radio station was able to be reached. Before the boombox, a radio had to be plugged in or in a vehicle to be portable. The same goes for the Walkman. It exploded onto the scene in the 1990s and everyone had to have one to be in style. In the 2000s the trend was the iPod. These products are just a few examples of how fashion and technology evolved together. In fact, some designers give tech products a much-needed boost in sales by having models wear certain technology as part of their outfit.



Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur that has launched many of the most successful businesses in the United States. His endeavors range from fashion to technology and everything in between. After attending Ithica College he opened Eagle Eye apparel with his brother. They were able to grow the business to $165 million and then they sold it.


In the last several decades he has managed to duplicate and exceed his success with many businesses. Currently, he is the principal of Burch Creative Capital. In his capacity, he represents the likes of ED by Ellen Degeneres, Poppin, Cocooon9, and Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also has a variety of other interests including writing. He has been featured in many major magazines and newspapers around the country.

Successful Litigation by Karl Heideck

In the field of law, most legal terms are confusing because they appear to be alike. Even to the legal practitioners, the terms are confusing. Among the two commonly confused words are a litigator and a trial lawyer. Well, a litigator can pass for a trial lawyer. A trial lawyer can pass for a litigator, but a lawyer or attorney does not have to be either a litigator or a trial lawyer.

Litigation refers to the last legal procedure for settling cases and disputes or disagreements between people, firms, or the state. The process of litigation involves the presentation of a case to the court of law for hearing by the two or more parties involved. The case follows ruling which is also known as judgment or resolution. A litigator capitalizes in undertaking legal action against the accused. Most litigators deal with the bigger picture of the case from its commencement to its completion.

Process of Litigation

A litigator’s duty involves managing the case from its first to last step. The process of litigation starts with an entire investigation of the case. Whether small or big, all details are covered in length. This is because the features affect the outcome of the case. In the case proceedings, the litigant is the clients.

Usually, the litigator’s obligation includes providing legal and ethical advice to his highest ability. The case proceedings involve the litigator enlisting the input of other experts in the field including accountants and private investigators. The litigation process may call for the litigator finding and interviewing witnesses to the case as this may assist with garnering vital knowledge or information related to the case.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck of Jenkintown, PA
Karl Heideck of Jenkintown, PA

Karl Heideck served as the Grant and Eisenhower Contract Attorney. Karl Heideck’s roles included reviewing discovery materials linked to fraud in addition to banking litigation. Karl Heideck also focuses on cases associated with transactions, risk monitoring, acquisitions and liquidity.

Karl Heideck (@karl_heideck) is an enthusiastic participant of weekly conferences where he co-counsels the legal team with the aim of improving the review protocol. Karl Heideck also served as the project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

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Brazil’s Real Estate Industry Attracts Investors Irrespective Of the Weak Economy

The cheap real-estate prices in the Brazil have begun to bear fruits despite the challenges in their economy. Several multinational companies like Blackstone Group LP have discussed possible collaborations with JHSF Participacoes on The possible collaboration came as a surprise to many considering that the Brazilian firm earnings and share prices have been drastically decreasing over the last couple of years. Other companies such as GTIS, Equity International, and Tishman Speyer Properties have also shown interest in venturing the industry.

Observing the recent trends of the Brazilian economy, an increase in interests in the Brazil`s construction industry comes as a surprise. The country’s economy on has been falling over the last couple of years. The situation has further been exacerbated by the political instability, corruption, and weak demand.

A survey done by Fitch firm showed that; for every 100 real estate units in Brazil, 41 of them are returned to the developer unpaid. Construcap estimated the impact of such scenarios to be about $1.54 billion. This indicated that Brazil is stressed due to the political instability, corruption, and low economic performance. Such a situation created opportunities for foreign investors to venture the Brazilian real estate business cheaply.

With about 36 million people entering the middle class, Brazil presents a powerful demand driver. Besides, the country is heavily urbanized, a factor that has made the industry too attractive for foreign investment on It is estimated that investors may get up to 30% discount by investing in the country’s real estate business.

Construcap Group Companies

Construcap is among the ten best-ranked construction organizations in Brazil. The company’s vision is based on continuous development and commitment to its customers. Besides, the organization aims at running sustainable development projects that have little harm to the environment. The conglomerate at has over 5,000 employees and has its headquarters at Sao Paulo. The company is among the few businesses that are ISO certified and specializes in public and private markets, buildings, infrastructure, and energy.

Since 1944, the organization has continually innovated technologies, which has enabled it to execute several tasks such construction and maintenance if highways, railways, ports, and airways. Construcap is also a significant player in corporate social responsibilities. It has engaged in education among other communal activities.

Magnificent Makari!

Makari de Suisse is a line of beauty products made in Switzerland, where they’re known for their excellent quality. All the products have beneficial natural ingredients such as Carrot Oil, Caviar, and Argan Oil, particularly produced for women and men of color. Makari is the leader in skin lightening creams with skin care nourishing natural ingredients that minimize the appearance of dark spots, acne scars, and stretch marks to achieve a perfectly even skin tone.

Makari’s luxurious beauty line includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and fragrances. One of the lines is Makari 24K Rose Gold Collection infused with gold specs and particles. From this collection, there is an exfoliating lightening soap, lightening serum, beauty milk, and a night treatment cream. This 24K gold collection formulated with powerful ingredients help with renewing epidermal cells, stretch marks, and scars, with lightening effects. Some of the ingredients are gold, Omega, and probiotics. The gold-infused products restore elasticity, slow down the depletion of collagen, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, clear up blemishes, and has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These products also activate the regeneration of skin cells with strengthening and healing properties leaving the skin youthful and glowing.

Another exclusive collection Makari provides is the ‘Extreme Carrot Oil Argan’. This line contains vitamin C and E that helps brighten the skin and provide antioxidants that exfoliate dead skin cells.

Makari products do not contain Hydroquinone, an ingredient that is used in skincare products for darker skin, which has been tested and found to have many harmful side effects.‘s amazing products only use natural ingredients that give the skin a youthful, even-toned, and glowing appearance.