EOS: The Untold Success Story

When you think of untold stories, lip balms usually aren’t the subject of choice. Though the brand is fairly new, it’s not receiving the amount of respect as other brands have received throughout the years. To simply state it, Evolution of Smooth is the fasted growing and most popular lip balm product on the market today. Brands such as Burt’s Bees, Blistex, and Chapstick has a had a firm grip on this small market for many years, but with the inception on these new egg shaped products, the population has crowned a new champ and this is why.

Evolution of Smooth not only has more appeal than other lip balms, this specific lip balm provides natural healing effects thanks to it’s organic ingredient list. Unfortunately most other brands don’t use the same amount of natural ingredients and if so, they’re usually watered-down in quality. Chapstick has lost it’s commanding presence over the industry and Burt’s Bees is presently the biggest seller with EOS lip balm trailing closely. In just seven short years (EOS) has knocked the leading brand out of the way and is now challenging for the number one spot. With $2 Million in weekly unit sales, Evolution of Smooth will surely become the new leader in just a matter of time. By the year 2020, the brand is expected to reach $2 Billion. That’s right! This is by no coincidence.

Secrets to success comes from many avenues such as celebrity exposure, appealing look, and strategic marketing. Women and Millennials are the largest buyers of lip balms and the selective marketing actions are paying off in dividends. The products are sold by online retailer Lucky Vitamin, Ulta and many more, see: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm. This brand has so much going for itself than the standard lip care products and it’s public image will further boosts the effects. Evolution of Smooth is truly the future of all lip balm products.


LED Lighting by the Experts of Gooee

LED lighting is something that you might have considered in the past because of the fact that it allows you to save lots of money on your electric bill. One of the best companies out there to provide Superior LED lighting is known as Gooee. Gooee has been in the business of energy efficient electric options for many years and they are a tried-and-true company that you can truly trust when it comes to the work that has to be done. What you might not even realize about LED lighting in particular is that this is a great way to save lots of cash without having to worry that this is something that is going to cost you an arm and a leg just to have installed.

In fact, many people find that the installation costs of LED lighting are actually quite reasonable and it does not have to cost you a lot of money to contact Gooee and have them do the work for you. Many of the fixtures can also be easily purchased and used herself so that no installation is even required, making your job a whole lot easier and allowing your home to be as energy efficient as it can possibly be. By switching to Gooee LED lighting, you are doing something that will allow you to finally feel confident in your electric bill every month without reading it coming because of the fact that it has always been high and expensive in the past several years.

More information for LED Lighting: http://energy.gov/energysaver/led-lighting


Mike Baur Provides Great Leadership For The Swiss Startup Factory

The internet provides many opportunities for companies to conduct business online. The use of the internet allows companies both large and small to approach business in a manner that was not possible a few decades ago. Today, the business world has become global in nature where companies can do business with people literally halfway around the world as easily as with people across town.


The use of websites is the primary reason why companies can use the internet to such as large degree regarding business operations. Websites give companies a way of developing and maintaining a presence on the internet that provides customers and business associates the opportunity to go online to handle basically the same tasks that are handled in a physical location.


In addition, the capabilities of the internet have evolved to the point where some companies operate primarily on the internet. This can be done through the use of technology such as ecommerce, video conferencing, drop ship inventory, remote workers, and numerous other technology related innovations that have made the internet a digital world where people spend just as much time as in the real world.

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A business professional who has long understood the popularity and capabilities of the internet is Mike Baur. Well respected in the business community where he has worked for over 20 years, which mainly was in the banking industry, Mike Baur wanted to establish his own company. He had a desire to branch out on his own. In 2014, Mike Baur made the move to go out on his own to start a company along with two partners. The name of the company they started was the Swiss Startup Factory.


As a company, the Swiss Startup Factory provides help to people who are interested in starting digital companies. The focus of the Swiss Startup Factory is to help the digital entrepreneurs who want to start digital companies with a variety of services, coaching, and mentorship through the Swiss Startup Factory. The assistance provided through the Swiss Startup Factory will give the entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills necessary to start and operate a digital company successfully.


Mike Baur along with his two partners have made the Swiss Startup Factory a popular place for digital entrepreneurs to come for assistance regarding digital business startups. Mike Baur is a proven business professional who has the business background and expertise to help digital entrepreneurs in many business areas related to starting a digital company.


Adam Goldenberg And His Attitude Towards Advertising In Fashion

The fashion industry is actually a tricky industry to navigate. For one thing, it is important to be unique while at the same time, offering clothes that people want to buy. There are a lot of challenges that people have to overcome. This is where Adam Goldenberg comes in. He is one of the people that deals with the technological aspects of business. He handles Adam Goldenberg analysis of what is selling and what needs to be taken care of. He is someone that looks carefully at the data so that he can improve the business of the company.

One thing that Adam Goldenberg notices about other fashion companies is that they spend too much time advertising. While it is somewhat effective to advertise something when it comes to bringing in the sales, the real selling factor is the product according to Adam Goldenberg. Some companies try to sell the items by lowering the prices. Adam Goldenberg realizes with his company if the product is good, then people are going to buy it regardless of the price. This is why he is always looking closely at the products that are selling. If he sees that the products are not selling, then he is going to reduce the amount of those products being made.

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Adam Goldenberg has gone on interviews where he has talked about his company being seen as a unicorn. One thing Adam Goldenberg talks about is that there are a lot of aspects to business that make the company a unicorn as well as the different types of business that make the company a dinosaur. When he talks about dinosaurs, he looks at fast fashion companies. One thing that makes them dinosaurs is their business model.

Adam states that the key to his success is the ability to use the internet as a means to gain and keep customers. The companies that are primarily offline have to take the time to adapt to the times because the number of people that are shifting their attention to the online world are increasing. Therefore, the company has to adapt to take advantage of the shift.

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Smart Business Direction With EOS

EOS lip balm had the right idea when they decided to take advantage of a niche in the beauty market. Taking the concept of lip balm and treating it like a more exciting concept proved successful in their product actualization and the marketing strategies they employed.

The first steps the founders took were to truly investigate this market niche and find out what consumers really wanted. They found that it was mostly females who used lip balms on a daily basis as a part of their routines and not just occasionally for a severe chapped lip. Because women wanted to use this product daily, the founders asked them what would make it more fun and exciting to use? What would they look forward to using?

Their package design proved successful in actualizing what females were asking for. Instead of lip pots that required sticking fingers into it or tubes that got lost in the purse, they created the spherical design that EOS lip balm has become synonymous with. The little clicking sound when it closes, and the mouth shaped sphere made it easy to apply and satisfying to use on every level.

Part of the company’s success was that they chose to make everything in house instead of relying on outside manufacturing so they could control their flow of product. With their own specialized machinery they could make as little or as much balm as they wanted at any time and could change the product offerings like flavor changes at any time. This has enabled them to supply many different pharmacies and stores after their product took off with their success at Lucy Vitamin. They are also able to provide new flavors and scents of product keeping their hungry customers satisfied with different flavors, sheens, and formulations to try every season.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and official website at https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.

International Conference Programs at Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an educational and research institution of higher learning in New Forest National Park, England. Professor Carlos Brebbia founded the institute in 1986 with the primary goal of transferring knowledge to students and education stakeholders. The educational institution engages in activities such as research, conferencing, and publishing. WIT collaborates with other organizations and universities in holding around 25 conferences annually. Wessex Institute of Technology also publishes the conference proceedings and stores the information in their online library for future reference.

WIT Conferences

Since inception in 1986, WIT has given the international scientific community a platform to exchange ideas through their internationals conference programs. The series of information transfer mechanisms at Wessex Institute of Technology unites various professional and academic bodies around the globe. Additionally, the conferences promote interdisciplinary research among the participants. As a result, the independent research institution has developed a vast network of highly ranked links and contacts through their different activities.