Geoff Cone’s Response To News On Foreign Trust

There are countries that are tax havens, their dealings with tax and lack of transparency does not meet the international standards on taxes and revenue policy. New Zealand does not portray any of the tax Haven’s quality. Economic and law experts find nothing that can relate New Zealand to any form of tax and revenue policy violation. The exchange of information on taxation at international level is a requirement that should be met by all concerned States. New Zealand has adhered to this requirement the effort, which has made it get a place in OECD White list.


Tax transparency in handling foreign trusts is another requirement that should be implemented by all trustees to assist any government that may ask for any relevant information. To make the exercise of exchanging information secure and accurate all the trustees are required to complete and then submit the IR607 form that contains all the relevant information. New Zealand has some policies that are put in place to show transparency in taxation and to block any loophole that can lead to money laundry.


Some foreign trusts are being administered in New Zealand because it is internationally perceived to be having high-quality jurisdictions, stable, safe, and a good legal infrastructure to work in. The credit to this great achievement goes to successive governments as well as New Zealand’s service providers that are majorly composed of accounts and lawyers. New Zealand has followed and implemented all the international requirements on taxation and foreign trust to distance itself from being grouped as a tax haven. This was Geoff Cone’s response to an article, which was on foreign trust.


About Geoff Cone


Geoff Cone is a law practitioner with many years in the profession. He graduated with an LLB honors from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Geoff started to practice law in the year 1980 in Auckland. He, later on, moved to Christchurch where he worked as a partner and the chairperson of partners in one of the leading law firms. Cone worked here as a tax advisory as well as a commercial litigator; this post made him appear in courts and privy council.


Geoff Cone gathered experience for close to twenty years before coming back to Auckland to start his firm, the Cone Marshall Limited. His company became the first one in New Zealand to specialize entirely in tax planning and a foreign trust. Cone Marshall Limited provides trust management and related services to its clients through companies, which are affiliated with it. Cone has an impressive resume, which proves his ability to deal with matters related to tax and trust management. Cone Marshall Limited operates from New Zealand with its head office in Auckland.



Evolution of Smooth (EOS): a company quickly on the rise

Everyone, well at least most people have seen the colorful spheres of lip balm on retailer shelves across America. However, you may wonder how this brand rocked the lip care industry and quickly made its way to the top. Continue reading  Fastcompany’s story to learn how this fairly new company rose to the top so quickly.

Until 2009, finding a lip care product simply meant scanning the lip care aisle for cylinder shaped tubes of Chapstick. However, that all changed when Evolution of Smooth (EOS) entered the lip care industry and took it by storm.

Stepping out of the box, EOS created a product that was imaginative and different than any item on the shelf. They added colors and flavors to our once dull lip care routine. In doing this, their marketing approach was tailored to women and teenage girls, who use these products for fashion.

So, how did they quickly rise to top? Well, they become recognized in the fashion and beauty industries from celebrity endorsements. Once women and teenage girls saw celebrities using these products, they became a trend.

EOS lip balm went from being on a few retailer shelves to shelves in retailers across America. However, it didn’t stop there, EOS products are found in online retailer sites like ULTA and, making them a trend across the globe.

However, celebrity endorsements aren’t what makes them great. All EOS products are made from premium natural ingredients such as, shae butter and jojoba oil. In addition to natural ingredients, EOS refrains from using harsh chemicals, parabens, petroleum and phthalate. All EOS products are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

From marketing strategies, to consumer interest, EOS had only the best in mind. Their unique concept sparked a renewed interest in lip care, and their product quickly became a trend. So, grab a colorful sphere of EOS lip balm, and bring delight to your lips.


How Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Is Scoring Big On the Real Estate Market

Jason Halpern is a New-York-based real estate developer renowned for his preservation and rehabilitation of historical real estate ventures. Jason took control of the family-owned JMH Development Company in 2010 at the height of the housing bubble and the ensuing economic recession. He played a critical role in keeping the company afloat and getting it back to profitability after the recession.


His company primarily operates in New York State Area and has over $500 million real estate investments in the state. Under his leadership, JMH has developed both new and rehabilitated historic buildings in both the residential and commercial business space throughout New York. It is also credited for some of the most innovative and well-positioned property developments such as the adaptive reuse of the Motel Ankara in Miami Beach.


Merging the old with the new
For the entirety of its existence, JMH has spent resources rehabilitating various historical real estate ventures in New York. Jason successfully integrated the historical preservation concept into the company that enabled it to carve out its brand niche in the highly competitive real estate market. The fact that his company has previously targeted high-profile ventures and transformed most of them to unique and luxurious multi-use properties has gained him and his company recognition in the industry.


Some of Jason’s notable projects
Just recently, JMH development transformed a warehouse in 184 Kent into 340 luxury apartments. His company is also credited with the development of the Cobble Hill townhouses project that amounted to addition a batch of luxury townhouses in Brooklyn. His most recent project in the commercial sector involved the construction of the Aloft South Beach Hotel in Miami.


About JMH development company
JMH is a full-service real estate Development Company, often classified as a “boutique real estate company” due to lack of specialization in any particular field. While most real estate developers constrain themselves to the exclusive development of either residential or commercial properties, JMH has mastered both fields thanks to its historic conservation strategy. Through this model, the company identifies re-usable historic ventures, acquires them or partners with their owners, and transforms them into modern and luxurious residential or commercial properties.


Jason’s company also invests heavily in unique and distinctive properties that sell fast in burgeoning New York State markets like Brooklyn and Williamsburg. JMH’s commercial properties, especially in the hospitality industry have also received statewide recognition for their innovativeness. This creativity has not only helped JMH Development Company wither the economic slides but has gained it awards and recognition from different quarters within the state. For instance, the company was honored with the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category for its rehabilitation of the 184 Kent properties.

James Dondero becomes part of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board

James Dondero has been selected for a job to the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Dondero’s new position in a board expounds the Highland’s high loyalty to SMU, which involves the talent of students in the Highland Capital Management Tower, a program that accredits and promotes the academic and professional interests in public policy. The board of SMU Cox Executive comprises approximately 100 appointed members. Most of them are non-academics that advice about the plan of action for the business school. The Executive Board assembles three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring

The Cox School at SMU chips in the active business community in Dallas, where Highland is amongst the many beneficiaries. Dondero said that he is honored to help with the growth and excellence programs currently underway.

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. Now, he lives in Dallas, TX. James Dondero has got more than 30 years of knowledge accumulation in the credit and equity markets. He concentrated primarily on productive and distressed investment. Since the beginning in 1993, Highland Capital has been the innovator in the growth of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and in growing credit adjusted solvents for institutional and retail investors globally.

Dondero’s career as an analyst started in the year of 1984 when he was willingly received in the Morgan Guaranty training programme. In the same year, he received an academic degree from the University of Virginia’s McIntire Commerce school. He acquired double majors in Accounting and Finance with the highest honours. Also, James Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst. He joined American Express in the year of 1985 as a Corporate Bond Analysis and later became a Portfolio Manager.

For more information about James Dondero, click here

John Goullet Shares His Wisdom on IdeaMensch

IdeaMensch is a site dedicated to interviewing successful entrepreneurs. The owner worked for years in the advertising industry, and felt it kept busy doing a lot but accomplishing nothing, so he wanted to find out how people who actually started businesses accomplished that. Recently he interviewed John Goullet, the founder of Diversant. Diversant is an employment search company for the information technology market. Goullet finds IT people with skills and work habits that employers need, and steers them to jobs in their field.

IdeaMensch highlights one piece of advice John Goullet gave, to look at the leaders of the industry you’re in and model what they do. That sounds like a good idea, almost too obvious. But how many companies that are also-rans in their market niche or industry actually do that? It seems that many just go on doing business in ways that are not effective as the companies that dominate their industries.

Goullet currently serves as Chairman of Diversant LLC, the largest minority-owned IT employment staffing agency. He started out as an IT professional himself. Then he started at Computer Consultant as a staffing account executive. After getting some experience and learning how to service his corporate clients, Goullet founded Info Technologies, Inc. That was in 1994. INC Magazine two times cited Info Technologies as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the country.

One lesson to learn from this interview is self-confidence. Goullet says he figured out 24 years ago that staffing agencies were a low-barrier to entry business. He saw other people succeed with the concept, so he decided he could succeed too, and therefore founded Info Technologies, Inc. Too many people would have kept over-analyzing and delayed such a decision. They would have been afraid of the consequences of failure, too scared to start. Goullet said success was possible, because other people succeeded. Therefore, he could too.

And he works hard, starting out in the gym every morning at 6 a.m. Most people don’t even get up that early. After his workout he reports to the office and stays until 6 in the evening. If he has an appointment, he may go out to dinner.


The next frontier in the treatment of sleep apnea; the efforts of Avi Weisfogel

Sleep apnea is one of the health conditions that have been a mystery to many in the medical field. The news that there could be research findings that are demystifying the disorder is a welcome relief to many. One professional who is determined to make sure that no stone is left untouched in the provision of these services is Avi Weisfogel. Thanks to him and other medical professionals, it is now known that there is a link between sleep apnea and lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This has led to renewed efforts to get treatment for the condition.


Research findings that were released earlier in the year indicate that about 90 percent of the people that have the condition remain undiagnosed and cannot get treated. The Doctor wants to make sure that this group of people and also the 10 percent who have been diagnosed learn more about the management of their condition.

A model was developed for dentists and physicians at the elementary and secondary levels. The model involves sleep experts and the labs where they carry out their research and experiments. It is a sample that represents the larger picture and is aimed at better care for the patients. The model has opened up new opportunities for people in the medical field. The course is also being supported by the dentist, who are mostly involved in the diagnosis of the condition.

The shocking thing about the condition is that people that suffer from it wake up to 30 times in one night. The aim of the treatment that is being tested is to open the airways and keep the patient breathing. The machine that offers stimulation to the upper part of the airways has already been approved by the FDA.

Avi Weisfogel

Avi is a dentist by profession. She opened him first practice sixteen years ago and has been managing it since then. The community she offered these services to gave him many awards for him service. Before Avi trained as a dentist, she has attained a BA from Rutgers University. Him experience with sleep apnea puts him in the best position to further the research.

Finding The Source of Attacks

It is almost inevitable that there is going to be an attack on the brand. For one thing, people have a lot of negativity about them. This is why it is important to be prepared in the case of any attack. However, just fighting against every attack is not going to be all that effective. It is more important to find the source of the attack. The source is the one that needs to be addressed. For one thing, taking on every attack could be like cutting away at the branches. It is better to get to the root of the problem so that one could take care of the issue completely.

When one finds the root cause of these attacks, then he has a choice on how he wants to move forward. Among he choices that people have is taking him to court with a lawsuit or just settling things with the source of the problem. Either way, it is important for the business owner to be able to take care of the problem so that he can move forward with his business and make sure that he is able to profit from his own business.

One thing that could be done is to search through Adwords or any other advertising campaign so that he can find anything that could be a threat to him from the source. One thing that SkyDiamond Media producer Habib Bakshi has stated is that it can be a quick solution. For one thing, the brand will have all of its problems solved within 24 hours. As a result, the brand’s damage will be minimal and it will be short-lived. Therefore, online reputation management is best handled with making sure that one has a solid foundation, and that the attacks are found at the source.


Marc Sparks Says Great Presentations Techniques Bring Capital

Building great professional presentations with investor appeal is Marc Sparks’ specialty. He has found the way to make presentations to Venture Capitalists (VCs) in the most effective, winning way possible.

Sparks shares these special techniques with his entrepreneur clients who are seeking professional expert advice on obtaining funding for their companies. The difference between the right kinds of appealing VC presentations and sloppy, mediocre, half-thought-out monstrosities can make or break a business.

One of the first items on the agenda, according to Marc Sparks, is that no display of graphics are unclear or necessary. VCs do not appreciate take up time with gilding on the lily of any presentation. Each view shown must really pop for the VC’s and present successful company business with clear purpose. The data presented must be real, accurate, and defensible. The purpose of such a presentation is to transfer knowledge, and little more, in a collection of meaningful data.

Sparks’ teaching starts with KISS: ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid,’ which is to say that yes, a presentation should grab the VC’s attention, but it should easy for them to understand. The basic concepts of the business area being presented should always be easy for anyone to see immediately.

Another important area that many young entrepreneurs get wrong consistently is to try to have only one person do the VC presentation, by him or her self. Having a group of people that represent the core of the most-experienced business professionals involved will impress VCs. The group should openly show their passion and eagerness to reach success with the business.

Mark Sparks started Timber Creek Capital and remains the CEO of the firm, which is a significant investment company. He targets only smart investments, which starts by completing all the necessary due diligence in determining a prospective company’s worth and operational vitals. Sparks has developed powerful techniques to make this process as quick and painless as possible.

He has help start over 60 other companies using the same techniques. You might say he is the textbook serial entrepreneur. He has owned restaurants and an automobile insurance agency, in the past.


The Success Story of Malini Saba

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba has been described as one of the top female investors in the world. Malini Saba is the founder of the Saban Company that has many investment projects in the US, China, and Australia. Malini is also the founder of the Stree. Stree is a non-profit organization that aims at changing the roles of women and children in the world from little incoming earning to more independent women in the world. She has traveled to many countries to empower women and start a movement for connecting people with the public policies. Malini’s life was not that easy, and she lived in different countries in the search for better life. Despite coming from a middle-class family, Malini has been able to beat the odds to become the woman she is today.


Malini Saba’s company has invested heavily in the technology sector in the United States and China. The company deals with oil and gas. Malini also has invested in real estate in Australia and India. The oil and gas sector brings the highest returns to the Saban Company even today. Malini Saba is regarded as a top philanthropist in the world due to her charity work and empowering of women in many countries globally. Her movement, “Stree” provides a way for women and children to access, legal empowerment and healthcare in African, Central America, Eastern Europe, and in India. Malini is an organized woman based on where she started her career and the passion she has for helping others too.


Building a venture out of nothing

The company Saban was built from nothing by Malini Saba. It has grown to become one of the leading global companies in the world today having many branches in different countries. The company has given out donations worth a lot of money. For example, Saba helped the victims of the tsunami in India and Sri Lanka by donating money as well as contributing towards the construction of a hospital. According to, Malini Saba moved from a middle-class family to becoming a wealthy woman and successful woman.


From the life of Malini Saba, success is a process that takes time. A successful career especially that of an entrepreneur, may take many years to achieve evident in the career life of Malini Saba had to wait. It also requires patience and hard work. It is always good to give back to the community just like the company has done with many donations and other charity works.


Classdojo: Teacher’s Helper

The Classdojo app has been hailed as one of the best things to happen to classrooms in the past 50 years. It is an app that is designed to help students feel like they are successful and to contribute to a better classroom environment. It was designed with teachers and students in mind but it has also been able to be a huge help for parents of kids who are in classrooms that use the Classdojo app. The app has been a great benefit for students who want to be able to feel like they are important in the classroom.


For years, teachers have struggled with the ability to reward their students based on different things that they did and they can do. They want to make sure that their students feel like they are being treated right and that they are having the most success possible. This has allowed them to make sure that they are doing the best for their students and has been a big struggle. The Classdojo app has changed that and now gives teachers a way to reward students while also looking at the different ways that they can improve their classroom.


Students may often feel like they are not being taken seriously. With the Class dojo app, they are always taken seriously. Teachers can make the choice to choose different point levels for their classrooms and assign different points for the things that they have done in their classroom. Students are able to earn the points that they need to get rewarded. At the end of the month, the teacher can reward the students with the points that he or she needs and the student will be able to cash these points in to make sure that they are getting the right amount of reward for what they have done.


When it comes to parents, they often feel like they are not an active part of the classroom situation unless they are there helping all of the time. Parents no longer need to be in the classroom to be a part of it thanks to the Classdojo app. They want to make sure that they are getting the best situation possible and that means that they can actually see what they are doing in their student’s days. Parents can check up on their students and see what types of points they have earned throughout the day.


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