Cone Marshall: International Tax Experts

In our modern global economy understanding the dynamics of taxes across nations is an absolute necessity. If I want to do business outside of the country I reside in or if foreign businesses want to do business with me inside my country, taxes will come into the picture. Geoffrey Cones and Karen Marshall understand this issue very well and have built careers out of helping their clients create international tax plans. With Geoffrey Cone’s extensive background in international taxes and Karen Marshall’s experience in advising and managing trust boards, they provide their clients with the services needed to maintain the tax transparency that the laws of New Zealand require.

When you think of international tax laws it’s easy to get an inaccurate and sensationalist idea of what international tax laws are about. In reality it’s not like the front page stories but more to hold corporations and bankers accountable taxation and help manage their fortunes. In practice, international tax laws are designed to prevent these sort of things from happening through tax transparency. The international tax laws of New Zealand are designed to prevent foreign businesses from hiding transfer of money and business activities in order to avoid scrutiny.

Cone Marshall was formed to help businesses comply with the tax transparency laws of New Zealand. With the guidance of its founders the firm helps its clients understand how to conduct their business in New Zealand in a way that ensures full compliance with tax laws. Cone Marshall also offers trust planning as well. Under the expert guidance of Karen Marshall, the firm provides trust management services to its clients, but if clients desire Cone Marshall will accept a role as mere advisors. The experience Karen Marshall has gathered over the years gives the firm decisive, expert leadership needed for managing large trusts.

Cone Marshall is a rarity in the world of tax laws and trust management. Combining the talents of Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall the firm has excelled for years in providing its combination of trust management and international tax services. If its past is any indicator the firm won’t be stopping any time soon.

Protect Your Lips During The Upcoming Cool Months With A Great Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balm, there are several excellent choices available on the consumer market. A great lip balm will have quality ingredients and leave your lips feeling soft, supple, and moisturized. For the upcoming cool weather, it is critical to have a quality lip balm that will protect your lips and keep them looking fabulous.
Burts Bees is a really good option and it also comes in tinted varieties if you like a little color with your balm. It is made from natural beeswax which makes it environmentally friendly and free of unnecessary chemicals. Neutrogena also makes a really great product and it is also priced well for those that want to get a quality product without a high price. Neutrogena has been around for years and has made a name for themselves as one of the top beauty product manufacturers on the market. One of the favorite brands on the market today is Evolution Of Smooth.

Evolution Of Smooth or EOS is a fabulous lip balm that comes in several delicious flavors.They have a variety of antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as jojoba oil and shea butter. This combination of ingredients will leave your lips soft, smooth,and in the best condition ever.

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The EOS formula is free of paraben and petroleum as well as being dermatologist tested.It is the perfect balm for even the driest and most sensitive lips. Don’t be without this incredible lip balm this season. Check their products on Ulta online.



A Guide To Picking The Right Place For Your New York City Event

For those holding events in New York City, there is no shortage of local venues to choose from. However, the three places on this list are among the best in the city. In particular, Taralucci e Vino has gained recognition as one of the best event venues in the city. They have several different locations in the city, and they also offer catering.

China Blue:

If you are looking for Chinese food at your event, China Blue is the place to go. They are located in Tribeca, and they have private rooms that are perfect for events. Most of their food is Shanghaiese, but it is of far better quality than most Chinese restaurants. In addition to great food, they are also well known for their ambiance.

They open at 11:30 AM each day, which makes it a great venue for lunch or brunch. From Sunday through Wednesday, they are open until 10:30 at night. However, from Thursday through Saturday, they are open until 11. This makes it perfect for those that want to continue their event after dinner.

American Cut:

This restaurant has a great atmosphere that is reminiscent of Mad Men, and it also is in Tribeca. While it is a steakhouse, there are many other menu options. They serve great oysters, salads, shrimp cocktails, and other excellent selections. You can also get a number of great dressings with your steak.

This restaurant is exclusively open for dinner. American Cut opens at 5:30 PM from Monday through Saturday, and they remain open until 11. However, they are closed on Sundays.

Taralucci e Vino:

Taralucci e Vino has five different locations(see below), and two of them are specifically event venues. These two locations are in Union Square and Cooper Hewitt. Both of them have hours that can accommodate just about any event. They are open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at both venues. These event venues are conveniently located, and they also can do catering for an event that is held anywhere in the area. They also offer affordable prices.

They have a great menu selection at all meal times, and it changes depending upon the season. Their menu includes pasta dishes, salads, and seafood, amongst numerous other high quality selections. For breakfast and dessert, they have a great selection for pastries.

For drinks, they have selections for beer and wine, and their liquor selection contains dozens of different choices for vodka, vermouth, scotch, and other whiskies. Some of the choices are top shelf liquor selections, such as Tito’s and Grey Goose. You can also order numerous combinations of liquors, and they serve many cocktails.

Town Residential Helps You Find a Home in New York

The Big Apple is known globally for being a place where high salaries and high real estate prices are common. Many individuals want to settle there, lured by the many excellent careers found in New York, only to be disappointed by the enormous level of real estate prices.

Town Residential is a broker who specializes in making sure that every person who is interested can find a home in New York. The firm was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. Town Residential has an enormous real estate connection network that can greatly assist people who need a particular type of property, but are unable to locate it successfully.

Town Residential offers a buyer’s guide that gives detailed information on real estate prices in the area. Town Residential features an all-inclusive counseling program for those looking to settle in the New York area. They will guide you through the process of understanding your actual real estate needs. Once you have a clear picture of what you actually require to settle in New York, Town Residential will give you a price range and appropriate zip codes in New York that suit your particular situation.

Many people who visit New York are concerned about safety. Since the 1990’s, crime in New York has decreased exceptionally compared to other big cities like Detroit and Chicago. New York is a good place to settle if you are cosmopolitan and like having lots of options to go on adventures each day.

Town Residential also offers an easy way to sell New York real estate. If there is something in your portfolio that is weighing you down financially, Town is able to step in and find potential buyers who can make better use of your property. You will make a large financial improvement as you streamline your portfolio with the guidance of Town Residential.

Downtown New York is known for being the home of Central Park. Town Residential can help you find friends and information about what to do once you have settled in New York. There are many new things to do and try. Restaurants from the world over that can make you a happy individual each day are easily identified by Town Residential’s experienced and professional staff. Town Residential prides itself in having expert staff who know the market well. Staff at Town Residential can identify opportunities that other investors are missing and give you a road map to profit from it.

Keith Mann Helps Local Schools

Dynamic Search Partners and its leading executive man have held a fund raising event at the Standard Hotel in the Beer Garden. The event was for the benefit of the nonprofit known as Uncommon Schools. In total, $22,000 were raised by Keith Mann and his associates for the organization. Individuals from across the financial services industry chipped in for the common good. The money will go towards sponsoring student tests at a brand high school that is operating as a charter school.

In a statement, Keith said that he helped Uncommon Schools because he wants to close the achievement gap between low income students and others. Unfortunately, low income students graduate at a lower rate and have a much harder time getting through college. Keith fully believes in the mission of providing everyone in the nation with the opportunity to go to college and working with Uncommon Schools is one step along the path towards this goal. Uncommon schools has plans to open up a brand new school in New York soon. Students must take the PSAT and AP testing while in school and this costs money. Funds raised by Keith at the fundraiser will be allocated specifically for this purpose. In the past, Keith and Dynamics Search Partners have already donated $10,000 to help students get the proper testing that will allow them to attend charter schools and increase their odds of getting into college.

Dynamic Search Partners has been trying to help students in New york since 2013. It wants to form a meaningful partnership that is most likely to change the lives of some young people. It also wants to help students gain the tactical skills and the practical skills that will give them success throughout their lives. Keith is a believer in innovation and he has a strong commitment to excellence in academics. He wants to be of help to students in the local community for many more years to come.

Keith has voiced excitement about his partnership with Uncommon Schools. He toured their classes and witnessed their programs. It left him with a feeling of inspiration.

Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Opportunity

Talk Fusion is a new breed of company. Its primary goal is helping people to achieve their goals and to make their dreams a reality. By focusing on helping its Associates make the most of the Talk Fusion business opportunity, the company aims to give people more control over the quality of their lives and their level of success. The idea behind Talk Fusion is giving back to community and creating bright futures.

Talk Fusion opened to the world in 2007, and has created quite a success story of its own. Helping others to help themselves has proven to be a wonderful business model for the company. People have received Talk Fusion very well, and have been supporting the company and the business opportunity fervently. Much of the success behind Talk Fusion is due to the aspirations of its Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Reina is an avid humanitarian, a passionate helper of those in need. It is this helpful philosophy that not only inspired Talk Fusion, but has also help drive it to success in its goal to change lives.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina has long held the belief that having success obliges you to responsibility to those struggling to succeed. As one of the foundational concepts behind Talk Fusion this philosophy has proven to be a key ingredient to worldwide change. In fact, Reina says that it is in the DNA of Talk Fusion itself. It not only pushes the company forward, but also motivates the company and every one of its associates.

Bob Reina is dedicated to helping those in need. He has made an impression on the world in many countries, and set the standard for donations from wealthier individuals. He donated $1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and many other organizations, including an orphanage in Indonesia. Reina’s aspirations to help people improve their lives are actualized through his actions. These actions ripple through the Talk Fusion family and to the more than 140 countries across the globe where Talk Fusion Associates operate.

Bob Reina has set his sights on discovering the most helpful ways to empower people. The empowerment that his Talk Fusion provides allows people to realize their dreams and to make their dreams come true.

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Talk Fusion Diamond Rush Motivational Moments… by MollyJimenez

Adam Goldenberg’s Extraordinary Rise In Business

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. He serves as the Co-CEO of the firms. He has more than six years experience in product development, internet marketing, as well as management. Since January 2004, Goldenberg worked as the president of Alena LLC. Additionally, he served as the head of Intermix Media Inc’s performance marketing group. Starting in 1999, Adam Goldenberg worked as Intermix Media’s vice president for strategic planning. He became the company’s chief operating officer in 2001.

Adam Goldenberg first had a successful venture in 1994. His entrepreneurial endeavor received funding from Bar Mitzvah money that he owned. At the age of 13, he established an eCommerce bulletin board service. Subsequently, he turned the firm into a gaming website. The company called Gamer’s Alliance attracted the attention of Brett Brewer, Intermix founder and president. Brewer bought it in 1997. At the time, Brewer did not know that the owner of the firm was only 17. He opted to hire Goldenberg, who instantly proved that Brewer made a great decision in hiring him. Goldenberg was soon promoted and became the youngest COO of publicly traded firm, Intermix Media. He became COO at 19.

Following his appointment as COO, Intermix purchased It was a health and fitness firm established by Don Ressler. The purchase brought together the two young entrepreneurs that went on to create a dynamic team. They paired up and created an eCommerce and performance advertising firm, Alena Media on The company generated millions in revenue for Intermix and was the leading profit center. In 20015, News Corp acquired Intermix Media. The two found it difficult to see their successful venture ignored by News Corp. Due to dissatisfaction; they left in search different opportunities. They were confident about their skills in the online performance advertising industry and had what it takes to succeed.

After considerable deliberations, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to establish a brand building enterprise on They created Brand Ideas after gathering former Alena employees. Goldenberg and his associate later changed the name to Intelligent Beauty. The brand building venture went on to create several successful businesses including DERMSTORE and SENSA. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty started JustFab. The company serves its consumers through subscription. Initially, it operated online. However, it recently opened its first physical retail store. Additionally, JustFab acquired FabKids and The Fab Shoes in 2013. It also partnered with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics, a stylish and high quality activewear line.

Keith Mann Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

There are a lot of people out there that are simply full of hot air. They don’t believe what they say and they just spew random garbage out of their mouths for the sake of saying it. They want to feel good about themselves and they want to look a certain way to certain people. However, Keith Mann is as authentic as as they come. He is an organic individual and nothing about is fake and nothing about him is put on for show. When he talks about doing something and raising money, he is going to go out and do it. He isn’t just going to say it and forget about it.

Recently, Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners put together a wonderful fundraiser for Uncommon Schools. This is a cause that is very near and dear to the heart of Keith Mann. He knows all about the struggles that kids face when they come from a low-income family. College seems like a pipe dream to them, let alone graduating from it. However, this event, which was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, raised over 22 thousand dollars. That is a lot of money and that is going to do a lot of good for the students that need it.

They can not only go to college, but they can graduate from college. From that point forward, the sky is the limit for them, as they say. Nothing is impossible and nothing is out of reach. As Keith Mann said, it is all about giving everyone a chance to succeed, no matter what their income is. If they have the talent, the devotion, and the skills, they can be anything they wish to be in their life. Isn’t that what life is all about? Life is about living out a dream each and every single day. That is the best way to live life.

Finally, Kissable Lips!

Have you ever had one of those days when you sip from your street vendor paper coffee cup and your bottom lip sticks to the rim? This would happen to me when I would use certain lip balms claiming to give “kissable, smooth lips” and vowed to heal any level of chapping imaginable. That familiar feeling of disappointment would rear its dry or gummy head as the promises made did not match the experience. I was unaware that many lip balms are made with materials that may contribute to the drying out of your lips. Additives such as menthol, camphor, fragrance and artificial colors are just a few of the extremely common and damaging chemicals found in the average lip balm.
It wasn’t until I found Evolution of Smooth products that I learned how wonderful the first sip of coffee while crossing 7th Avenue in New York City should feel like. Not greasy, slippery or gummy, EOS lip balm creates a light and sheer feeling that is matched by no other product on the market. Created with a combination of jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter, EOS lip balm lines include organic spheres, balms with SPF and subtle shimmer shades that will truly provide that elusive kissable and smooth sensation. An added bonus, there are a multitude of naturally flavored balms. EOS delivers what we have all been searching for in a lip balm, finally!

Aside from being easy to find in my large purse, (that orb-like shape is convenient!), the Evolution of Smooth flavor combinations are as unique as their shape. I am partial to the Blueberry Acai for daily wear. For beach days, there is Fresh Grapefruit with SPF. And in moments when you need a mental vacation, bring out the Honeysuckle Honeydew, pair it with EOS Cucumber hand lotion and drift away. Gone are the days of the waxy cherry balm, sticky petroleum, and chemical filled tubes. Hello smooth, soft and natural. Evolution of Smooth, not just a promise in a name. A promise delivered! Evolution of Smooth balms are available online on Amazon and on retailers like Walmart.

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