Lovaganza ensures children well-being through entertainment

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Lovaganza is an institution that was founded in the year 2010, by two great entertainers, J.F Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. The two artists came up with the idea of forming the company with the mission of making the world a better place, especially for children. The two great individuals are using entertainment as a tool to raise awareness and funds to help in supporting their course of eradicating poverty. The co-founders of Lovaganza share the same mission which is to bring stakeholders together and find a way to eradicating child hunger by 2035. Since its establishment about six years ago, Genevieve and J.F Gagnon have been traveling around the world shooting films and talking to governments and other relevant institutions about their noble mission.

Genevieve has been involved in directing and producing documentaries on Euro Weekly News, and the first is expected to be released in 2018. The idea behind the series production is to motivate people to take part in their mission. The name of the series is Lovaganza Convoy. The two co-founders have not yet announced the official launching of the Lovaganza Foundation. The Gagnon’s are still involved in lots of research work and planning so that the official launching can get the attention it deserves.

The artists were motivated by the fact that malnutrition in children is still a major issue even in the most powerful countries like the United States. A lot of children have succumbed to hunger for decades, and the Gagnon’s think the trend should be put on a halt. Reports indicate that more than 17 million of children in the United States starve due to poverty annually. Children hold every country’s future, and it is about time the governments’ of different countries put their priorities right. Instead of spending billions on warfare artilleries, the government should invest in the children’s future.

Non-profit organizations across the world are joining hands with the Lovaganza Foundation to help them in achieving their goals. The goals include providing basic needs to children all over the world, such as clean drinking water. Children who lack food are also supplied with food by Lovaganza Foundation in collaboration with other Non-government organizations. The goals go further to ensure that children are provided with shelter and basic medical supplies and vaccinations. The institution also rescues Those affected by social problems such as rape cases, female, genital mutilation practices, and early marriages. Rescuing children caught up in war zones is also part of the mission of the foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation founders, hope to come up with long-term plans that will sustain the future of children.

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Choosing A Knowledgeable And Experienced Investment Banking Advisor

Most investment beginners do not have access to quality resources or reliable advice on how to choose a great opportunity for investment. It is always advisable to talk to an expert with a track record in the industry. Professionals who have a lot of experience in the industry and a proven track record, can be of great assistance to you as you seek to achieve investment success.

Choosing a qualified, experienced investment banking advisor with relevant transaction experience to guide and advise you is one of the most important decisions you make in your investing. It is important to ensure a successful transaction of your investment banking endeavor. If you do not choose properly, the downside can be devastating, as even well-meaning advisors can derail a great deal with poor or wrong advice. It is absolutely essential for you to perform thorough research and background investigation, to be sure the advisor you’re considering possesses the skill-sets, knowledge, and overall transaction experience.

An important consideration also is the reputation of the advisor in the investment industry. You want to deal with someone who has a great reputation among clients and peers. Reading review posted by clients and other associates is a great way to determine if the advisor you have in mind, is a great choice. Once you have successfully identified and selected the right investment banking advisor to work with, you can rest assured that your business transaction will be handled properly, and that you will achieve outstanding outcome.

Martin Lustgarten is founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm. Martin is a well-respected investment banking professional and has a large number of clients who are delighted with the services they have received. His clients include highly successful entrepreneurs, institutions, business owners and other investors.

Martin has a good understanding of both personal and financial goals, and his clients are comfortable listening to his advice and guidance. Before providing services, Martin takes the time to evaluate his clients’ situation and develops a strategy that works well for the particular issue or transaction. No one likes to be ignored, and Martin understands this. He makes it a top priority to get back to his clients and return their phone calls or respond to email messages. Visit Martin’s blog to learn more about the world of investment banking.

Securus Technologies Reveals Louisiana PSC Report About Global Tel-Link’s ‘Unlawful’ Actions

According to a report from the Louisiana Public Service Commission, Global Tel-Link service was problematic, insidious, and unlawful when they worked in the Louisiana prison system. The report concluded that GTL illegally got profits in excess of $1.2 million by overcharging and using a number of other nefarious schemes. The Louisiana PSC report said Global Tel-Link was ‘unethical’ in its dealings with the prison system and the public in Louisiana. It is because of the serious and pervasive nature of the misdeeds by GTL that Securus Technologies feel compelled to share them with the public.

The Louisiana Public Services Commission report will be released over a six month period through a series of press releases from Securus Technologies. Since 1986 Securus has been providing jails, prisons, law enforcement, and public safety agencies with software, hardware, and a wide array of technological solutions to their communication issues. The products provided by Securus Technologies8 enables correction facilities, public service, and law enforcement agencies to communicate, conduct investigations, monitor calls, do biometric analysis and incident response, as well as plan, coordinate, and carry out emergency response activity. Plus their industry-leading customer service department is available 24/7.

From its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and branch offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia, Securus Technologies serves one and a quarter million prisoners and thousands of public safety and law enforcement agencies in 48 states and throughout North America. The powerful, revolutionary technological tools the company offers are secure, easy to use, and versatile. They make it simple for people involved in corrections and public service to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Securus Technologies has helped to streamline, modernize, and improve public safety through the work of their teams of innovative designers, engineers, and technologists in creating high-tech software solutions.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Madison Street Capital Shines Yet Again

The financial, banking and investment sectors in America have had a turbulent time in the recent past, the outcome of which has been the loss of credibility among companies in the industry. To penetrate the cloak of confidentiality that surrounds the operations and activities of many industry players, anyone with an interest in the financial, banking and investment sector must seek the unbiased advice of a third party business advisory firm. Madison Street is one such provider of accurate and reliable business consulting services.

The investment banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois was founded in 2005. The firm has been providing financial advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, capital sourcing, restructuring, reorganization and bankruptcy. In addition to its mainstream services, Madison Street Capital also offers intangible asset valuation which is crucial in determining the financial health of companies with interests in stocks. Bond Media Group, Central Iowa Energy, Fiber Space, and LLC are some of the names in the firm’s growing list of clientele. Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Madison’s COO on NACVA’s 40 Under Forty List
As a testament to the innovation and quality of the financial advisory services that Madison Street Capital offers to its clientele, the National Association of Certified Valuator and Analysts has picked the firm’s COO in its annual 40 Under Forty list. The NACVA list contains the names of individuals in the financial and accounting industry who have achieved notable excellence in the profession. Anyone who ends up in the list must have shown outstanding, pioneering and visionary leadership that has led to the delivery of exceptional and superior quality services.

The panel involved in the selection is made up of the executive staff from NACVA and the CTI, the Consultants Training Institute. This team picked Antony Masala, Madison Street Capital Chief Operating Officer(COO) and co-founder, as one of the names on the 40 Under Forty list. Considering that the list was picked from over 125 nominees with impeccable standing in the finance and accounting industry reveals the difficulty the task of picking the final 40. The individuals in the 40 Under Forty List will be featured on a series of NACVA press releases. Apart from having their profiles posted on The Value Examiner and QuickReadBuzz, the final pick will also have mention on NACVA news release network.

Antony Masala was involved in the extraordinary strides made by Madison in the provision of business valuation services, carrying out financial forensics and the provision of litigation consulting. The Madison Street Capital co-founder currently heads the firm’s due diligence and analytical teams. He is the core reason for managing the company’s interests in Africa, Asia, and Europe. To learn more about Madison Street Capital, you can visit their site.

Andy Wirth’s Plans for the Future

As an individual who has always loved both the combination of nature with business, Andy Wirth has found his calling as the proud owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort that is a luxury resort located in the Tahoe Valley. This ski resort is the result of a recent merge between two ski resorts that now offers visitors twice the amount of high quality ski slopes.

Thanks to the innovation of Andy Wirth, not only does his resort leave behind a small environmental impact, but he also takes great pains to make the community happy with every single business decision that is made.

As a businessman for over 25 years, Andy Wirth has always been an individual who has appreciated the serenity of nature. Now as a businessman, Andy Wirth has had the goal of showing visitors of the resort the beauty of the Tahoe Valley as well as the solidarity and peacefulness that the land provides.

In recent news, Andy Wirth has had to make some changes to his business as a result of the drought that has been devastating the West Coast. With an industry that relies heavily on the amount of annual snowfall, Andy Wirth has recently announced new investments that he has been making to not only keep his business afloat, but to also profit off of the drought.

Some of the changes that he has been making involve new investments in cleaner and more renewable energy which will encourage not only the visitors, but also the employees to use water more efficiently and to not waste. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768

Andy Wirth elaborated on his current plans for the future when he sat down with the KCRW radio station to talk about his resort. Andy Wirth has stated that although the ski resort industry may be faltering on the West Coast, Andy Wirth has no plans to be affected. Andy Wirth has even announced his plans to invest heavily in the snow making business. This backup plan will ensure that no matter what, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort will have high quality slopes to ski on as well as a beautiful mountainous view of snow.

In addition to new investments, Andy Wirth also plans to offer community members and visitors more and more chances to come to his resort for other activities than just skiing. Andy Wirth has plans to create more and more festivals and events that will be hosted at the resort.

These newly created events will attract more and more families, couples, and friends to this lodge who will have a new found appreciation for all the activities that will be offered. Though this is a ski resort, Andy Wirth wants to showcase the other activities to try.

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