George Soros Warns About Fate of Ukraine

Soros Supports Ukraine
George Soros cautions that the fate of Ukraine is in the lands of the leaders of Europe right now. Given his decades of experience in monitoring and advising on international economic affairs, George Soros Ukraine feels strongly about the need to speak up for the people of Ukraine and request greater assistance for Ukraine from the EU.

Soros Explains How the EU has Changed
Soros explains that when the concept of the EU was first developed, it was sold as a way for sovereign states with a common interest in peace and prosperity to pool their resources and work for the common good. This aspiration and focus has changed thanks to the role of the euro and the changing relationship between countries as simply creditors and debtors. As a result, Soros contends that the EU has been much too focused on recovering debts and monitoring economic situations rather than promoting international peace.

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Soros Warns About Putin’s Efforts to Destabilize Ukraine
Soros has followed Vladimir Putin closely and is gravely concerned about his nationalist rhetoric. In fact, Soros sees this as much more than just inflammatory rhetoric. He explains that it is most certainly in Putin’s best interests to see Ukraine destabilized. He says that it is absolutely crucial that the EU counteract these efforts as swiftly as possible. A weakened Ukraine could easily fall victim to an aggressive Russia in coming years, if the EU does not assist Ukraine in keeping its borders strong and military defenses ready. In addition to stopping Putin in his tracks, working to stabilize Ukraine also puts the EU in a stronger position relative to Russia. This definitely plays into the long term survival of the EU and would help it regain focus on its original mission.

Encouraging Business in Ukraine
Soros is never short on economic answers to international problems. The innovative approach he proposes here is for political risk insurance for those companies and individuals considering doing business or investing in Ukraine. While this option has been offered by private companies for many years, Soros explains that they generally have to charge exorbitant premiums to cover the high risks of doing business in less stable areas of the world. To solve this problem, Soros suggests that European governments could offer the political risk insurance instead of private companies. So that no country had to underwrite more than its fair share of risk, Soros proposes that each country’s government would contribute a pro-rata capital infusion at the outset and an additional share of callable capital to be used in the event of a pay out.

Given the economic and political turbulence in Ukraine right now, Soros sees this collective political risk insurance approach as the best option for encouraging investment and economic development in Ukraine. The end goal is in the best interest of the EU, as Soros reminds us.

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Securus Opens the Lid on Global Tel Link’s $1,243,000. in Wrongs Against Lousisiana

A press release published on PR Newswire June 7th of 2016 highlights the wrongful doings of Global Tel Link as uncovered by Securus Technologies. Securus of Dallas, Texas, an A+ accredited company provides services to “more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates across North America” ( Global Tel Link has been founded violating the law and wrongfully manipulating phone times, bills and rates in January of 1998.
Securus Industries’s news release states that Lousisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a 17-page complaint against Global Tel Link. The complaint mentions several violations including but not limited to GTL adding 15 to 36 seconds to each call. This is an unlawful tactic to charge more especially with the higher rates they charged. These rates, regulated by tariffs and rate caps, were programmed by GTL to charge at a higher rate. Furthermore, the “artificially inflated charges” are reported as unlawful and unethical. These add-on charges, combined with double billing resulted in Louisiana’s taxpayers being charged $1,243,000.00 extra.

Despite the length of time since the above mentioned infractions were committed by GTL, Securus states that additional wrongdoings have continued to take place and will be mentioned in future press releases. These crimes can not go unreported due to the level of integrity they violate and the willful violation of laws and regulations. “Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies,” stated that the adding of time to the phone calls is the worst of the charges against Global Tel Link because of the level of scamming that took place against customers. Smith claims that GTL matches the level of corruption seen in Enron and Bernie Madoff. GTL is mentioned as a significant carrier in the area meaning that the grandur of their wrongs reaches across a large range of customers. Securus Industries, according to their press release is outraged at such fraudulent behavior against their trusted customers.

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Visit Ancient Japan With Michael Zomber

Some periods of history continue to exert a fascination even today. Many people still dream of visiting the court of Elizabeth I, talking with George Washington or learning cooking techniques from classic French chefs. During this time, Japan was largely isolated from the outside world. The result was the development of a culture that still has much to teach us today. Someone who knows this period well and loves all aspects of it is historian, author, and Japanese metal expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has maintained a love affair with this time frame through the course of his life. As a result of his passionate attachment to the ways and world of the Samurai, he remains one the world’s most sought after speakers on this period of time.

A Life Long Love Affair

Zomber has been truly in love with the world the Japanese Samurai created ever since he read about them. When he was younger, he would spend many hours reading about the ways of the Samurai, their code of honor and the world they made for their fellow residents of Japan. As he grew older, his interest in this period of time only continued to expand and grow. He realized that he had much to share from his work and his enthusiasm. It was also then that he realized that he could start to collect all kinds of Japanese metalwork including the armor that was made then as well as the swords that were created by highly skilled metalworkers.

Starting A Career

Since that time in his life, he has done much to use all kinds of media in order to bring this period of time to vivid life. In addition to collecting objects made of metal during this time, he has also done other things as well. He has written about the period via several detailed novels that look at the life the Samurai led and bring the reader along for the ride. He has also been heavily involved in many television series about this time that are highly useful for the ordinary person who wants to know more about daily life during this time in ancient Japan.  Read more about Michael on

Economic Collapse in Venezuela Caused By Socialism

Despite being an oil rich nation, Venezuela has now become one of the most economically distressed nations on Earth. In a report by Corporation Wiki, the country has gotten into a state of economic distress due to socialist political and economic policies. Venezuela has been ruled by Hugo Chavez since the late 1990’s and is currently run by his successor Nicolas Maduro. Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has had highly restrictive policies concerning its economy. A vast majority of its industries have been nationalized, prices controlled and also spent lots of money on public benefits which has caused the nation to experience a number of negative economic consequences. Although the nation has elections, they are not free and the current leadership retains its power. As a result Venezuela is considered to be the most corrupt nation in Latin America.
There are a lot of aspects of Venezuela’s economic struggles. Analyst Norka names the first thing that has made its economy distressed is hyperinflation that has seen a rise up to 720%. Its currency has also gone down by 93% which has made it among the lowest valued currencies in the world economy. Another aspect of its economic struggles has been a mass shortage of food and water which has forced the government to implement rations. Therefore people are unable to be fed adequately and have resorted to hunting for dogs, cats and birds just to eat. Lastly there is inadequate medical care as people are dying in hospitals and medicine is only available on the black market.



Renowned Philanthropist And Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah Advances Autism Research

World renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur, and charitable benefactor Sanjay Shah, in a recent interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, spoke of entrepreneurial success. The founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks offered insight, inspiration, and motivation for the path towards success in business.

Before Solo Capital Markets, Sanjay practiced medicine. Feeling unfulfilled, he left the healthcare sector, becoming an accountant. The financial crisis of 2007 set in motion a series of events when in 2009, Sanjay found himself expendable and without a job.

Sanjay Shah’s path to success began in 2011 when he created Solo Capital Markets, a worldwide financial services organization, based in London, England. The organization, also known as Solo Capital UK, and Solo Capital Limited, focusing on professional sports investing, proprietary trading and consulting. Recent financial reports indicate the organization’s net worth at £15.45 million, £67.45 million of tangible assets and a cash flow of £30.26 million.

As well, Shah holds controlling interest in Aesa S.a.r.l., which oversees the operations of Solo Group Holdings, and Solo Capital Partners. He is the principal owner of nearly 40 firms located in the Untied Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and the Isle of Malta.

During the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network interview with host Eric Dye, Shah, commenting on startup businesses, “I think this applies to anyone who is thinking of starting a new business. I would say that the most important thing is don’t underestimate the amount of money you need to start,” said Shah. “The other thing is don’t assume that you can actually do all of the work yourself.”

Diagnosed with autism at age four, Shah’s son is the inspiration for the charitable organization Autism Rocks, which raises funds for worldwide research and awareness of the causes of autism, a neurological disorder.

The framework behind Autism Rocks is an annual concert of internationally famous rock stars. Admission to the highly desired concert comes in the form of donations to autism research. Listeners of the Sanjay Shah podcast interview can obtain additional information about autism by visiting the Autism Rocks website. Sanjay serves on the Board Of Trustees of Autism Research Trust. The trust donates to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre.


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Wen Wins Big

When people first meet me the first thing they always ask me is about my hair. I’ve had this hair all of my life so I have never seen the big deal about it. I don’ use anything special I just wake up and it looks beautiful. Okay maybe not really but it’s weird to have people constantly compliment your hair especially when you use so many products on it you never really know which product is the one that gives you great hair. I just know it happens so I keep doing the same routine daily and the results keep returning.
Recently, I decided to try to figure out exactly what was giving me great hair and I think I found it in an article by Bustle. It was Wen hair By Chaz [see link:]. Wen hair was founded and created by Chaz Dean and honestly I think it’s this product that changed my hair so drastically. As I watched this blogger’s hair transform as she used the sephora fig variety of the product and I realized that my hair had gone through the exact same transformation. It was practically life changing. I couldn’t believe just how amazing my hair suddenly looked. If you don’t know what Wen hair is it is an all in one system that works on everyone’s hair man, woman, boy or girl and not ot mention all textures.

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