The Skills Needed for Working at White Shark Media

In order to work at White Shark Media, there are certain skill sets that people need. The whole purpose of White Shark Media is to provide content that helps people gain more customers. They work on ad campaigns that improve the conversion rates of the company.

They also know how to connect with the client and gain the objective of the client. This makes it better for the client and his online business. For one thing, it takes a creative campaign in order to bring in the conversions. The campaign has to highlight the good points of the company.

Working at White Shark Media is also a encouraging and collaborative process. Employees know that they are part of a team. If there is any competition, it is in order to encourage and bring out the best in everyone. As people work off of each other, they will also bring the company to greater heights of success.

Their clients will also reap the benefits of White Shark Media’s efforts. As a result, everyone is happier. Word gets out about the effectiveness of White Shark Media’s campaign, and more people will be interested. Even people who are running a fairly successful business could benefit from the work that White Shark Media puts in.

White Shark Media doesn’t just provide good services to its clients. The company also looks into ways that it could improve its services so that clients could be more successful and satisfied. They look at every bit of feedback.

They have read through complaints and have made adjustments to their business so that people will be more satisfied. They looked carefully at every bit of feed back they have received and decided whether the change is necessary or not. Among the bit of feedback they have dealt with was the fact that they don’t really offer SEO jobs.

They do direct people to the agencies that provide optimized content for their clients. For clients that are looking for improvements to their business, White Shark Media is a company that is very efficient in its services that it provides to its clients.

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Recap of Wealth Solutions Firm

Are you looking for wealth management services, financial planning services or retirement planning services in Austin, Texas? Well, we got the best solution for you regarding your needs. Wealth Solutions aims at offering amazing services that enable you to manage, grow as well as protect all your assets in the best way you could ever think of. This firm was founded in 1994 by Richard Blair who is a financial adviser and has had over 20 years’ experience in financial service industry. His main goal for developing Wealth Solutions was to provide objective advice to clients as well as wealth preservation strategies among others.


The Chief Investment Officer


Richard Blair who is the chief executive officer of Wealth Solutions grew up in an environment that drew him to the circle of education. His grandmother, mother and wife were all teachers and this made him witness how education helps one’s confidence and knowledge to grow. In addition to his great passion in finance, Richard felt that he could come up with new ways to assist people with their investments and financial planning. In 1993 after graduating from college, Blair considered entering the financial industry with an aim of providing unbiased and objective advice to clients without complicating issues. Later on in 1994, he came up with Wealth Solutions as he was dedicated to serve more clients.


For several years, Richard has played an important role in helping clients bridge the gap between living in retirement and planning for it. His expertise and wide knowledge on wealth management has enabled clients get customized solutions thus achieving their own set financial goals. Richard ensures that all clients make informed decisions before transferring their accounts to the firm and this is done through discussions for better understanding.This is done so because the process tends to be complicated therefore requires much attention.




This firm is dedicated to creating a friendly atmosphere for clients as well as a lasting relationship thus delivering quality services to clients. The team of professionals working for this company is trained to help clients navigate through complicated plans and offer the best options that suit their retirement needs. Additionally, before being given a plan, your situation is looked at holistically to ensure that it suits your financial situation thus no cases of inconveniences or difficulties as you pursue with your retirement goals. These services act as investment and so considering them gives you an upper hand.

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Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Products

Women are obsessed with hair products. The average woman probably spends a great deal of money on shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatment products that claim to transform their damaged hair into beautiful, gorgeous locks. Others spend hundreds of dollars each month going to their hair stylist for intensive treatments. Well, the Wen By Chaz ( Cleansing Conditioner is a system that replaces all those hair treatment products. This is the claim in those popular Wen info-commercials seen on national television. One woman decided to treat her hair with the Wen by Chaz Dean‘s Cleansing Conditioner for one week, and share the results with others in an article that appeared on Bustle.
The Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Test
The woman in the Bustle article was really excited about testing the product for a week on her fine, limp hair. She documented the week long testing period through pictures that were shared in the article. Readers are able to follow along with the woman and watch the end results. Her hair was fine, greasy, and a bit of a mess. She decided to try the Sephora Fig version of the Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner on her hair. She followed the directions set forth by the manufacturer each day. She concluded that the product did improve the condition of her hair, and she seemed pleased with the end results.

Wen By Chaz
Wen By Chaz was created by Hollywood hair stylist, Chaz Dean. The creator of the product takes a new approach to cleansing the hair. Instead of using hair products that include sulfates and other harmful chemicals, he decided to include natural cleansing ingredients that nourish and hydrate the hair. All Wen By Chaz products are available on, it is proven to be safe and they take extreme steps to make sure that the products produced are exceptional and high quality.

Bass: China’s Banks are Toxic to Investors

Kyle Bass is yet again gaining a bit of media attention for his analysis of China’s current economic standing, in particular that country’s banking system and what it can and can’t offer to investors looking to drop money in their economy in hopes of a return on investment.

Bass, who is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, spoke at the Milken Institute Global conference in Beverly Hills earlier this month. At the conference, he made it clear that China has entered a cycle of loss, and anyone looking to make a wise investment would steer clear of China for the moment. Those who choose to go all in despite his warnings, he suggests should consider the 30% or 40% in writedowns Chinese investments will experience in the coming years.

This isn’t the first of Bass’ grand predictions. In fact grand predictions such as these have been instrumental in giving Bass a platform to promote his brand and business, making him a regular guest on financial talk shows. And even though his predictions on China have been echoed by other, more trusted names in financial analyses, Bass has always been a dubious character and that has a lot to do with his business practices.

The presence and attention that Bass has enjoyed is not always the kind that comes with cameras and recognition. A recent bit of attention he found particularly distressing.

Coalition for Affordable Drugs, a company Bass founded, is known for challenging pharmaceutical patents. One of the more known challenges was for Tecfidera Dimethyl Fumarate, which is used for the treatment of multiple Sclerosis. By challenging this patent, Bass has inflated the price of the drug as the current patent holder must defend their product in court, which also affects the market’s ability to research new medications for other conditions.

This ethically questionable behavior has led Bass’ company to be investigated by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, who is challenging his challenge, providing him no confidence in the following proceedings. And this isn’t the first time Bass’ company has been challenged this way. As of October 2015, Coalition for Affordable Drugs has had 17 challenges to their patent challenges, which resulted in 10 denials, showing that the company is more successful in wasting the court’s time that it has been in getting companies to willingly let go of their patented drugs.

With such a questionable past in investment markets, many have to wonder if his advice on any financial matter is worth heeding.

Making parent-teacher conferences virtual: Class Dojo

In an article on Tech Crunch, Class Dojo shows how it has grown from the first released free app in 2011 to the newly renovated collaborative tool that it is today. In the recent round of fundraising, this start up company has raised almost 21 million dollars. The company’s founders, Sam Choudhary and Liam Don, say that this money will be used to grow their team and the features of the app. Their desire is to expand not just the school features but the features for parents at home.

This app allows parents and teachers to communication about academics, social and behavioral interactions, and praise the classroom moments instantly. Since parents and teachers are able to communicate constantly, they are no surprises at back-to-school nights or the once a marking period parent-teacher conferences. In fact, the reports can make parents confident that they may not even feel the need to attend these events.

One cool feature is the photo and video feature. This feature allows teachers to instantly send a picture of the students fabulous work home or a classroom participation moment and share it directly with that parent. The free app is creative a positive classroom culture between parents, teachers, and students.

To date, the company reports that this app is actively used by 85,000 different types of schools nationwide from private to public. This 25 person start up has yet to generate revenue, which is why they seek investors. This company would never make any money of user’s data, because they work with an app that contains children’s information. Instead, they would create content and features parents would pay to use.

Class Dojo is an app that is web-based but does have a mobile version. It is currently free for teachers to sign up. The site generates student and parent letters with their own codes to make it easy for them to sign up and less work on the teacher. The app has ready made behaviors or customizable ones, allowing the teacher to modify to fit their class’ needs and goals. It truly creates a positive culture between the parents and teachers.

This communication platform gives teachers less paperwork to communicate with parents, and parents receive the empowerment to know how their child is doing in all aspects of the school environment.

Teachers can send communication to specific parents or class-wide, depending on need.
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Venezuela Inches Towards Collapse

Venezuela is in a lot of trouble. Nations do have to deal with recessions and even depressions. No matter what type of government exists in a particular country, the market has its ebbs and flows. Total collapses are not common events. History has shown more than a few examples of countries outright “melting down”. The odds point to Venezuela, sadly, becoming one of those countries.
Economists, corporations, and world leaders are steeling themselves for what may be inevitable. According to the Latino Show Magazine, Venezuela could collapse within the year. Preparations are being made for that scenario.

Inflation, unemployment, an energy shortage, a loss of production at home, and the decline of oil prices have all factored into the country’s disastrous economic situation. No easy solution exists. ” No solution may exist at all” says Luque.

The mismanagement of President Nicholas Maduro is being blamed for the collapse. A recall referendum is under way. The problems, however, existed long before Maduro became president and will remain even if he is recalled. Currently, Venezuela is defaulting on a number of import/export obligation. Needless to say, few governments and corporations are interested in investing heavily in the country.

The collapse of Venezuela will have a horrible ripple effect throughout Latin America. Other countries are likely bracing for the fall. Hopefully, these countries have made sufficient plans to deal with the proverbial worst-case scenario. More than likely, they have since so many are talking about the country’s collapse so openly.

Transforming New Jersey through Large-Scale Construction

In January, the county of Middlesex Improvement Authority defaulted a $1 million worth of principal and interest. The amount was a $20 million loan that it had received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This authority was already in arrears amounting to five years, adding up to almost $7 million in the missed payments.

The loan was obtained in 2005 and was used in financing the construction of Heldrich, which was a hotel and conference center in New Brunswick. The hotel was developed by New Brunswick Development Corp (DEVCO), which is a nonprofit corporation.

Stephen Sweeney, the state senate president, touted the corporation as being an epitome of what can be achieved when public money is funneled through private firms in a bid to execute construction that is large scale. The outfit is also the model for Atlantic City Development Corp, which is a sister firm expected to oversee over $200 million in both private and public financing. This will include a $19.5 million in CRDA money. The funding is aimed at developing the Gateway project in the Chelsea section of the city.

Attorney Chris Paladino, who arranged the Heldrich loan worth $20 million, will head both corporations. He said that the CRDA will get paid, but it will have to take some more years.


DEVCO is an urban real estate development firm. This private and nonprofit organization was founded in the 1970’s as a catalyst to serve the revitalization of the city. The New York Time’s has recognized it a powerful engine that is driving economic growth positively. Through DEVCO, the city has achieved remarkable renaissance.

DEVCO has been able to craft a nationally recognized redevelopment model. One that is based on a sound public policy. Every Devco’s projects comes from a keen understanding of the necessities of the residents who live, visit and work in New Brunswick. The firm then applies its expertise in leveraging resources by means of a public-private partnerships in bid to create workable projects.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Dedication to the Education System

He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, founder of the A Ventures Ltd, a company dealing with new gas technologies and the CEO of Endemic Capital a resource company for Russian start-up Companies and a well-known philanthropist. His resume is long and impressive but something that sets Alexei Beltyukov apart is his love and dedication to improving education and education systems.

His recent education endeavor was the launch of in April 2015 at the EdSurge’s tech conference in LA to promote the Educators day. It is an online homework platform for high school students. The system is customized to have menus for relevant subjects to be used by both students and teachers. It tracks a student’s progress of the math subject and provides instant feedback on the same. The system allows the teachers to pay attention to weaker students whom they identify through the systems progress.

Alexei’s innovation of the brought together technical coordinators, teachers, and administrators to pave a way forward in education issues affecting both students and educators. He uses his entrepreneurial skills to upgrade the school system. has so far been a success as technological, and educational experts embraced it. listed as one of the most promising startups. It also made the Beta list’s 100 new startups.

His education journey has shaped Alexei‘s love for education. His career started with a degree in the field of medicine but changed course to pursue a business related study in the INSEAD Business School where he graduated with an MBA. He moved on to begin his business ventures that have helped him support several excellent courses. Key among them is the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The scholarship provides financial assistance to Russian citizens admitted to the INSEAD University.

He is the current vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, an organization of the Russian government. Alexei advises the government on economic issues and provides support where needed. Endemic Capital provides angel funding in the form of grants to Russian technological startups and other businesses creating opportunities for others in Russia. Alexei Beltyukov A-Ventures Management Company is worth $400 million assets under management, according to

High End Luxury Apartment Building The Aspire Completed

Boraie Development completed its latest project called The Aspire. According New York Times, With The Aspire, Boraie Development has created a residential building complex that offers residents an apartment building that allows them to experience living in a luxurious environment.

The Aspire provides residents with a number of residential options which include studio units, one bedroom and also two bedroom units. As a result, residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of any unit that best meets their needs. Part of what makes The Aspire among the top residential buildings is its location. It is nearby the New Brunswick train station which allows residents to easily travel to New York City and Philadelphia quite easily. The apartment building is also nearby some of the best restaurants and retail locations as well.
When looking to live in The Aspire, residents will have plenty of great options to take advantage of. These options include services and amenities. The services offered are doorman assistance and also on site maintenance.

With the doorman, residents can contact someone to provide assistance such as setting up an appointment for repairs or to answer any other questions a resident may have. The on site maintenance provides residents with an expert to come in and complete repairs or installation of appliances and other things such as light fixtures (get more details here: Therefore, The Aspire provides all of the support you can need in order to make your living experience a pleasant one.

The Aspire is a new apartment complex that was built by the New Brunswick based real estate firm Boraie Development. This company has been known to complete high quality projects in a timely manner – Boraie Development New Brunswick NJ, 08901 –

With the available resources it has such as financial institutions, contractors and architects, Boraie Development has what it needs to ensure that their projects meet the needs of all of their residents. Services such as development, property management and sale & marketing all help make Boraie development set itself apart from other companies in its respective industry.

Boraie Development is run by President Omar Boraie. Over the past four decades, Omar Boraie had a vision to make New Brunswick into a vibrant community that allows people to experience the best urban lifestyle possible. He first started this endeavor by building a high rise building in Downtown New Brunswick. During the past four decades, Omar has bought and revitalized a number of buildings such as apartments and office complexes. Boraie then created new buildings to help make New Brunswick into one of the most vibrant cities in New Jersey.

Boraie Development offers luxury living at The Aspire