FreedomPop App

For those looking to get the most out of their mobile devices, the FreedomPop app gives users an exceptional source to implement free calling, free texting and free SMS messages that allows contact to anyone, anywhere. The FreedomPop app which offers limited free voice along with exceptional data services is going to his the cellular market in Spain this summer. Along with it comes the WhatsApp messaging and calling which will be absolutely free regardless of how much it is used.

Representatives at FreedomPop had mentioned that more than 70 per cent of mobile consumers in Spain use the popular WhatsApp, which accounts for more than 90 per cent of texting in that country.

Ad with any mobile application, the representatives at FreedomPop clan to have a whole host of new users on their launch in Spain and this is because of it’s relationship with WhatsApp. The anticipated growth in Spain is expected to increase of up to 1 million users in the next two years.

Anticipate more growth as FreedomPop continues to become more popular and an app that users will feel they cannot live without. Connect with friends and family with the touch of a button, for as often a you need. Check out FreedomPop & download the app now!

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Why Thor Halvorssen Supports Bernie, But Dislikes Socialism

No matter what your feelings are on the 2016 election cycle, everyone must admit that it is interesting. The candidates are different, and yet are similar in their campaign strategies. In this FOX interview, Thor Halvorssen implies that Bernie’s presentation of socialism is something like a mask. It is a way to appeal to the masses. But the people just do not know what socialism is. They do not know the impact of socialism. If they did, they would not be so keen toward it.


The Death of His Family

People are often not very interested in what might work. Theories are speculations are uninteresting. If a man is going to a job interview, the potential employer wants to know what his experience is. They are not as interested in his ideas and conceptualizations. Thor Halvorssen has insight into the effect of socialism. He said that his mother was murdered, and his father was a political prisoner. His cousin is a prisoner in Venezuela today.


Redistribution of Wealth

Anybody who has heard a single speech by Bernie Sanders has heard the compelling presentation about how rich the rich are and how poor the poor are. People are very excited by the prospect of acquiring more money. He believes that the rich have taken advantage of the poor, and now it is time for them to return that money via redistribution of wealth. Thor Halvorssen does not believe that process to be effective. After all, no matter how much money a person has, you are not entitled to a portion of their income.


He Still Supports Bernie Sanders

The democratic socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders is a compromise that Halvorssen is willing to make. He believes that the demerits of the other candidates far outweigh the demerits of democratic socialism. He pointed out that Hillary Clinton accepted donations from tyrannical nations, and is therefore unfit for office. He objected that on the Republican spectrum, the frontrunner, Donald Trump, believes that Vladimir Putin is an apt ruler. Halvorssen thinks that Bernie Sanders is the most acceptable candidate.


Department of Labor Reduces the Complexities of New Fiduciary Rule

The Department of Labor has made several reasonable concessions during its final fiduciary rule. However, some issues still need to be cleared up either by the courts or the DOL. This is according to Benefits Attorney. The financial industry and benefits attorneys were all satisfied with how the concessions were made especially regarding the exemption of the best interest contract that is considered the most important rule by DOL. BICE was streamlined by the changes that removed some complexities.

About the Changes Made by Department of Labor

Linda Rittenhouse, a CFA Institute Director for Capital Markets Policy in Charlottesville, said that the rule was not perfect. Additionally, adapting to set requirements is going to be complicated for everybody involved especially concerning advisors. The new changes require financial firms to put their client’s interests first. They must also take considerable steps to adapt policies that prevent conflict of interest or disclosing conflict that could hinder their judgment when it comes to fiduciary advice.

The proposed rule caused a lot of confusion throughout the industry concerning when to sign the BICE contract. However, the contract stipulates the exact time when it starts taking effect. This allows advisors to know when they start becoming liable.

The Department of Labor made yet another key change by allowing all advisors to acquire negative consent for already existing clients. Therefore, a contract becomes effective after a client refuses to respond within a period of 30 days after being alerted about the BICE. In addition, DOL has taken the phased-in approach to fully implement the new changes.

Sam Tabar is currently the Chief Financial Officer for FullCycle Fund, an investment firm in New York, New York. Tabar went to University of Oxford and graduated with a Jurisprudence degree from 1997 to 2000. At Oxford he was actively involved in rowing and ballroom dancing. He later attended Columbia University, according to,  for his Master’s degree in Law from 2000 to 2001. At Columbia he joined the Columbia Business Law Journal. He belongs to the New York State Bar Association.

LinkedIn makes it clear Tabar worked for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP from 2001 up to 2007. He was in charge of corporate matters at the firm. He later became the Managing Director of Sparx Group’s subsidiary PMA for four years. He was in charge of Business development and strategy. In 2011, he joined Merrill Lynch and later became the CEO of FullCycleFund. He is an experienced lawyer who has also worked in the financial industry.  Follow Sam on Twitter for more information.

Why The iFunding Entrepreneur And Businessman William Skelley Is Seen As The Future Of The Real Estate Market

William Skelley is the founder and owner of the crowd funding real estate firm that has recently gained a lot of market popularity, iFunding. Announced originally on his Facebook page, William Skelley introduced a business investment model through which accredited investors could put together their capital and investment in one major project in 2012. He named this collective investment model crowd funding. It this William Skelley crowd funding investment model all accredited investors including small scale and medium scale investors were given a chance to invest in high capital large scale investments. In this crowd funding model, every investor was allowed to contribute as little as $5000 towards an investment project. Their investments acted as shares through which profits would be shared. This model also allowed the large family offices to step in and boost up the capital to get to even larger investment opportunities.

William Skelley, having based his career in the real estate market as a finance advisor developed the crowd funding model for this market. William Skelley went on and founded iFunding to help him move his crowd funding investment model to the market. A short time after he launched iFunding, the firm rapidly grew in the market to capture the larger lower and middle class accredited investors. This firm offered most of the investors from this group an opportunity to invest in the sector of their dreams. Within no time, iFunding had started several real estate projects in the country. With the success of every project, its market grew to attract even big individual investors. Currently, iFunding is the world’s largest crowd funding platform.

William Skelley is widely regarded as the future of the real estate industry. As a young entrepreneur, he has been able to introduce a game changing product not only to the real estate sector but entire business market. His crowd funding business model is going to open up investment opportunities for the larger population and improve their living conditions. The larger effect will be improving the entire real estate market. Through this real estate investment model, bigger and better real estate projects will be established. The quality of properties in the real estate market is also expected to improve greatly as there will be enough funds to facilitate better projects. The major role of William Skelley’s iFunding is collect capital, bring up investments and manage the investments for their clients. William Skelley expressed his positivity that his crowd funding investment model will also be adapted to other markets.

The Success of Stephen Murray with CCMP Capital

CCMP is one of the largest private equity investment firms that specializes specifically in both leveraged buyouts as well as growth capital transactions. CCMP ha changed its name ever since its founding in 1984 and is a broken off branch of JP Morgan Partners. CCMP has approximately around $12 billion in both leveraged buyout as well as in growth capital. With the amount of assets circulating within this company, CCMP has been honored with being ranked as the world’s seventeenth largest privately equity firm with funds. With the company’s growing success, the company has over 50 employees along with several different offices setup in New York, London, Hong Kong, as well as in Tokyo.

Over the past few decades, ever since CCMP was founded, the company has continuously been changing names. In 1984, when the company was founded, CCMP was originally founded as Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, when Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank, the entirety of the company was changed to become Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, with the acquisition of JP Morgan & Co, the company, yet again, changed their name to become JP Morgan Partners. With over 30 years in the business of investment, the current day CCMP is an efficient firm that offers quality based solutions thanks to Steve Murray, former CEO of the company.

Steve Murray, was a former private equity investor as well as a former philanthropist who took pride in the organizations that he donated to with the hopes that it would make the world a better place. With a degree in economics, Mr. Murray has been trained to look at investments. One of his first jobs fresh out of college was to become a part of a credit analyst training program. With his experience and his talent in the investment industry, Stephen Murray later went on to develop CCMP Capital which is a spin-out of JP Morgan Chase. Stephen Murray was named as the CEO of CCMP in 2007.

In addition to this role as CEO of the company, Stephen Murray has sat on numerous boards of major companies. Some of these companies include Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, and many others. In addition to his success, Mr. Murray has been able to make large contributions to philanthropic organizations. One of his favorite organizations to donate to is the Make A Wish Foundation in Metro New York. Mr. Murry wants to see a smile on these kids’ faces as they earn a surprise. Other organizations that receive his generous donations include Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Farfield County, Stamford Museum, as well as Colombia Business School. Every place he donates to are organizations that have contributed to his success. He passed away at age 52 according to a report by

Athleisure Style with Help from Fabletics

One woman writer’s personal fashion time line was given plot in a recent article she wrote for the Bustle website. It ranged from Kelly Dougher’s -the writer- high school style years up to today. She wanted to make it clear by describing her fashion changes throughout the years that she had not been entirely consistent with her fashion sense during her lifetime. As a teenager she was devoid of much style. She admitted to wearing mainly plain Jane jeans, sneakers and hoodies. Later on while attending college her fashion sense blossomed into a more feminine look with dresses, heels, blouses and flower patterned skirts.

Her feminine and more dressy look persisted until she ultimately began to have her freelance writing career take off. This resulted in her working from home predominantly and led to her dressing a little more casually while still desiring a fashionable look. Athleisure on was just becoming popular around the time she was creating a more casual look for herself without being as sloppy looking as in her youth. She embraced the athleisure look with open arms. She began dressing in skinny jeans, yoga pants, leggings, crop tops, nice sneakers, zip up jackets, fitted cotton dresses, sweaters and fitted t-shirts. It was a more casual way of dressing while still being picky when creating outfits.

For women interested in trying out athleisure for themselves, Fabletics on bustle may be a good company to start shopping from. Fabletics was created by actress Kate Hudson who is known most for her acting roles “Almost Famous”, “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” and “Bride Wars”. Because Kate Hudson has always been athletic and she was interested in creating an affordable product to improve women’s lives she decided to create Fabletics with the owners of JustFab online fashion subscription service. Fabletics is also an online subscription service. Subscribers get a great price for any fitness wear they would like from Fabletics. Customers may also shop as a guest from the company but they would be charged the regular price and not the subscriber price.

Fabletics has brightly colored and neutral colored leggings and fitness tops. Crop tops, jackets and Fabletics accessories are also sold by the company. Their most popular product on is their leggings, so if you want to start adding athleisure wear to your wardrobe you might start by getting some leggings from Fabletics to decide whether you like their company or not.

Hire Wikipedia Writers- Great for Writers and Businesses


University professors are increasingly assigning their students writing assignments to make a Wikipedia page. The instructors get real work from the students rather than the same old writing assignments to read and grade. Meanwhile, the students find the work more challenging and actually fun because their work will be read. Students find it gratifying to write articles or assignments for their grades in the class that will be viewed by many. Therefore, they will put more work, energy and research into their Wikipedia page creation to the delight of their professors.

Get Your Wiki is an online site that offers Wikipedia writing and webpage creation services when you hire a Wikipedia editor from their service. They provide valuable insight into creating and maintaining Wikipedia pages for businesses, individuals or anything that is needed and will provide Wikipedia updates for any outdated pages. Since Wiki’s guidelines are somewhat strict, not every business has the ability, time or know how to create a Wiki page. University students who major in journalism could have a niche occupation for them writing for a Wikipedia writing company like Get Your Wiki. 

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is composed of content created by users, not a Wiki writer for hire. Since it is donation and self funded, there are no advertisements, which users appreciate. Millions of people use Wikipedia on a daily basis and not many donate. However, they have stayed solvent for so long because many do donate for the opportunity of having “free” diverse and factual content so readily available.

Businesses and individuals are increasingly becoming aware of these and other benefits of having their own Wikipedia pages. They are frequently used for general search information of all types. Wikipedia articles are often in the top of search engines, making them popular and oft used research sites. The benefits of having a business appear on a Wikipedia page could increase interest and revenue significantly. 

North Korean Defector, Yeonmi Park’s Inspiring New Book

Yeonmi Park (or more properly Park Yeon-mi) has done a great deal in her young life to warrant attention, here newest endeavor is no exception, a autobiography entitled In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom. It is highly unusual for most 22 year old’s to write their own autobiography, generally this is something which is left for one’s “golden years,” but Park is a special case. Not only was she born under the militaristic and overbearing regime of North Korea but she escaped, along with her mother.

Her Amazon released book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, recounts Yeonmi Park’s harrowing youth in North Korea, how she was told that the all powerful leader could literally hear your thoughts as well as the brutal imprisonment of her father for nominal trade infractions which left the Park family without a breadwinner and thus destitute. She recounts also of how her mother and father conspired together to escape, of how she and her mother were sold into sexual slavery by chinese smugglers and of her eventual flight to South Korea.

To this day Yeonmi lives in South Korea and enjoys a far greater degree of freedom than in her youth. Park has become a very prominent human’s rights activist as well as a notable writer, taking up the position of columnist in several prominent papers, including the Washington Post as well as the Guardian.

Yeonmi Park, of the youngvoicesadvocates studies for the criminal punishment of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, whom she considers to a cruel dictator and tyrant, as well as the the total reunification of Korea, bringing both the North and the South together in harmony once again.