U.S. Money Reserve Is A Top U.S. Seller

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U.S. Money Reserve is hardly a new arrival in the precious metals market. The company has facilitated the sale of over two million coins. The actual amount of money that figure reflects is well into the billions. Those who purchased gold coins prior to the boom period are surely thrilled with the return on investment procured.

Currently, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the top distributors of precious metal coins. The bulk of these coins are ones made by the U.S. Mint, which means they are supported by the full faith and credit of the United States. In a podcast interview, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, revealed a lot of counterfeit gold finds its way into the U.S. market from foreign sources. Any coin produced by the U.S. Mint is assuredly – and obviously – legitimate. Bars and bullion also run fraud risks. Dubious sellers may circulate fake assets that are far below the 99+% purity necessary for investment purposes.

Not everyone prefers gold, and this is fine. U.S. Money Reserve also deals in platinum and silver coins. Both platinum and silver could present solid investment potential. The U.S. Mint distributes millions of these coins. Demand for silver coins is particular strong. The demand does factor into the price and value of the coins.

The coins produced by the U.S. Mint are also very artistically brilliant in appearance. The American Eagle, the American Buffalo, and the Shawnee all adorn many popular coins. The artistic achievements present in the devising of the coins also contribute to their value. Collectors, in addition to investors, enjoy purchasing these coins.

Purchasing from U.S. Money Reserve is an easy process. The company’s account representatives will work with goldnews clients to make sure they are making the proper decision. Once an order is purchased, shipping commences without any holdups. As an example of the company’s great customer service, a money-back guarantee is in effect.

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The Turmoil In Emerging Markets And In China Is Creating An Epic Recession According To George Soros


Trying to predict what will happen next in the world is a losing proposition most of the time especially when those predictions pertain to the economic health of the planet. After all, the planet has turned into one giant capitalistic melting pot. What one country does impacts the health of other countries. If China is suffering from an economic cold, the rest of the world catches it regardless of the medication used to avoid it. George Soros has been talking about China’s illness for some time. As a global hedge fund investors, he can diagnose the economic health of a nation faster than most people.

Recently, Mr. Soros, the humanitarian and human rights defender, sat down and talked to Bloomberg.com about China, emerging markets and the economic health of the world. What he had to say surprised Americans that read the article. Soros is a very successful investor that has made billions investing in emerging markets and in China. The China investments haven’t withstood the test of time however. The Chinese government is having a hard time holding their stock market together. And they are having a harder time keeping their currency value up enough to avoid further economic losses.

The turmoil that is going on in China will continue, according to Soros. It will get worse before it gets better because of the psychological and real affects it is creating internally. But the external effects are going to create more damage in 2016, and Soros believes that the United States is going to feel the impact of those damages. Countries in South America are on life support right now because China has spread a damaging economic virus that has infected those nations. Brazil is going into the third year of the worst recession since 1901. Brazilian policy makers are trying to treat the damaging virus, but they started too late.

Mr. Soros told Bloomberg.com that policy makers usually start too late. The United States policy makers should be preparing for a recession that could cause severe economic damage now, but they are willing to wait until it happens, so they can act like cap crusaders that will save the day. Soros thinks that mentality will fuel the contraction when it begins. In fact, Soros says that contraction is in progress. The GDP growth rate is dropping in 2016, but Americans won’t find out about it until the government releases the real data.

There is always an unknown element that could send the economy into shock mode. Soros thinks this recession isn’t sneaking up on the United States. All the global signs are pointing at the United States. North America is the next target of the economic virus, and at the moment, there isn’t a vaccine that can stop it.

Soros Hedge Fund Energy Shares Sold Off

Investors who believe in Soros moves in the stock selling market are at a dilemma after his hedge Foundation sold off all its shares in the oils market from the shares at NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. The move comes when the oil market is on a pause waiting to see the outcome in the next week. Soros is famous for not making bad decisions when it comes to the trading of shares and it’s wise if investors watch his moves to avoid falling into the ditch alone. For the past six months stocks in the oil industry have been going up and down, and now they are done to the benefit of consumers while many companies dealing with oil are suffering.

Energy stocks have been swinging, and this could be related to the freezing of oil production by Russia and Saudi Arabia a move that Iran was against. Losses have been recorded like US crude on Friday closed with $29.64 a barrel a 73% drop. Iran has also sworn to revenge on the freezing of oil production by Russia and Saudi Arabia by releasing more oil into the market which is not clear on how much it will affect the shares and the stock. Soros is intelligent, and his move with his hedge fund should create a warning for all investors in the energy stock market. Because they never know what he avoided or maybe it’s just a simple overreaction.

Soros, aged 80 years born in Hungary but a Budapest resident is a great investor of this time. He has made fortunes from investing in the stock market but through making right predictions of the market. He is particularly famous for the Quantum fund which he was running and filing a 30% profit return in one year. Forbs record him in the top 25 list of the highest earning fund managers in the 2016 list as number 10 and position 16 in the top 400 billionaires of the United States in 2015. His earning is through his hedge fund foundation and other self-made interests. Soros flew to England from Hungary after surviving the Holocaust, and he was lucky to survive as most Jews did not.

Soros pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from London school of economics in 1952 and the immigrated to us where he secured jobs as an analyst and investor before he embarked on his hedge fund. Soros has also been a very active philanthropist and a person who holds liberal views in politics. He founded Open Society Foundations to promote principles of democracy and human rights. The open society foundation runs in more than 100 countries globally and awards the scholarship to needy students to pursue further education. In 1992, he made a bet of $10 billion on the currency speculation of the British pound, and it appeared right. His decision with the energy stock could appear right.