Doe Deere – Not Your Typical Crime Scene

Most kids make art with paint and paintbrushes – but not Doe Deere. As a kid Doe loved to experiment with clothes and makeup. Her world was full of color and nothing ever appeared to be dull. As an adult Doe now claims that she is “cheating” because “adults are not supposed to have this much fun!” Doe’s very first sleepover was when she was nine years old where she recalls dressing up with some of her friends as witches; but something didn’t feel right to Doe. She was missing makeup! From that point on Doe dived into the world of makeup and clothes. Everything has to be colorful and full of life, especially makeup. Doe has been posting makeup photos since 2006 – and even though some of them weren’t the greatest she still loved experimenting. Her love for color and experimenting has brought her much joy throughout her life which includes her tremendous amount of success.

Unaware of how big her company would become, Doe started “Lime Crime” on eBay in 2004. Not only does the name invoke her favorite color it also screams break the rules! Her brand encourages to color outside the lines and to let one express themselves through color by not being too serious! She is a model of trial and error – and through her errors found sweet success. Most girls know that when it comes to makeup we want our faces to look perfect, we tend to stay away from color because we think it’s too bold or that we are not able to pull off a bright color scheme. Lime Crime enables us to pair different colors and feel confident!

Even though she suggests we break the makeup rules, Doe also gives us a few helpful hints to creating the perfect makeup look and avoid a bad makeup day! Doe suggests that we try not to pair a bold eye shade with a bold lip – stick with one or the other. Even though the art of color is something Doe has become to master in her lifetime she suggests that we don’t try to take on a whole color palette in one outfit. Mix and match your favorites but don’t over do it. Along with mixing and matching, try not to mix too many patterns, she claims you will draw a lot of attention and not in a good way. This are only a few of her helpful hints, but there are plenty more where these came from. Doe Deere is a great example and a makeup genius!

Sergio Cortes Teaches us More About Zika Virus

There are many viruses out there that can affect our daily lives. Most viruses are fairly manageable with basic anti-viral medication. However, there are some viruses that are much more dangerous than others. The Zika virus is one of these viruses that can be much harder to deal with. On the official Sergio Cortes website at, there is a great deal of information about this virus. This year the Zika virus has started to spread once again. This has caused the World Health Organization to issues a warning. The virus first appeared in Africa in the 1940’s. The virus then started to spread to other parts of the world like Europe and Asia. This spread is now happening once again.
Zika virus itself is not a very vicious disease, as the symptoms are usually pretty mild and easily treatable. However, the concern is the link between Zika and microcephaly. This is a condition where an individual will have an abnormally small head due to stunted brain growth. The link between Zika and microcephaly is close enough that this is a call for major concern. Guillain-Barré syndrome is also something that is closely related to the Zika virus. This serious neurological condition has been linked to areas where there have been large Zika virus outbreaks.

One good thing about the Zika virus is that it is not contagious. The only way to get the Zika virus is to be bitten by a mosquito that is carrying the virus. Any place that has standing water is a potential breeding ground for these mosquitos. This is a very hard to manage variable when you are looking at countries that are relatively high in precipitation. Something as simple as a discarded bottle cap can act as a potential breeding ground for these mosquitos.

Fever, muscle aches, and rash are the main symptoms of those who have the Zika virus. These symptoms will last anywhere from 3=7 days. As of now, there are no specific treatments for this virus. The only way to treat this virus is to alleviate the symptoms until they pass. To avoid getting this virus, it is very important to avoid standing water. Inside it is very important to get rid of any standing water in sinks, showers, pots, or other places. You want to do everything that you can to avoid having a potential breeding ground for this virus in your home.

Global Markets Today Similar To That Of 2008 Says George Soros

In today’s investment climate, what happens in one part of the world often affects what happens in another part of the world. Should someone in China decide that they are going to invest in the market, this can lead to other issues in other parts of the world. The same is true of investors all over the world. When one investor acts, another investor may follow. This can often lead to changes in markets as people tend to follow what others do. The world of investing is complicated. Those who follow in closely, such as investor George Soros , know that it is important to be aware of such issues as they realize the importance of how global markets work in various ways.

Soros has had a close look at the present-day markets in the United States and those abroad as well. This has led him to observe that conditions today may be similar to those that existed in the market a few years ago when the markets were in turmoil both in the United States and in places all over the world at the same time. The markets today, according to an interview that Soros gave in Sri Lanka for Bloomberg are markets that bear a close resemblance to the markets in the past. He knows that is important for investors today to be aware of such conditions and how they may impact their own decisions in choosing where to put their capital at the present time.

In his view, perhaps the biggest problem today in the world is that of China. He points out that the Chinese leadership is unclear how to respond to the needs of those investors today who are looking to invest in this part of the world. He is also clear that the leadership of the nation is also unclear how to respond to the demands of those living in China who may prefer to decide to engage in consumerism rather than save their funding.

This kind of indecision may lead to problems with the currency of China as the leadership of this Communist nation looks to the future and decides how best to respond to a current crisis. The markets here, cautions Soros, are likely to continue to be shaky in the future as the yuan may face all kinds of fluctuations in the coming year. The leadership is clearly unsure how to respond to the national mood and this may cause all kinds of instability that may have effects on the people both in China and those in other parts of the world at the same time. His view is that now is a time to be as cautious as possible in investing.

Starting Your Unicorn Journey: Doe Deere’s Tips for New Fashion and Makeup Rule-Breakers

The internet is full of articles highlighting the do’s and don’ts of makeup, each promising to deliver the secret to perfecting your look. Doe Deere, creator and CEO of unicorn-friendly makeup line Lime Crime, is here to tell you that you already know the only important makeup tip: if you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!

Doe Deere began posting makeup looks online in 2006. Here’s the cool part: she wasn’t trying to “look good,” she was experimenting and exploring! Glitter and rhinestones were everyday occurrences, and soon Deere found she wasn’t the only one enjoying herself: the followers came in droves.

Lime Crime launched in 2008, and Deere has since been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made magazine. As fans of the brand already know, Lime Crime followers are known as unicorns. Why? For their originality and love of color!

If you’re ready to be a unicorn, but aren’t sure where to begin, Doe’s ready to get you started with a whole host of fashion and beauty “rules” – rules to break!

First, let’s talk makeup. You’ve probably heard that you should only pick one “bold” element to your look, or that you need to stick to a specific color palette. Ready, rulebreaker? Doe acknowledges that it can be scary to play with color, but here are some tips:

You’ve probably got great instincts – trust them! Doe says she likes to pair colors that she enjoys. For starters, she recommends some of her favorite combos, like peachy-pinks and bright blues. Don’t feel like you have to limit your color to your makeup, either: Doe is known for taking the fun to her tresses with colors like lavender and teal.

Now that you’re feeling your inner unicorn, how about adding some flair to your clothes? What’s a rule=breaker to do? For starters, try combining patterns, adding funky socks, and wearing what you want – don’t worry about your age or the occasion.

If you’re a new rule-breaker, here’s Doe’s suggestion for changing up your prints: try keeping your patterns in the same color palette to ease your way in. As a general rule, Doe says, paying attention to the way your colors interact is a helpful way to calm the fears that go along with trying something new.

Most importantly, Doe encourages unicorns new and old to proudly be themselves. Makeup and fashion are fantastic ways to explore and express yourself. If you’re doing what brings you joy, you’ll always be doing it right.

When It Comes To Dog Food, Freshpet Plays It Healthful

Pet owners want their dogs to love the way real food tastes, without jeopardizing their health by giving them human food scraps. It’s only very recently that dogs have tasty, healthy options for chow time. Before, the only choices included some ingredients that left dogs with sensitive digestive systems, unsatisfied with upset tummies. Now dogs with health, nutrition and dietary restrictions can eat food that tastes just as good as their owners. Of course, it’s not just dogs with health issues, all pet owners want their pets to receive good nutrition, but also enjoy mealtime. Freshpet offers a dog food that contains healthy fats, medium chain triglycerides, natural probiotics, and whole grains, combined with delectable cuts of chicken and beef. This comes in response to the demand for high quality dog food that’s both healthy and tastes good. Freshpet understands the need for gourmet dog food. The company is satisfying this request with premium, hand picked ingredients. According to CEO, Richard Thompson, Freshpet Inc., has come up with a way to convert fresh, natural ingredients into a refrigerated dog food product. In fact it is so savory, Michael Hieger, the company’s manufacturing chief, takes a sample from an open can and sticks it into his mouth. Hieger is obviously pleased with the taste of the food, he says that, “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” Read more about Freshpet premium dog food products, here. Beneful Dog Food is another choice for pet owners who want options for their pets. Available in a wide variety to include dog food for young pups and very mature dogs. Beneful indicates that regular consumption leads to pets with more overall energy. Both dry and wet food products are offered with wholesome ingredients. Improvements have been made to Beneful products for added purity and quality. The biggest manufacturer of dog food in the nation, Purina is the parent company. The company strives to stay competitive with other dog food producers. As such, Purina maintains an active interest in keeping Beneful consistent in health benefits. They’re constantly finding new ways to stay abreast of trends in pet nutrition.

The New Coriant

Many companies start out as part of another company. Sometimes these are divisions that just become too large within the company and need its own set of governing rules. Now, there are some companies that are able to handle this and spin off different brands. However, there are other times where a company simply needs to stand on its own. This proved to be the case with Coriant. The company started as a branch of Siemens as it worked in programming and hardware technology, especially based in fiber optics. However, it eventually became large enough it needed to become its own business. When it decided to do this, the board of directors understood the importance of bringing in an experienced and knowledgeable CEO to run the business. As the first CEO, this individual would shape and mold the company for the immediate future. They would take over for nobody and really put their own personal stamp on the business. That is why Coriant decided to bring in Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an individual who holds a considerable amount of experience and weight as a CEO. First of all, he holds a doctorates in electrical engineering, so he is no stranger to the tech world. This initially made up an extremely attractive candidate. However, he has done much more than simply hold a Ph.D. in this particular form of engineering. He also worked his way up in GTE, which went on to merge with another company to form Verizon. While at Verizon he developed several new brands of technology for the company, including DVR and the FiOS fiber optics services (which is right in line with what Coriant offers to the general public and large business consumers).

He eventually left Verizon in order to take up a board member position for Barclays, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The combination of working in the financial field and the electronics field is what truly made Shaygan such a desirable candidate. Of course, working as a CEO for Juniper Networks also helped with his candidacy, and it brought him to Coriant.

Finding The Right Health Care Facility

As people age, it often becomes necessary for them to seek out care of some kind. The right kind of care can mean the difference between having a happy life and having one that may be more difficult. In many instances, the solution to such a problem is the use of health care facility of some kind. An assisted living center allows someone to be able to live out the end of their last years in life in comfort and relaxation. Many such centers have the kind of facilities that offer people a place where they can be with others who share their same demographic and many of their same interests.

In the last few years, those who look for a care facility in California have found it at The Manse on Marsh. This assisted living facility offers residents many kinds of amenities that can help make anyone’s life much easier. Manse Blog does a great job of showcasing the facility offers many lovely spaces where people can gather during the day including a rooftop space where coffee is offered each day and the views stretch across the entire region. The facility also offers many other kinds of amenities including trips that allow people to see the area better with others and trips that are fun for seniors who know the region well.

Residents can also enjoy easy access to other kinds of amenities such as meals that are designed to be both tasty and easy on the eyes at the same time. A visitor here will often be struck by how light filled the dining room is when they come inside as well as how well the meals are managed by staffers to help make sure each resident gets access to them. Each meal has been prepared by a gourmet chef who wants to temp people to eat. He knows that residents rely on him to provide them with meals they are going to like all during the day.

Such help from staffers can be ideal for the resident who heeds just a bit of assistance each day but still wants to retain their independence. Staffer here, as in many other assisted living facilities, aim to provide the right kind of help. They know that many residents look to them to offer them medical services while also helping them continue to enjoy life as much as possible. The right help here is also aimed at offering staffers vibrant living or living that is going to be all about meeting their needs and helping them function well. They know that it is imperative to locate a space that helps them accomplish all of their goals as they age and allows them to still be part of a community.  Check out the Twitter for further updates on Manse on Marsh.