Dog Food Company Continue To Search For Quality

The pet food industry is rapidly growing. The billion dollar industry is earning approval of dog and cat owners. It is well known that companies have been merging lamb and salmon into their kibble, as well as offering organic grain free foods on However, some pet-food makers are boosting their marketing efforts thanks to new competition entering the market.

Colgate Palmolive has a line of dog food to help your pooch shed pounds. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has a line of lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs, Milo’s kitchen has a line of duck jerky and grilled beef burger dog treats made without artificial flavors and colors. Purina has started producing both dry and wet dog food.

Beneful has emerged as a high quality dog food company. The quality and safety of the products are a major priority at Beneful on amazon. The quality control procedures are some of the toughest in the entire industry. Beneful uses a tracking system that helps ensure that raw ingredients are tracked from the time of receipt all the way to being packaged in retail stores. Beneful’s suppliers must meet their standards for ingredient specifications, safety, and manufacturing practices.

The products are produced under these guidelines to ensure that they are the highest quality. The dog foods are produced in company owned facilities. The staff monitors Beneful’s food safety program.

Sales of premium dog food have risen over 40 percent in the US and now accounts for more than half of the total market. Analysts expect total profits to reach more than a billion dollars this year. This includes sales of gourmet chow, which has risen over $100 million in the last year. These meals include raw chicken and beef that is mixed with natural probiotics and other ingredients, such as spinach and Kale. Using these products is expensive, which is why some Wall Street analysts will be watching the market with intrigue to see how things play out.

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  1. Well if you consider the competition on the market, it is normal to think of the benefits that it served the brand to focus on quality. Another aspect is that will find even more effective ways that they can gain advantage from the marketing research analysis plus the sales advantage. The result is working for Beneful right now and I think they will be looking to keep improving on the way that they started this success.

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