Premium Tastes For Pets Growing In Popularity

The premium dog food manufacturers are quickly finding a new niche in which they can make huge profits. Pet owners are starting to eat healthier, and want the same type of food for their dogs and cats. The recent surges in healthier diets and foods for people is seeing that same surge in demand from the pet owners for their pets. This means that leaner meats and fresher ingredients are finding their way into premium ans and bags of dog and cat food. Beneful has been doing their best to provide the top premium brands for your dog and at for a number of years. Their full line of wet food, dry kibble, and even pet treats have been enhancing the lives and health of dogs and cats throughout the course of their lives. Premium manufacturers are finding that they can charge more for these foods and consumers are more than willing to pay for them. This has been boosting profits and bringing the premium pet food industry from the millions of dollars to billions of dollars a year. Speculation thinks that this trend will die off soon, but we have yet to see this trend come to fruition. The new premium foods stress fresher meats and taste for pets. Beneful has been offering a full line of wet foods with resealable containers that keeps the food fresher longer. These delicious entrees include things like stroganoff and stew. Big chunks of meat and vegetables are a delicious way that Purina Beneful offers only the best for your pet. Premium dog food makers are seeing how well these other companies are doing and adding entrees of their own that replicate what pet owners eat. Lasagne and grilled beef burgers are just two of the delicious new tastes that are soon to hit shelves. Hopes are high that these new foods and fresh approach to feeding pets will take and stick.

Dog Food Company Continue To Search For Quality

The pet food industry is rapidly growing. The billion dollar industry is earning approval of dog and cat owners. It is well known that companies have been merging lamb and salmon into their kibble, as well as offering organic grain free foods on However, some pet-food makers are boosting their marketing efforts thanks to new competition entering the market.

Colgate Palmolive has a line of dog food to help your pooch shed pounds. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has a line of lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs, Milo’s kitchen has a line of duck jerky and grilled beef burger dog treats made without artificial flavors and colors. Purina has started producing both dry and wet dog food.

Beneful has emerged as a high quality dog food company. The quality and safety of the products are a major priority at Beneful on amazon. The quality control procedures are some of the toughest in the entire industry. Beneful uses a tracking system that helps ensure that raw ingredients are tracked from the time of receipt all the way to being packaged in retail stores. Beneful’s suppliers must meet their standards for ingredient specifications, safety, and manufacturing practices.

The products are produced under these guidelines to ensure that they are the highest quality. The dog foods are produced in company owned facilities. The staff monitors Beneful’s food safety program.

Sales of premium dog food have risen over 40 percent in the US and now accounts for more than half of the total market. Analysts expect total profits to reach more than a billion dollars this year. This includes sales of gourmet chow, which has risen over $100 million in the last year. These meals include raw chicken and beef that is mixed with natural probiotics and other ingredients, such as spinach and Kale. Using these products is expensive, which is why some Wall Street analysts will be watching the market with intrigue to see how things play out.

Understanding Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

American businessman Greg Hague wants to change the way Americans sell residential properties. Greg is an author, professor at a law school, and also an attorney, and he is now focusing on transforming residential real estate sector, in the industry where he has worked for 35 years. In his career, Greg has established many real estate companies, and he is a recognized speaker at major events in the U.S. He has observed that there has been no notable change in the process of selling homes over the last 75 years. The modern marketing and sales strategies similar to those used in Amazon/ Apple have not been used in the real estate industry.


After conducting extensive research, he has found out the inefficiency caused by this traditional method of selling residential properties has cost sellers between 3-8 percent in reduced values. The traditional method that has been used over many is ‘hope marketing’, according to Greg Hague. For instance, launching an iPhone costing about $500 can be more sophisticated than a home that is selling at $500, 000, attributes Greg. He believes that residential properties are tossed in a similar way a shopkeeper throws loaves of breads on the shelf of his shop.


Real Estate Mavericks


As a result of this, Greg Hague found a new venture called Real Estate Mavericks, a coaching real estate firm. His intention is to transform the sector and turn thing around in order to fit to the modern day needs. Greg has developed two major initial steps that would be used to improve this direction.  The programs are meant to promote demand and excitement, and later implement marketing strategies that would lead to the best offer on the market. The new strategy is to increase awareness among potential buyers after listing is done, and create a mindset like ‘buy now, don’t lose it’ in order to build motivation quickly and attract the best offer.


Greg intends to ensure certain sequences are followed before yard signs are erected on homes that are on sales. During the pre-launch stage, the agent responsible for listing drafts inspiration story in a strategic manner in order to keep potential buyers anxiously waiting. This strategy is supposed to generate extra curiosity among buyers therefore increasing demand, and later the value of the property. According to Hague, buyers love when properties have not been placed on the market officially because they fear when they are listed, their prices would automatically be up.


Hague’s coaching company educates real estate agents not to focus more on placing yard signs immediately they are approached by sellers. Hague wants the agents to first engage other agents by informing them of a desirable property that would be coming soon to the market. The agents are asked to contact potential buyers who are qualified in order to grab the opportunity at the earliest opportunity possible.

Dog Food Has Gotten A Lot Better

These days some of the pet foods that are on the market give dogs and cats great nutrition. In addition, the pets that eat these foods tend to very much enjoy the taste. The makers of these new, quality pet foods are varied. Some of them are the small companies. However, the world’s biggest producers of pet food also are catching on to the twitter trend. These excellent pet foods have gotten quite easy to find. They’re on shelves of just about every pet and grocery store in the country. Some are even available in local convenient markets! Nestle Purina is making some different high quality pet foods. One example of this is the Beneful line. Beneful is extremely popular in America and also in other countries. Millions and millions of dogs eat Beneful for their primary diet. Beneful is a dog food that is made using natural materials. This creates a higher level of nutrition. In addition to creating a higher level of nutrition, it also greatly improves the taste of the dog food. You can also pick from a variety of different flavors for your dog. Beneful is made in different forms. Beneful Puppy has all the essential nutrients for your puppy’s health. It has everything that he or she needs to develop in a healthy way. Adult Beneful has the nutrients that a full grown dog needs. When a dog begins getting into his or her older years, you can get Beneful Senior. This food has all of the right nutritional ingredients for an older dog. Furthermore, you can get Beneful in both wet and dry forms. Dogs vary in terms of whether they prefer the wet food or the dry food. Furthermore, there are different options for taste. You can pick from beef, salmon, and chicken. There are also other flavors included in Beneful, such as eggs and vegetables. These are all flavors that dogs tend to enjoy. Beneful is also very easily available. It is at a large assortment of different stores in America and throughout the world at large.

Dick DeVos: Faithfully Supporting His Passions

In Michigan social circles, the DeVos family, headed by patriarch Rich DeVos, are the wealthy philanthropists who rarely speak publicly about their charitable donations. However, this article from MLive got a glimpse into the family’s charitable donations because, according to family spokesperson John Truscott, the DeVos family hoped that their generosity would motivate others to back worthy causes. Rich DeVos and his four children each have their own foundations; together, the five foundations $94 million in 2014. Most of the DeVos family’s charitable donations go to organizations in Michigan, with education, health and community programs receiving the largest share of the family’s generosity. 

Each DeVos family foundation funds causes close to their heart. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation directs their gifts toward organizations focusing on education, the arts, leadership training, justice and community development. I applaud how Dick DeVos combines his passions when he funds organizations. For example, he and his wife donated $22.5 million to the Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. for arts management training programs, combining his passion for the arts, education and leadership programs. Always one to support his community, DeVos also arranged for some of the money to support programs that focused on developing art leaders in Michigan. 

Also, Dick regularly contributes to education and has done so in a permanent way by creating the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is the first public high school that focuses on avionics and is made affordable to everyone. Dick is passionate about flight (as you can see in the video of his helicopter landing below) and he wants to make this field available for all, not just the wealthy.

On his Facebook page, Dick DeVos expresses gratitude to his parents for encouraging a family tradition of philanthropy.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

I respect anyone, especially someone who is as busy as Dick DeVos, who finds the time to regularly post encouraging news from his home state of Michigan. Even on Facebook, he is busy promoting his community. Most people would take a break after spearheading a project to revitalize downtown Detroit, but not DeVos; he’s tireless in his efforts to support West Michigan.

Learning New Ways to Sell Real Estate

One of America’s top real estate agents for more than 35 years and a pioneer in breaking new ground in home sales has introduced a venture to turn the real estate process around.

Greg Hague shared his “norm-breaking” formulas he said are edgy, thought-provoking and not for everyone.

An entrepreneur, businessman, lawyer and real estate consultant, Hague founded his first real estate firm in 1978 and within one year the firm, with 11 offices and 220 agents, was one of the largest in the Cincinnati Ohio. He moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1981 and in 1988 he founded WHY USA, which worked with home owners to sell their house for a set fee.

In 2009 Hague attended the Arizona School of Law and was an adjunct professor of law at the Phoenix School of Law. In 2013, he founded Hague Law Group. He is the founder of the real estate coaching company and website Real Estate Mavericks.

In a Forbes story, Hague characterizes the traditional home selling process as “hope marketing.” He said the fundamental progression for selling homes has not changed in almost a century as agents continue to place a marker on the property, advertise in a multiple listing service and look forward to a buyer turning up.

Hague portrayed the pre-launch series as a way in which agents achieve their goals through mentoring, new ideas and methods to get away from traditional roles agents use for listing homes.

He is also critical of letting buyers know how many days a home has been on the market. According to Hague, right away buyers will start reducing the price in their minds when they see a home has been on the market for a considerable amount of days.

Hague’s outside the box strategies also take in a home sale price training program that will assist agents in better acting on behalf of their sellers by attaining higher sales prices.

His plan involves agents taking part in a 90 day engagement to learn techniques and earn a “Top Dollar Agent” certification to leverage strategies to give more money to the home selling clients. Hague calls this a new class of seller-committed agents who will acquire advertising know-how and negotiation proficiencies that go beyond other real estate agents.

FreedomPop and The Process of Picking the Right Carrier

There is a process to picking out the best carrier for the service. This process includes going over some of the details before making the change to a new carrier. One thing to understand before switching carriers is that there are different needs that are to be met. There is not one carrier that is going to meet every need. This is the beauty of looking at carriers. There is one for a large variety of people. For those that are currently in a contract with other phone buyers, they have to find new carriers that are willing to buy their customers out of their contract with another carrier.

Many people have very simple needs that require only basic service. This is where it is important to find some kind of service that is best suited and very affordable. One carrier that is very easy on the wallet is FreedomPop. For those that are looking to take advantage of their services, the only way they could do that is very similar to other carriers.  Fortunately, since FreedomPop is under the Sprint network, customers can take advantage of FreedomPop with some of their old Sprint devices.

As more people are discovering FreedomPop and the affordable services being offered, they are looking for ways to make the switch. FreedomPop also runs promotions for their new customers. As one could see, FreedomPop is working very hard to bring about service to their users. They also offer multiple methods for paying for the service.  For each survey they complete, a reward gets credited to their account so that they continue to use some of the premium services. The main advantage that FreedomPop offers is that people could use some of the data and talk without having to pay for it. On top of that, the prices for premium services are lower than some others.

It only makes sense to find a service provider that charges less money for their services so that the customer can have more money left over to deal with some of the other responsibilities. If one finds a carrier with more service and a lower price, then he has found something worth switching to.

Stephen Murray’s Influence On CCMP Capital

Taking care of business finance is inevitable no matter the size of the business. Private equity firms are designed to deal with finance management and one such firms is CCMP Capital. This firm offers a number of investment options for its clients as well as opportunities to connect your business with potential customers, venture capitalists and market.

Among other finance firms, CCMP Capital is the most recommended one according to a survey. Why? Because, it has a unique ability to solve financial issues when it comes to capital fund raising and investment. Its former founder and head Stephen Murray, better known as “Steve” Murray, was a man with more than three decades of experience in handling finance pertaining to individuals and corporations. He was a reliable expert in investment as well. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one such firm that gained its reputation purely through fund raising and management of finance. This company has been around for many years and has great track record to prove its success.

Not many financial firms out there offer comprehensive investment service but CCMP Capital does. When you contact this company via NY Post, you will not only come across experts in your area of business but learn various options that are available to you at an affordable price. The team that you are assigned with will walk you through the entire process from teaching you the basics to handling your finance efficiently. They will help you gauge the steps that are involved in stock and bond market investment. Set up an initial consultation and your needs will be evaluated and appropriate measures taken to make sure that your financial future is sound.

Steve Murray  on Linked In was a private equity investor who was also known in his state for charity work. He and his team participated in various buyout as well as growth equity transactions during his tenure. Sadly, CCMP Capital faced an unexpected loss of this remarkable person in the year 2015. However, Steve Murray has left behind a great trend for the financial success of the company. This firm has been able to come up with a number of strategies created by Steve and his team. Well-designed plans and strategies have improved the company’s image as well. It has transformed everyday tasks and commonplace chores, turning into great success in the investment industry. Although Stephen Murray is no more, seeing the projects at the company through his perspective from beginning to end has proved to be a boon for the teams at CCMP Capital. It has been able to get involved in enormous undertaking in terms of investment and capital management as well. Steve Murray in fact has provided the inspiration to get this business moving ahead in the game.

Nicki Minaj Ignores Request From Human Rights Foundation

At a recent holiday concern in Luanda, rapper Nicki Minaj changed up some of her lyrics to reflect a more positive message for human rights. The single “Only” became “Independent Women Only” as an homage to Angolan women who almost missed the show due to some controversy that occurred prior to the show. A New York city charity requested that the show be cancelled because of human rights issues and controversy that has been taking place for many years because of the Angolan President: Jose dos Santos. The show must go on according to Minaj and it was an impressive crowd.

Minaj was determined to uphold her positive, feminist outlook and continue on with her tour. In addition to her show, Minaj met with some prominent women in the area including the President’s daughter, Isabel dos Santos. While Angola’s government has been focused around oppression of women, jailing supporters and using intimidation tactics, Minaj wasn’t swayed while in the country.

Some people did not agree with Minaj’s decision to continue the show and felt it was a slap in the face for human right’s supporters. The original request to cancel the show came from Thor Halvorssen, who is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Halvorssen wanted the show cancelled so there would be no support for the dictator as well as his family as they are believed to take away educational resources from young Angolans and prevent growth. Nicki Minaj was quickly labeled as not caring about human rights or Angolan lives.

Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation speaks openly about Jose dos Santos, describing him as a tyrant who has single handedly taken control of the country’s legal system, military, etc. It is suspected elections have been fixed and unethical practices have taken place while exploiting the people living in the area. In the end, Minaj and her staff made the decision to continue on with the show. It was well received by the fans who attended but many people are offended by her decision.

Sanjay Shah Helping to Raise Money for Autism

Autism is a difficult disease to deal with as any family with a member suffering from autism will attest to. It really is a 24-hours a day, 7-days a week kind of deal. It becomes especially difficult with younger children and families who are not accustomed to dealing with such an issue. That is exactly where Sanjay Shah found himself when he became the father of an autistic son. He learned first hand what it is like to take care of an infant growing up with Autism. Now he wants to give back and do everything in his power to not only help those with Autism, but help inform those who are just going through the same thing Sanjay went through, by creating the Autism Rocks group.

There are many other charities out there raising money for a cure for Autism. That is not what entrepreneur Sanjay is going after. He understands there are other groups and he respects them. What he is doing is something completely different. He wants to raise awareness for the families and to make it easier for them to receive the support they need. So how is he doing this? By creating specially tailored concerts with invite only tickets designed to bring individuals donating money directly to the cause to these concerts.

Musicians around the world are donating their time in order to perform for these crowds. Sanjay has held concerts with top flight musicians such as Prince and Snoop Dogg in order to put on these events. However, while these concerts are selling out and going especially well, with all of the money going towards the cause, it does take some money to set up the concerts and to rent the venues. That is where Sanjay Shah is looking for help. He wants 100% of the concert revenue to go towards autism awareness, which is why he is using the money from his Go Fund Me campaign to pay for the services. All of this makes it much easier for the events to go on and for autism awareness to receive as much money as possible.